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Title No: 20

Title: Mississippi : Is this America? (1962-64)

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Television

Original Summary:
Mississippi's grass-roots civil rights movement becomes an American concern when college students travel south to help register black voters and three activists are murdered. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party challenges the regular Mississippi delegation at the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City. [Source: PBS]

Subjects: United States--Race relations; Urban African Americans--History--20th century; Civil rights; History

ProducerBlackside, Inc.
NarratorBond, Julian
ProducerHampton, Henry
PBS Video
ProducerVecchione, Judith
DirectorVecchione, Judith

Items x13

20-1Video Tape : Type C 
20-2Video Tape : BetacamSP 
20-3Video Tape : Type C 
20-4Video Tape : Type C 
20-5Video Tape : BetacamSP 
20-6Video Tape : U-matic 
20-8Safety Film : Interpositive 
20-9Safety Film : Fine grain master 
20-10Video Tape : Video home system 
20-11Video Tape : Video home system 
20-12Video Tape : Video home system 
20-13Video Tape : Video home system 
20-14Video Tape : Video home system 

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5426-1-20-5Video Tape :  
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5426-3-20-5Digital : Video/dvcpro 50 
5426-4-20-5Digital : Video/mpeg 
5426-5-20-5Disc : DVD 
5426-8-20-5Safety Film : A roll 
5426-9-20-5Safety Film : B roll 
5426-10-20-5Safety Film : Original negative track 
5426-11-20-5Safety Film : Magnetic track 
5426-12-20-5Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-13-20-5Safety Film : Internegative 
5426-14-20-5Safety Film : Internegative 
5426-15-20-5Audio Tape : 5"" Reel, 1"" Tape 
5426-16-20-5Safety Film : Fine grain master 
5426-17-20-5Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-18-20-5Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-19-20-5Safety Film : Reversal print 
5426-20-20-5Safety Film : Answer print 
5426-21-20-5Safety Film : Interpositive 
5426-22-20-5Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-23-20-5Safety Film : Negative track 
5426-24-20-5Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-25-20-5Video Tape : Type C 
5426-26-20-5Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-27-20-5Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-28-20-5Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-29-20-5Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-30-20-5Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-31-20-5Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-32-20-5Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-33-20-5Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-34-20-5Disc : 12"" Laser Disc 

Contained By x2

Title NoTitle
5426Eyes on the prize--America's civil rights years, 1954-1965
15Not for public viewing

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