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Title Work

Title No: 445

Title: Interview with Hodding Carter III

Medium: Audio; Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Recorded Sound

Date: 30 Oct  1985 (Created)

Original Summary:
Filmed interview with Hodding Carter III conducted for Eyes on the Prize. Discussion centers on the integration battles in Mississippi, the segregationist power structure, White Citizens councils, Thomas P. Brady, James Meredith's integration of the University of Mississippi and his newspaper (Delta Democrat-Times) and its sympathy for the civil rights movement.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 0 hr 47 min 25 sec 

Genres: Interview

Subjects: Mississippi; Mississippi--Politics and government; University of Mississippi; White Citizens councils; Mississippi--Social conditions; Civil rights workers--Mississippi; Suffrage--Mississippi; Newspaper publishing; Mississippi Freedom Project; Mississippi--Race relations

Name As Subjects: Barnett, Ross R.; Meredith, James; Carter, Hodding; Brady, Thomas P.; Delta Democrat-Times

InterviewerArndt, Prudence
Production CompanyBlackside, Inc.
IntervieweeCarter, Hodding
ProducerTeam B

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445-1Safety Film : Original negative 
445-2Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
445-3Audio Tape : 1/4" Audio Tape 
445-4Audio Tape : Audio Cassette 
445-5Disc : Gold CD 
445-6Disc : Gold CD 
445-7Disc : Gold CD 
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445-10Safety Film : Positive picture 
445-11Safety Film : Check Print 
445-12Safety Film : Interpositive 
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445-14Digital : Video/quicktime 
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445-16Digital : Video/quicktime 
445-17Digital : Video/quicktime 

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13911-1-445-1Safety Film : Original negative 
13911-3-445-1Safety Film : Positive picture 
13911-4-445-1Safety Film : Magnetic track 
13911-5-445-1Safety Film : Check Print 
13911-6-445-1Safety Film : Interpositive 
13911-7-445-1Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
13911-8-445-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
13911-9-445-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
13911-10-445-1Digital : DPX 
13911-11-445-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
13911-12-445-1Digital : Video/mkv 

Contained By x3

Title NoTitle
3845Eyes on the prize [interviews]
13911Not for public viewing
15019Remembering Mississippi Freedom Summer

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