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Title Work

Title No: 13026

Title: Eyes on the prize [stock footage]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Footage gathered by Blackside for "Eyes on the Prize."  Footage sources include libraries, archives, local television stations, and commercial stock footage houses.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Forms: Stock shot

Genres: News

Production CompanyBlackside, Inc.

Items x0

Contents x1013

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
13206Governor George Wallace on second Selma to Montgomery march
23207Police disperse demonstrators with tear gas
33213Baker and Smitherman stop march
53220Demonstrators march to bridge
63222Federal soldiers at Central High School
73223Dasiy Bates and Governor Orval Faubus interviewed
83225Black students on integration of Little Rock High School
93226Minniejean Brown at the New Lincoln School
103233Martin Luther King greets voter registration line
113234Voter registration in Marion
123235Greenwood Freedom Day -- Aug. 64
133236Demonstrators prepare to march
143240Alma Spearman and Mose Wright interviewed about Emmett Till
153242KKK demonstrations at 1964 Democratic National Convention
173243MFDP demonstrates outside Democratic National Convention
183244Students prepare before heading south
193247Autherine Lucy and University of Alabama recations
203273Governor Ross Barnett
213281Jim Clark after Selma demonstrations
223282Bus boycott trial, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta King
4913030Interviews with Selma marchers
5111209Governor Faubus on Little Rock desegregation
522935Democratic convention in Atlantic City
543205Black man instructed in voter registration
553228Teaching resistance to violence
563231Demonstrators gather at Brown's
573232Investigate Mississippi
593237Malcolm X comes to Selma
603238Prince Edward County segregation in schools
613241James Farmer interview
623245Governor Carl E. Sanders of Georgia interview on loyalty oath and Democratic Program
633246Montgomery bus boycott
643248University of Alabama desegregation
653249President Eisenhower southern manifesto
663270Governor Faubus and the Arkansas legislature
673271Governor Faubus press conference on integration
683274Mayor Allen Thompson on freedom riders
693275Freedom riders leave jails
703276Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy on freedom rides
713292Montgomery mayor W. A. Gayle on bus boycott
723297Bus boycott mass meeting with Rev. Ralph Abernathy
733298Judge Walter Jones on NAACP
743299KKK rally in Montgomery, Alabama
753300Martin Luther King, Jr. and the ending of the Montgomery bus boycott
763303Robert F. Kennedy to send marshalls
773316Governor LeRoy Collins on Supreme Court decision
783318President Eisenhower on school desegregation
793322School desegregation in Farmville, VA and private white schools
803325Rev. Culbert Cartwright and L.C. Bates
813326Elizabeth Eckford at Central High School
823328Mrs. Bradley at Emmett Till's funeral
833330Governor Paul B. Johnson interview on civil rights
843332Martin Luther King, Jr. at police station during Montgomery bus boycott
853334Ku Klux Klan in Montgomery
863335I know Schwerner
873336CORE people marching
883337Elizabeth Eckford enters Little Rock High School
893343Students comment on Little Rock, Arkansas, school desegregation
903346Governor Faubus announces his candidacy
913348Ernest Green at Little Rock Central High
923357Freedom Riders oppose cooling off
933358Little Rock School Desegregation--Student Interviews
943359Governor Paul B. Johnson at 1964 Democratic Convention
953360Freedom Riders jailed in Jackon, Mississippi
963362Governor Faubus press conference
973383Negro attorney sit-in at model home
983384Martin Luther King on sit-in protests
993385Clergyman Robert Brown on Freedom Rides
1003386John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King discuss segregation
1013387Freedom riding ministers arrested
1023388Greenwood, March 1964
1033396Hubert Humphrey on Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party compromise
