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Title Work

Title No: 5426

Title: Eyes on the prize--America's civil rights years, 1954-1965

Alternate Titles:

Eyes on the prize I

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Television; Video


1986 (Release)

1986 (Broadcast)

1986 (Release)

1986 (Broadcast)

Original Summary:
"This series is the most comprehensive television documentary on the American Civil Rights movement ever produced. Through rare historical film and incisive present-day interviews, the events and issues of the second American Revolution come to life."--PBS Video cover (2000)

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 6 hr 

Forms: Television mini-series

Genres: Documentary; Ethnic (Nonfiction)

Subjects: Civil rights--United States--History--20th century; Segregation--United States--History; African Americans--Civil rights--History--20th century.; African Americans--Suffrage--History--20th century.; African Americans--History--20th century.; Civil rights demonstrations--United States--History--20th century.; United States--Race relations--History--20th century

ProducerBagwell, Orlando
EditorBartholomew, Ann
Production CompanyBlackside, Inc.
NarratorBond, Julian
Advisor/Technical AdvisorBranton, Wiley Austin
Advisor/Technical AdvisorCarson, Clayborne
EditorCarver, Elizabeth
Chase, Karen
Chazen, Sara
ProducerCrossley, Callie
ProducerDeVinney, James A.
Advisor/Technical AdvisorDittmer, John
EditorDoherty, M. J.
EditorEisenberg, Daniel
ProducerElse, Jon
WriterFayer, Steve
Advisor/Technical AdvisorFreyer, Tony
EditorGagnon, Eliza
Advisor/Technical AdvisorGarrow, David J.
EditorGarvin, Victoria
Advisor/Technical AdvisorGaston, Paul
Executive ProducerHampton, Henry
Advisor/Technical AdvisorHarding, Vincent
Harris, J. Benjamin
Advisor/Technical AdvisorHine, Darlene Clark
EditorJordan, Jeanne
ResearchKahn-Leavitt, Laurie
Kiley, Lorraine Flynn
Lavelle, Robert
Advisor/Technical AdvisorLawson, Steven F.
Production ManagerMathieu, Jo Ann
Advisor/Technical AdvisorMcNeil, Genna Rae
Supervisor/Supervised ByMeagher-Kuhn, Cynthia
Production Asst/Asst ProducerMontgomery, Peter
Advisor/Technical AdvisorMorris, Aldon
Distribution CompanyPBS Video
ArchivistRabin, Kenn
ResearchRichardson, Judy
Robinson, Inez
EditorScott, Charles
Advisor/Technical AdvisorThornton, J. Mills Dr.
ProducerVecchione, Judith
EditorWoods, Meredith
Advisor/Technical AdvisorZinn, Howard

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5426-1Video Tape :  
5426-2Video Tape :  
5426-3Digital : Video/dvcpro 50 
5426-4Digital : Video/mpeg 
5426-5Disc : DVD 
5426-8Safety Film : A roll 
5426-9Safety Film : B roll 
5426-10Safety Film : Original negative track 
5426-11Safety Film : Magnetic track 
5426-12Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-13Safety Film : Internegative 
5426-14Safety Film : Internegative 
5426-15Audio Tape : 5"" Reel, 1"" Tape 
5426-16Safety Film : Fine grain master 
5426-17Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-18Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-19Safety Film : Reversal print 
5426-20Safety Film : Answer print 
5426-21Safety Film : Interpositive 
5426-22Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-23Safety Film : Negative track 
5426-24Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-25Video Tape : Type C 
5426-26Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-27Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-28Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-29Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-30Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-31Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-32Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-33Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-34Disc : 12"" Laser Disc 

Contents x6

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
116Awakenings (1954-56)
217Fighting back (1957-62)
318Ain't scared of your jails (1960-61)
419No easy walk (1962-66)
520Mississippi : Is this America? (1962-64)
621Bridge to freedom (1965)

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