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Title No: 6734

Title: America at the racial crossroads exhibition, January-March 7, 2008

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Photograph; Paper

Date: 18 Jan  2008 (Created)

Original Summary:
An exhibition, by the Film and Media Archive, celebrating the re-release of "Eyes on the Prize II: America at the Racial Crossroads, 1965-1985" on PBS.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

CreatorWashington University Libraries' Film and Media Archive

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16736Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) posing in boxing gear with fists raised
26737Cassius Clay training on punching bag, 1961
36739Robin Gregory being crowned Howard University homecoming queen, 1966
46740Portrait of Robin Gregory with an afro
56741Howard University students protest outside administration building, 1968
66742Howard University students protest with picket signs, 1968
76743Curl Free hair product advertisment
86745Flag for the moon: die nigger
96750Portrait of Imamu Amiri Baraka seated with legs crossed
106751Poem dedicated to the champ Muhammed Ali [i.e. Muhammad Ali]
116746U.S. Postage Stamp Commemorating the Advent of Black Power
136756Cassius Clay signs an autograph for a child
146767Portrait of Ossie Davis holding reading glasses
156885Portrait of Rhody McCoy
166886United Federation of Teachers demonstration in City Hall Park, New York City, October 17, 1968
176887Pro-desegregation rally attended by Mrs. Coretta Scott King and her three children marches down Park Street in Boston on November 30, 1974
186888Louise Day Hicks and Boston mothers march against busing for integration
196889March to New York City Hall in support of community controlled schools 1968
206890The Soiling of Old Glory
216893Portrait of Ruth Batson
226894Portrait of Tracy Amalfitano
236895Portrait of Dolores Torres
246896Portrait of Karriema Jordan
256897Portrait of Jitu Weusi (Les Campbell)
266898Portrait of Sandy Young
276899Portrait of young girl affected by Boston busing
286900Operation Exodus sign
296901Teachers demonstrate in support of Ocean Hill-Brownsville community board, 1968
306902Louise Day Hicks at ROAR anti-busing rally in South Boston, October 28, 1974
316903Busing in Boston montage photo, ca.1974
325105H. Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael
335086Marian Wright Edelman and Henry Hampton
345130Demonstrators protest during the garbage-workers' strike, Memphis, 1968
355151Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abernathy in Montgomery, Alabama, 1958
36344Interview with Floyd McKissick
37676Interview with Marian Wright Edelman
38311Interview with Elaine Brown
391047Interview with William O'Neal
406910Fred Hampton delivering a speech at a rally
416911Lowndes County Freedom Organization ballot
426913Malcolm X delivering a speech outside of a storefront
436914Malcolm X with Alhaji Isa Wali in Accra, Ghana, May 1964
446915Malcolm X, Betty Shabazz, and family with Muhammad Ali
456916Malcolm X wearing a fedora, age fourteen
466917Malcolm X speaking to a group
476918Lyndon B. Johnson signing Civil Rights Bill, July 2, 1964
486919March on Washington for jobs and freedom, Washington, D.C., Aug. 28, 1963
496920Malcolm X holding up newspaper with headline Our freedom can't wait, 1963
506929Rev. Ralph Abernathy building a structure in Resurrection City during the Poor People's Campaign, 1968
516930Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Coretta Scott King, James Farmer and others at "Solidarity Day" march during the Poor People's Campaign, June 19, 1968
526931Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Hosea Williams at the Lorraine Motel, April 3, 1968
536932Maynard Jackson talks to a producer for Blackside, Incorporated during the filming of his interview for Eyes on the prize II
546933Tommie Smith gives Black Power salute at the Olympics, 1968, Mexico City
556934Attica prison inmates lined-up, in the nude, after the uprising, New York, 1971
566940America at the racial crossroads exhibition cards
576941Cartoon by Morrie Turner about the use of U.S. Army troops in urban uprisings
586942Fred Hampton murder scene
596909Illustration of Fred Hampton from Black panther party flier
606945Two armed Black Panther Party members stand in front of a window bearing a Black Panther sign, Oakland, California
616946Portrait of William O'Neal

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