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Title No: 5777

Title: Association of Research Libraries exhibition

Alternate Titles:

ARL exhibition

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Photograph; Paper

Date: May  2007  - Sep  2007 (Created)

Original Summary:
An exhibition produced by the Film and Media Archive in 2007, coinciding with a conference for the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) hosted by Olin Library. The exhibit highlighted items from the Henry Hampton Collection, the William Miles Collection and the Insignia Collection. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

CreatorWashington University Libraries' Film and Media Archive

The entire exhibit included items from each department of Special Collections. Entries in this record only reflect the contributions of the Film and Media Archive. For a full listing of items displayed from the Film and Media Archive, consult the exhibition cards. 

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15778American Gothic (Ella Watson) and letter to Henry Hampton
25133Little Rock Nine enter Central High School escorted by troops from the 101st Airborne Division, September 1957.
35338Elizabeth Eckford and mob outside Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, September 4, 1957
45780Rhapsodies in Black : art of the Harlem Renaissance / [contributors, David A. Bailey ... et al.]
55781East wind rain : a pictorial history of the Pearl Harbor Attack / by Stan Cohen ; [Mary Beth Percival, illustrator].
65782Morris Engel : early work / interview with Julia Van Haaften.
84752Marchers attacked by Alabama state troopers and local police on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Bloody Sunday
95798The big type war of the yellow kids
106139Members of the 369th Infantry Regiment
115101Henry Hampton with Blackside colleagues
124759African American girls in a freedom school
136280Reporting Vietnam: American journalism 1969-1975
146283Lyndon B. Johnson greets Martin Luther King, Jr. in the U.S. Capitol, after signing the Voting Rights Act, August 6, 1965.
156289Henry Hampton in front of the Museum of Afro-American History
166299Press conference for the March on Washington with Bayard Rustin, A. Philip Randolph and Dr. John Marsell
176308Sheriff Jim Clark arrests voting rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson
186386Cowboys in Denver, Colorado, 1901
196388Althea Gibson at the 1950 U.S. Open tennis championship
206389Seventh Avenue, 1903
216470Early Harlem scene
226478American journalist Martha Gellhorn with rifle, 1940
236511Bodies of three dead American soldiers lying in the sand on shoreline near half-sunken landing craft on Buna Beach after a Japanese ambush attack.
246687William Miles with James Baldwin
256689New York street scene in the early twentieth century
266707Headline from the "New York Journal American," June 7, 1944: "Heavy Fighting! Check Counter-Attack."
276708Ernie Pyle at his typewriter
286709Portrait of Edward R. Murrow at CBS studios
296710Gloria Emerson walks with children in Vietnam
306711Charles Ellis reads Ernie Pyle's memorial, Okinawa, May 4, 1945
316712Letter from Martha Gellhorn to her mother, Edna, May 26, 1938
326936Associaton of Research Libraries exhibition cards.

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