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Title No: 3845

Title: Eyes on the prize [interviews]

Medium: Audio; Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Pre-interviews and interviews conducted for Eyes on the Prize.  Pre-interviews were usually done over the phone and exist on audio cassettes.  Interviews were shot on 16mm film and sound recorded on 1/4" audio reels.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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11580Pre-interview with Rosa Parks
21215Pre-interview with Dr. S.C. Patteson
31386Pre-interview with John Murphy
41470Pre-interview with Melvin Bailey
61353Pre-interview with Jamie Moore
71538Pre-interview with Frederick Reese
81168Pre-interview with Craig Rains
91157Pre-interview with Chief Laurie Pritchett
101356Pre-interview with Jane Emery Prather
111155Pre-interview with Charles Sherrod
121125Pre-interview with Bernie Schweid
131576Pre-interview with Robert Zellner
141522Pre-interview with Rachel West Nelson
151598Pre-interview with Sheyann Webb
161543Pre-interview with Reverend J. Samuel Williams
171402Pre-interview with John Minor Wisdom
181171Pre-interview with C.T. Vivian
191628Pre-interview with Vanessa Venable
201509Pre-interview with Paul E. Wilson
211209Pre-interview with Dr. Hugh Speer
221320Pre-interview with Hollis Watkins
231611Pre-interview with Thelma Mothershed Wair
241352Pre-interview with James Robertson
251660Pre-interview with William Wall
261213Pre-interview with Dr. Robert B. Ellis
27245Interview with Dave Dennis
28121Not for public viewing
291105Pre-interview with Annie Devine
30199Interview with Charles Diggs
31542Interview with John Doar
32208Interview with Laurie Pritchett
33470Interview with Ivanhoe Donaldson
341013Interview with Virginia Durr
35557Interview with John Lewis
361357Pre-interview with Janice Choate
371317Pre-interview with Hodding Carter III
381643Pre-interview with Will D. Campbell
391307Pre-interview with Herbert Brownell
421449Pre-interview with Mamie Till Bradley
441632Pre-interview with Virgil Blossom
471648Pre-interview with William G. Anderson
491345Pre-interview with James Bevel
51818Interview with Reverend Ralph Abernathy
541190Pre-interview with Delores Hendricks
561296Pre-interview with Harry S. Ashmore
591524Pre-interview with Ralph Johns
60478Interview with James Armstrong
611033Interview with Will D. Campbell
621042Interview with William G. Anderson
63570Interview with Joseph Azbell
64481Interview with James Bash
651119Pre-interview with B. Calvin Bass
66348Interview with Frances Belser and B-roll
67491Interview with James Bevel
68941Interview with Melvin Bailey
691257Pre-interview with Fred Beard
701641Pre-interview with Wiley Branton
72314Interview with Eliza and Harry Briggs, Sr.
73437Interview with Herbert Brownell
74421Interview with Harry Briggs Jr.
761277Pre-interview with Gordon Carey
77965Interview with Stokely Carmichael
78861Interview with Robert Carter
791645Pre-interview with William Carter
80942Interview with Sheyann Webb
81390Interview with Gordon Carey
831034Interview with William Bradford Huie
841217Pre-interview with Dr. Verner Holmes
85986Interview with Tom Hayden
861145Pre-interview with Casey Hayden
921291Pre-interview with Harry Briggs Jr.
931292Pre-interview with Harry Briggs Sr.
951601Pre-interview with Simeon Booker
981469Pre-interview with Melba Beals
1001394Pre-interview with Joseph Azbell
1022559Pre-Interview with Ralph Abernathy
1041298Pre-interview with Harry Yates
1052998Pre-interview with Jan Robertson
1071099Pre-interview with Andrew Young
109445Interview with Hodding Carter III
1111488Pre-interview with Myrlie Evers
1121619Pre-interview with Tom Hayden
1301277Pre-interview with Gordon Carey
135587Interview with Charles Clark
136289Interview with Dr. Kenneth Clark
1371447Pre-interview with Major John Cloud
138228Interview with Courtland Cox
1391085Pre-interview with Aileen Crowder
1401312Pre-interview with Herman Decell
1411420Pre-interview with Leo Lillard
1421544Pre-interview with Reverend Orloff W. Miller
1431588Pre-interview with Rufus Lewis
1441370Pre-interview with Joe McNeil
