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Title No: 19542

Title: Academic Support Center educational film library

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Approximately 5,000 16mm films from the University of Missouri's Academic Support Center were acquired by the Film & Media Archive in 2015.  The intended audience for these films ranged from high school to college aged students.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Genres: Educational

Items x0

Contents x62

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
119699Not for public viewing
219701Why we tell the truth: no more squareburgers in Straighttalk
419714Drugs are like that
519722JJ gets to his feet
719724Pizza pizza daddy-o
819738Those other kids
919741Check-up detectives
1019742Why we take care of property: planet of the Ticklebops
1119743101 dalmations: a lesson in self-assertion
1219744Among the missing: case study #7
1319747Trolls and the Christmas express
1419749What's in a rainbow? (making scientific models)
1519815Southern accents, northern ghettos
1619895Dinosaurs: the age of the terrible lizard
1719897Alcohol: pink elephant
1820043Critical thinking: making sure of facts
1920044Chairy tale
2018792Cipher in the snow
2120563Real talking, singing, action movie about nutrtion
2220565Nice flying machine
2320566Themes: the day when nothing made sense
2420567Job interview: I guess I got the job
2520568Know your library
2620569Do I want to be a secretary?
2720570Street musique
2820571How to be well groomed
2920574Me and dad's new wife
3020575Mischievous marks
3120576Manners at school
3220577College: your challenge
3320578Adolescent sexual conflict: are we still going to the movies?
3420582Solar eclipse '73
3520771Ben's dream
3620828Seasons of sexuality
3720829Sexual harassment: that's not in my job description
3920831Fable of he and she, The
4020832Trick or treat
4120833Discussion of Shirley Jackson's the Lottery, A
4220834How do they make stained glass?
4320835I only want you to be happy
4420836How to dig a hole to the other side of the world
4520837Looking at sounds
4620838Idiot . . . genius!
4720839Harlem in the Twenties
4820840Case of the snarled parking lot, The
4915393Different folks (sex role identification)
5020841Only Benjy knows: should he tell?
5120843Can a parent be human?
5220844Lunch-room etiquette
5320846Stop that period! Period that stop.
5420847How the whale got his throat
5520848Rape alert
5620849Rape: escape without violence
5724643If there weren't any blacks, you'd have to invent them
5824646Deep fat frying
6024650Pantomime: the language of the heart
6124652I told 'em exactly how to do it!
6224658Cleanliness film, The

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Title NoTitle
19541Educational Films Collection