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Title Work

Title No: 3003

Title: Bus station

Alternate Titles:

Stock footage story #624

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Sit-ins and arrests.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Forms: Stock shot

Genres: News

Subjects: Civil rights demonstrations

CompilerBlackside, Inc.

Items x1

3003-1Safety Film :  

Component Contents x48

14205-1-3003-3Video Tape : Type C 
5426-1-3003-1Video Tape :  
19-1-3003-1Video Tape : Type C 
5426-2-3003-1Video Tape :  
19-2-3003-1Video Tape : Type C 
14205-3-3003-3Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-3-3003-1Digital : Video/dvcpro 50 
19-3-3003-1Video Tape : Type C 
5426-4-3003-1Digital : Video/mpeg 
14205-4-3003-3Digital : Video/mpeg 
19-4-3003-1Video Tape : BetacamSP 
19-5-3003-1Video Tape : Digital Betacam 
5426-5-3003-1Disc : DVD 
19-6-3003-1Video Tape : Type C 
19-7-3003-1Video Tape : BetacamSP 
5426-8-3003-1Safety Film : A roll 
5426-9-3003-1Safety Film : B roll 
19-9-3003-1Safety Film : Interpositive 
19-10-3003-1Safety Film : Fine grain master 
5426-10-3003-1Safety Film : Original negative track 
5426-11-3003-1Safety Film : Magnetic track 
19-11-3003-1Video Tape : Video home system 
5426-12-3003-1Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
19-12-3003-1Video Tape : Video home system 
5426-13-3003-1Safety Film : Internegative 
19-13-3003-1Video Tape : Video home system 
5426-14-3003-1Safety Film : Internegative 
19-14-3003-1Video Tape : Video home system 
5426-15-3003-1Audio Tape : 5"" Reel, 1"" Tape 
5426-16-3003-1Safety Film : Fine grain master 
5426-17-3003-1Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-18-3003-1Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-19-3003-1Safety Film : Reversal print 
5426-20-3003-1Safety Film : Answer print 
5426-21-3003-1Safety Film : Interpositive 
5426-22-3003-1Safety Film : Sprocketed Magnetic Film 
5426-23-3003-1Safety Film : Negative track 
5426-24-3003-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-25-3003-1Video Tape : Type C 
5426-26-3003-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-27-3003-1Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-28-3003-1Safety Film : Viewing print 
5426-29-3003-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-30-3003-1Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-31-3003-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-32-3003-1Digital : Audio/wav 
5426-33-3003-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
5426-34-3003-1Disc : 12"" Laser Disc 

Contained By x3

Title NoTitle
19No easy walk (1962-66)
13026Eyes on the prize [stock footage]
14205Not for public viewing

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