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Title No: 15019

Title: Remembering Mississippi Freedom Summer

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Film; Photograph; Paper

Date: 25 Aug  2014  - 25 Oct  2014 (Created)

Original Summary:
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer the exhibit, "Remembering Mississippi Freedom Summer" highlights primary source materials from the Washington University Libraries Film & Media Archive's newly acquired Richard Beymer Collection and inaugural Henry Hampton Collection. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Subjects: Voter registration--Mississippi; Mississippi Freedom Project; Freedom Schools (Miss.)

Name As Subjects: Hampton, Henry; Beymer, Richard

CompilerBlackside, Inc.
CuratorWashington University Libraries' Film and Media Archive

For a full listing of items displayed, consult the exhibition cards. 
Other materials used in the exhibit, but not included in this record are: 

"Mississippi: the long hot summer" by William McCord; "Freedom Summer" by Sally Belfrage; "Letters from Mississippi" edited by Elizabeth Sutherland, preface by James W. Silver; "Stranger at the gates: a summer in Mississippi" by Tracy Sugarman, illustrated by the author, foreword by Fannie Lou Hamer; "We are not afraid: the story of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney and the civil rights campaign for Mississippi," by Seth Cagin and Philip Dray; "Three lives for Mississippi" by William Bradford Huie; "The race beat: the press, the civil rights struggle and the awakenings of a nation" by Gene Roberts and Hank Kilbanoff; "Racial matters: the FBI's secret file on Black America, 1960-1972" by Kenneth O'Reilly; "The civil rights movement: a photographic history, 1954-68" by Steven Kasher, foreword by Myrlie Evers-Williams; "God's long summer: stories of faith and civil rights" by Charles Marsh; "Film preservation guide: the basics for archives, libraries, and museums" by the National Film Preservation Foundations; "Book of film care" by Paul L. Gordon; "Restoration of motion picture film" by Paul Read and Mark-Paul Meyer. Manuscript notes from the Henry Hampton Collection on Unita Blackwell's filmed interview and Dave Dennis' filmed interview from "Eyes on the Prize I." Contact sheets of photographs taken during the filming of A Regular Bouquet: Mississippi Summer [Richard Beymer Collection]. Original film cans from the Richard Beymer Collection and the Henry Hampton Collection and various artifacts relating to film editing, production, and preservation. 

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Contents x42

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
114752A regular bouquet: a feeling of...the Mississippi summer project
2999Interview with Unita Blackwell
3445Interview with Hodding Carter III
4245Interview with Dave Dennis
5875Interview with Robert Moses
65107Henry Hampton editing film
715084Group at the County Convention of the Freedom Democratic Party during Freedom Summer
815097Singers at the County Convention of the Freedom Democratic Party during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
915098Freedom School sign, Indianola, Mississippi
1015100Group of young Mississippians in a Freedom School
1115101Group standing at a podium during the County Convention of the Freedom Democratic Party, Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1215102Speakers at an organizational meeting during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1315103Group portrait of four boys during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1415104Teenager playing a guitar during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1515105Group portrait of three young boys during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1615106Speaker at an organizational meeting during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1715107Young boy at a Freedom School during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
1813171Freedom Vote in Mississippi
195096Henry Hampton interviewing William B. Huie
2013916Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegates
216283Lyndon B. Johnson greets Martin Luther King, Jr. in the U.S. Capitol, after signing the Voting Rights Act, August 6, 1965.
2214027Freedom summer photo board
234745Fannie Lou Hamer testifies at Democratic National Convention Credentials Committee.
2413869FBI missing poster
2515108Group of children during Freedom Summer
2615109Students at a Freedom School during Freedom Summer
2715110Participants at an organizational meeting during Freedom Summer
2815113Group photo of students and volunteers with Richard Beymer at a Freedom School during Freedom Summer
2915114Portrait of young girl during Freedom Summer
3015115Roadside scene during Freedom Summer, Mississippi
311044Interview with William J. Simmons
32191Interview with Casey Hayden
3315121Mississippi policeman sitting in the back of a vehicle holding a rifle at the ready
344759African American girls in a freedom school
3513170Freedom Singers
3613179Voter registration in Mississippi
3713950Civil rights activists in Mississippi
385149Medgar Evers demonstrates against brutality in Jackson, Mississippi.
3915124Group portrait of young children during Freedom Summer
4015125Participants at a meeting during Freedom Summer
415109Frame enlargement from an interview with Unita Blackwell
425110Frame enlargement from an interview with Dave Dennis

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