1043397Julian Bond interview
1053406Prince Edward County schools
1063451Bob Moses on Freedom Summer Project
1073452Hubert Humphrey on possibility of Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party compromise
1083502Joseph Rauh press conference
1093503James Chaney funeral
1103519Montgomery rally
1113581Malcolm X addresses Selma crowd
1123582Senator Ralph Yarborough responds to Bloody Sunday
1133583Martin Luther King leads Jim Reeb memorial march
1143584Martin Luther King released while drive continues
1153585Martin Luther King meets at White House with Hubert Humphrey
1163586Martin Luther King with Hubert Humphrey and Nicholas Katzenbach
1173597Demonstrators treated for injuries
1183598Brown's chapel barricaded
1193599Senate leaders
1203633Jimmie Lee Jackson's funeral
1213654Reverend C. T. Vivian struck
1233665Andy Young
1243670Dick Gregory speech
1253671SNCC with CB radios
1263682Atlanta pickets of segregated stores
1273683John F. Kennedy campaigns in Moline, Illinois
1283685Martin Luther King endorses Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
1293699Percy Greene
1303708Martin Luther King urges voter registration
1313710Martin Luther King urges blacks to challenge segregation
1323739KKK rally in Jacksonville
1333741John F. Kennedy campaigns in Brooklyn
1343743Freedom riders receive instructions
1353745Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sheriff Jim Clark in Selma
1364528Cartwright & Bates re-do
13712554Oxford School, Sargent Shriver, NAACP march, Roy Wilkins meets with RFK
1382936Interview with Dona Moses
1393301Aerial views of the March from Montgomery in Selma
1403302Selma Demonstration
1413304Martin Luther King leaving Selma jail
1443305Arrests in Selma
1453312Martin Luther King on Capital steps
1483315Lunch counters closed
1493317Committee for Equality
1503321Bus boycott spreads in south
1513339Governor Faubus on Little Rock desegregation
1523389Gym class at Little Rock school
1533390Sputnik news conference
1543391Martin Luther King and the Southern Negro Leadership Conference
1553392Eisenhower on Supreme Court decision
1563393Medgar Evers burial
1573394Tallahassee bus boycott
1583395Press Secretary Hagerty reads Eisenhower's statement
1593398John Kasper on segregation
1603399Civil rights volunteers learn self defense
1613400Sturgis High bars Blacks
1623401New Orleans freedom riders prepare
1643402Charles Zimmerman on union support of civil rights movement
1653403James Farmer at the NAACP convention
1663404Richard Nixon gives speech in Greensboro, North Carolina
1673405Martin Luther King and A. Philip Randolph press conference
1683407Little Rock school desegregation effigy
1693408CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) sit-ins in New York City
1713409Martin Luther King on practice of non-violence - New York City Rally
1723416Virgil Blossom in Little Rock
1733420John F. Kennedy announces candidacy
1753421Alabama Governor John Patterson speaking about public school system
1763422Robert F. Kennedy on Voice of America
1773425Robert F. Kennedy says more marshalls will go to Montgomery
1783427Z. Alexander Looby's home bombed
1793428Dr. Robert Weaver appointed
1803432Lunch counter integration
1813434Mayor West on Nashville situation
1823437Representative Powell on Woolworths boycott, New York City
1843438Lyndon Johnson introduces John F. Kennedy at the 1960 democratic convention
1853439John F. Kennedy arrives at 1960 Democratic Convention
1863440James Farmer on CORE action in New York City
1873441James Farmer on CORE's plans for Philadelphia
1883443MFDP conference
1893444Rev. King in Greenwood
1903465Gubernatorial race, Mississippi
1913466Margaret Ailey on Freedom School
1923469Negro church rally
1933471Charles Evers
1943474Evers funeral
1953475Little Rock Central High School
1963476Atlanta Ku Klux Klan Organizes Campaign
1973479Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party convention.
1983480Victoria Gray interview on the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
1993481Ella Baker addresses Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party convention.