1451560Pre-interview with R.L. Lemley
1461450Pre-interview with Marcia Webb Lecky
1471144Pre-interview with Carter Lowance
1481344Pre-interview with James Latimer
1491146Pre-interview with C.B. King
1501158Pre-interview with Chuck Morgan
1511491Pre-interview with Nicholas deB. (Nicholas deBelleville) Katzenbach
1521419Pre-interview with Leola Hill
1531393Pre-interview with Libby Jordan
1541165Pre-interview with C. L. Jones
1551219Pre-interview with Erle Johnston
1561269Pre-interview with George Peach Taylor
1571401Pre-interview with Judge Charles Clark
1581127Pre-interview with Bill Johnson
1591325Pre-interview with Hugh Jenkins
1601347Pre-interview with James L. Hicks
1611305Pre-interview with Aaron Henry
1621369Pre-interview with Jo Ann Robinson
1631185Pre-interview with David J. Vann
1641096Pre-interview with Alvin Poussaint
1651389Pre-interview with John N. Popham
1661578Pre-interview with Rob Osman
1671173Pre-interview with Curtis Jones
1681629Pre-interview with Victoria Gray Adams
1691149Pre-interview with Charles Diggs
1701156Pre-interview with Chester Curtis
1711180Pre-interview with Dave Dennis
1721202Pre-interview with Don Edwards
173295Interview with Dr. Robert B. Ellis
174572Interview with Joseph Ellwanger
1751396Pre-Interview with Joseph Ellwanger
1761287Pre-interview with Harold Engstrom
178485Interview with James Farmer
179772Interview with Orval Faubus
1801499Pre-interview with Orval Faubus
181489Interview with James Forman
1821604Pre-interview with Steven Fraser & Annie Popkin
18377Interview with A.G. Gaston
184383Interview with Georgia Gilmore
1851260Pre-interview with Fred Gray
1861006Interview with Victoria Gray Adams
187835Interview with Dana Greeley
188329Interview with Ernest Green
1891027Interview with Wendell Harris
1901088Pre-interview with Albertis Harrison
191191Interview with Casey Hayden
1921503Pre-interview with Patricia Harris
1931146Pre-interview with C.B. King
194223Interview with Coretta Scott King
1951541Pre-interview with James M. Lawson, Jr.
196838Interview with James M. Lawson, Jr.
197904Not for public viewing
1994495Pre-interview with John Lewis
200537Interview with Joe McNeil
2011370Pre-interview with Joe McNeil
202894Interview with Rosa Parks
2031580Pre-interview with Rosa Parks
204498Interview with James Peck
205145Interview with Bayard Rustin
206204Interview with Charles Sherrod
2071155Pre-interview with Charles Sherrod
2081320Pre-interview with Hollis Watkins
209411Interview with Harold Engstrom
2121380Pre-interview with John Lewis
213806Pre-interview with Pixie Palladino
2141040Interview with Dr. William Dinkins
216881Interview with Robert Williams
217842Interview with Wyatt Tee Walker
21884Interview with Albert Turner
219306Interview with E.D. Nixon
220108Interview with Amzie Moore
221784Interview with Patricia Harris
222188Interview with Carl Daniels
22312316Interview with Normareen Shaw
224597Interview with J.W. Kellum and Amzie Moore
225910Interview with Rutha Mae and Willie Hill Jackson
226289Interview with Dr. Kenneth Clark
227155Interview with Bernice Johnson Reagon
228398Interview with John Patterson
229221Interview with Colonel Floyd Mann
230244Interview with Darrell Evers
231233Interview with Reverend C.T. Vivian
232234Interview with Curtis Jones
233396Interview with George Wallace
234932Interview with Ralph W. Yarborough
235802Interview with Peter Orris
2361219Pre-interview with Erle Johnston
237999Interview with Unita Blackwell
238875Interview with Robert Moses
239101Interview with Amelia Boynton Robinson
240131Interview with Arthur Shores
242251Interview with David Vann
243366Interview with Fred Shuttlesworth
244492Interview with James L. Hicks
245759Interview with Nicholas deB. Katzenbach
246490Interview with James G. Clark
247363Interview with Frederick Leonard
248637Interview with Leo Lillard
249628Interview with Lawrence Guyot
25014055Interview with Annie Devine
251752Interview with Myrlie Evers
2521149Pre-interview with Charles Diggs
2531625Pre-interview with Unita Blackwell

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5429Eyes on the prize--America's civil rights years, 1954-1965 [production]