2003483Police in Bedford-Stuyvesant
2013484Mock election
2023485Medgar Evers murder scene
2033486Jackson, Mississippi pray-in
2043488Food distribution assembly
2053489Jackson "negro meeting"
2063490LBJ on civil rights
2073492Rabinowitz statement about Mississippi Summer Project
2083493LBJ on the Civil Rights Bill
2093494Dream deferred
2103496Pickets at Alabama delegations
2113497James Farmer: "Keeping eyes on prize"
2123498Joseph Rauh on credentials dispute
2133499JFK speaks on Tuscaloosa
2163500James Meredith interview on admittance to Ole Miss University
2173501James Meredith and Ole Miss riots
2183504James Meredith on Ole Miss campus
2193505Senator Stennis urging removal of troops from Memphis
2203506Little Rock Nine--close ups and group shots
2213547Little Rock establishing shots
2223548Little Rock bus integration
2233553President Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives in Washington
2243554101st Airborne at Central High School
2253569Prince Edward County schools close
2263569Prince Edward County schools close
2273570Ike signs Civil Rights Bill
2283592We'll never turn back
2293593Robert F. Kennedy at 1964 convention
2303594Atlantic City scenes from 1964 Democratic Convention
2313595Aaron Henry on Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
23236001964 Democratic National Convention
2333601Lyndon Johnson returns with body of John F Kennedy
2343602Burned out church in Mississippi
2353603Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party leaves convention
2363604Democratic convention hall readied
2373605Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party arrives at convention
2383606Joseph Rauh on compromise
2393612Segregated churches
2403614Credentials committee for 1964 Democratic National Convention
2413615Aerial views of search area for missing civil rights workers
2423616Bodies of missing civil rights workers found
2433618Fannie Lou Hamer on voter registration
2443620Andrew Goodman's parents on civil rights movement
2453621Joseph Rauh and James Farmer on Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party compromise
2463623Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party arrives in Atlantic City in 1964
2473624Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in aisle of convention hall
2483640Joseph Rauh with credentials committee at Democratic National Convention
2493641Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party forces way into convention hall
2503788Jim Forman at Oxford school
2514424Robert F. Kennedy speaks to Senate
2525694White resistance compilation
25412487NAACP Press Conference on Freedom Rides
25512491Medgar Evers and John Salter speak
2562937Voter registration in Greenwood, Mississippi
2573342March on State Capitol
2583345Sit-ins continue in Atlanta
2593347Segregation protests at theaters in Louisville
2603349Freedom riders arrested in Jackson, Mississippi
2613350Freedom riders arrested in Montgomery, Alabama
2623353Riders from Tennessee College arrested in Jackson terminal.
2633354First Freedom Riders trial
2643355Freedom Riders' press conference.
2653356Arrests in Chicago
2663410JFK presidential campaign
2673411Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Homes, Univerity of Georgia desegregation
26812487NAACP Press Conference on Freedom Rides
26912491Medgar Evers and John Salter speak
2702937Voter registration in Greenwood, Mississippi
2713342March on State Capitol
2723345Sit-ins continue in Atlanta
2733347Segregation protests at theaters in Louisville
2743349Freedom riders arrested in Jackson, Mississippi
2753353Riders from Tennessee College arrested in Jackson terminal.
2763354First Freedom Riders trial
2773355Freedom Riders' press conference.
2783356Arrests in Chicago
2793410JFK presidential campaign
2803411Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Homes, Univerity of Georgia desegregation
2813412Robert F. Kennedy on University of Georgia desegregation
2823413Segregation West Virginia
2833414Desegregation riots, National Guard
2843417Blacks barred from entering school in Kentucky
2853418President Eisenhower signs Civil Rights bill.
2863419School desegregation, Little Rock, AK
2873424Private school for whites
2883426Montgomery, May 1961
2893435Mayor Thompson and black ministers
2903436Emmett Till trial-state rests case
2913445Till witness arrives in Greenwood
2923572Montgomery Bus Boycott ends
2933573Farmville schools empty
2943580Little Rock anti-integration demonstration
2953629President Eisenhower on Federal Troops in Little Rock, Arkansas
2963632101st Airborne arriving in Little Rock
2973643Melba Pattillo
2983646Little Rock pro-Faubus demonstration
3003649Governor Almond, the NAACP, and Supreme Court
3013677Governor Almond addresses legislators
3023736Governor Orval Faubus addresses 1959 private white high school graduation
3033737Mass meeting in Jackson, Mississippi
3043740Mass meeting in Jackson, Mississippi II
3053759Mass meeting in Jackson, Mississippi III, Mayor Thompson
3063779Aaron Henry runs for governor
3073815Yale University students aid black campaign.
3083816Anniversary of sit-in
3093822Nashville Theater sit-ins
3103823Martin Luther King on segregation
3113824Freedom Riders, interviews
3123825Robert F. Kennedy on freedom rides
3143826Mayor-- Negroes' fight over - Emmet Till Murder Trial
3153827Robert F. Kennedy and C. Douglas Dillon Appointments
3163828City Police force becomes small army in Mississippi
3173829Robert F. Kennedy addresses Senate subcommittee
3183846Freedom riders arrested in Jackson Depot
3193851Inter-racial fight - Chatanooga Sit-In
3203852Jackson, Mississippi demonstration and arrests
3213853Nashville sit-in
3223854Freedom riders jailed in Jackson Mississippi
3233855Bomb explosion
3243856John Lewis on Mississippi Summer Project.
3253857Roy Wilkins on Medgar Evers's death and state of Mississippi
3263858Senator James Eastland and Medgar Evers interviewed
3273864Lena Horne and Dick Gregory speaking in Jackson
3283868Demonstration after Medgar Evers's murder
3303877James Farmer at church conference to help civil rights workers
3313876Urban League: all American news
3323878John F. Kennedy campaign in Beckley, West Virgina
3333879Congressman's news conference - white participation in Mississippi Project.
3343883Freedom Riders violence
3353884J. Edgar Hoover dedicates new headquarters
3363885Freedom Riders - Arrests in Greyhound Station
3373886Greensboro sit-in strike continues
3383889Lunch counter demonstrations in Jackson, Mississippi
3393893Blacks registering to vote
3403894COFO rally in Mississippi for voter registration
3413897Racial fight brews in Mississippi
3423904Nashville mayor - violence unaccetable
3433905Medgar Evers burial
3443906Little Rock, Arkansas, school desegregation interviews
3453907Mayor Woodrow Mann on Little Rock violence
3463939M.L. King Press Jackson, Mississippi conference
3473940Cotton picking Negro workers
3483943Cotton picking Negro workers II
3493944Cotton picking Negro workers III
3503988Cotton picking Negro workers IV
3513989Mardi Gras 1948
3524002Mardi Gras 1948 II
3534003Mardi Gras 1948 III
3544004Cotton picking Negro workers V
3554005Chatanooga Crowds Gather re. Segregation
3564032Police arrest 17 in Birmingham
3574034Funeral services for President John F Kennedy
3584035Church burning in Philadelphia
3714037Democratic National Convention, 1960
3724425Freedom riders board bus in Montgomery, Alabama
3734465Jim Zwerg interviewed while in hospital
3744466Nashville protest march
3754467Freedom riders arrested
3764468Marshalls await freedom riders in Montgomery
3774472Troops prepare for freedom riders
3784473Counter fight at Nashville Woolworths
3794474Martin Luther King released from jail
3804731U.S. Marshalls training
3817649Black Muslims
3822918Selma demonstrations
3832938Footage from the Democratic National Convention
3842994Selma march - Martin Luther King Greets Marchers at Airport - Celebrities arrrive in Montgomery Airport
3853066Selma demonstrations, Saturday
3863092Bloody Sunday footage
3873128Emmett Till murder trial
3883137Tallahassee, FL bus boycott
3893138Little Rock school desegregation Army 101st Airbourne
3903139Students and soldiers outside of school during Little Rock, Arkansas, desegregation
3913140KKK meeting in Montgomery, AL
3923141Effigy hanging of NAACP, Montgomery, AL
3933147Martin Luther King, Jr. asserts blacks want dignity
3943152Civil rights headquarters bombed
3953446Autherine Lucy--University of Alabama riots
3963448Montgomery demonstration
3973449LBJ press conference
3983450Selma-Montgomery march
3993467NAACP hung in effigy in Montgomery
4003468New Orleans school desegregation demonstrations
4013470Attorney General Brownell talks to Sam Ervin
4023473Alex Wilson in Little Rock
4033477James Meredith at Ole Miss after riots
4043478Student interviewed regarding integration of Ole Miss
4053507Blacks demonstrate re school situation in Prince Edward County
4063508Blacks demonstrate re school situation in Prince Edward County, part 2
4073509President Eisenhower on school desegregation
4083510Governor Faubus speaking about violence in Little Rock and the negro progress
4093511New Orleans school anti-integration demonstrations
4103512New Orleans -- mothers who defied boycott of integrated schools
4113513Albany mothers march
4123514Birmingham explosion
4133518Birmingham Children in Jail
4143521JFK receives civil rights leaders
4153522Martin Luther King with Hubert Humphrey and Nicholas Katzenbach at the White House
4163524Birmingham profile
4173525Albany prayer pilgrimage
4183533Martin Luther King at rally
4203537Clark with demonstrators
4213538Martin Luther King and Amelia Boynton
4223540Murder car
4233541Viola Liuzzo murder
4243542Selma to Montgomery
4253543Selma to Montgomery
4263544Little Rock school board election
4273545University of Georgia integration
4283546Charlayne Hunter at University of Georgia
4293549Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall on Little Rock school desegregation
4303550Governor Faubus on closing of Little Rock public schools
4313551President of Tidewater Foundation announces private schools for whites
4323552Private schools for whites, Norfolk Committee for the public schools
4333555Little Rock mob demonstration
4343556Negroes attend public school, whites attend private school
4353557New Orleans demonstrations against integration
4363558University of Georgia students reaction to integration
4373559University of Georgia integration
4383560University of Georgia integration, Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
4393561Charlayne Hunter at University of Georgia
4403562Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and mob
4423563Voter registration, surplus food distribution
4433564George Wallace makes statement
4443565Lyndon B. Johnson
4453566John F. Kennedy presidential inauguration
4463567Voting rights bill
4473568Tuscaloosa eyes of the nation
4483608Selma to Montgomery march
4493609End of march
4503610Selma march
4513617Selma march, turn around Tuesday
4523619Arrests in Selma
4533622Desegregation in Birmingham
4543625Albany sit-ins
4553626Martin Luther King, Jr. in Albany
4563627Martin Luther King in Albany
4573630Martin Luther King on Wallace
4583634Night vigil
4593635Evening rally in Montgomery
4603638March on state house
4623639Voter registration meeting in church
4633647Alabama march, third day
4643648Montgomery bus boycott
4653650Teacher's march
4663651Smitherman, "I am a segregationist"
4673652JFK statement on Birmingham
4693656Tallahassee, Florida bus boycott
4703662Martin Luther King, Jr. and the end of the Montgomery bus boycott
4713666Martin Luther King, Jr. on ending of bus boycott
4723669Mel Bailey inauguration
4733674George Wallace at AEA
4743675Art Hanes and sit-ins
47513009Mississippi and the 15th Amendment
4762942Picketing in Greenwood, Mississippi
4773160Sit-in and picket at Rick's Restaurant in Atlanta
4783163Police disperse demonstrators
4793165Martin Luther King, Jr. bus boycott trial
4803166Comments on Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott from segregationists
4823171Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking on various bus boycotts
4833172Tennessee National Guard school desegregation
4843174Martin Luther King, Jr. announcing end of Montgomery bus boycott
4853176Martin Luther King, Jr. and Montgomery bus boycott
4863655President Eisenhower/NAACP
4873659Judge Waties Waring on segregation
4883661Interviews with people in Memphis, TN on school segregation
4893663Views on 1954 Supreme Court decision
4903664Judge Waties Waring on school desegregation
4913667Rosa Parks on Montgomery bus boycott
4923668Man on sitting in front of the bus
4933673Little Rock views on school desegregation
4943676Joe Azbell on Montgomery bus boycott
4963678President Eisenhower press conference
4973679Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall speaking on Montgomery and segregation
4983680Children playing with dolls
4993681Emmett Till - Sumner, Mississippi
5003684Martin Luther King bus boycott
5013689Bus integration, Atlanta, GA
5023692Black southern rural life images
5033698Southern democrats, convention, Strom Thurmond
5043700Montgomery bus boycott
5053712James Meredith on Ole Miss campus
5063715Fire hoses, children arrested
5073717Governor Folsom speech to Alabama legislature
5083718Hoxie, AK, desegregation of schools boycott
5093719San Antonio segregated schools
5103720University of Georgia desegregation and Hamilton Holmes
5113732Freedom riders in Birmingham bus station
5123732Freedom riders in Birmingham bus station
5133734Mose Wright and Mamie Bradley on Emmett Till murder
5143735Senators' reactions to Brown v. Board of Education decision
5153769Little Rock Central High School one week after integration
5163770Emmett Till murder trial
5173771Montgomery bus boycott scenes and interview
5183772Emmett Till murder trial
5193773Reactions of students to Charlayne Hunter starting at the University of Georgia
5203774E.D. Nixon and Adam Clayton Powell at protest rally
5213776Martin Luther King announces court order
5223777Selma demonstrators leave for Montgomery
5233780Martin Luther King press conference
5243782Marchers in Selma
5253783Wilson Baker stops march
5263784Joseph Smitherman and Wilson Baker confront marchers
5273785Voter registration line
5283786George Wallace at the University of Alabama
5293787Demonstrators arrive in Montgomery
5303789Segregation march in Washington, D.C.
5313790James Meredith and anti-Kennedy bumper stickers at Ole Miss
5323791Till demonstrations in Harlem
5333793Emmett Till funeral
5343794John Kasper at anti-integration demonstration
5353795Dean Joseph William on integration at University of Georgia
5363796Montgomery bus boycott with Reverend Abernathy
5373797Mississippi vote on segregation
5383801Scenes of segregation in transportation
5393802Ole Miss -- Oxford, Mississippi
5403803James Meredith at Ole Miss
5413804James Meredith arrives in Oxford, MS
5423805Oxford, MS citizens view on James Meredith
5433806University of Mississippi bars enrollment of James Meredith
5443807James Meredith appeals court ruling
5453808Lt. Gov. Johnson on integration of Ole Miss
5463809Ole Miss new student registration
5473810James Meredith press conference
5483811Governor Ross Barnett supporting segregation in Mississippi
5493812E.D. Nixon on the Montgomery bus boycott
5503817Alabama governor George Wallace
5513818Martin Luther King calls for civil disobedience
5523914Martin Luther King on Birmingham Church bombing
5533916Martin Luther King, Jr. denounces Sheriff Jim Clark; comments on Washington conference Martin Luther King, Jr. speech
5543918Autherine Lucy and Thurgood Marshall in court
5554352Thurgood Marshall speaking about Brown decision at Supreme Court
5564420President Dwight D. Eisenhower discussing troops in Little Rock
5574421Louisiana Governor Earl Long speaking on segregation
5584422Destroyed school in West Virginia
5594423President Eisenhower on Civil rights legislation
56010879Emmett Till Trial
56111019Eyes stock footage trims
56212479Press conference with Ralph D. Abernathy, Martin Luther King, William G. Anderson, and C.B. King. [excerpt]
56312871White Citizens' council protest
5642943Segregation signs
5662983Soldiers at University of Mississippi campus
5672997James Meredith on Ole Miss campus
5682999James Meredith and Ross Barnett
5693000Congregation sings "Everybody wants freedom."
5703002Ole Miss campus
5713004Library shots
5723006Various leaders
5733007Parade on Ole Miss campus
5743009W.G. Anderson Speech
5753011Martin Luther King speech on non-violence
5763014C.B. King speech
5773015Chief Laurie Pritchett Press Conference at City Hall
5783016Press conference with Ralph D. Abernathy, Martin Luther King, William G. Anderson, and C.B. King.
5793017Ole Miss - KY game
5803018Ross Barnett and Board of Ole Miss
5813021James Meredith turned back by Ross Barnett
5823022James Meredith in aftermath
5833024James Meredith attempts registration at Ole Miss
5843025Governor Ross Barnett speech and James Meredith on campus
5853028March on Washington
5863029Governor George Wallace documentary
5883030Aftermath of Detroit riots
5893031Black and Tan revue
5903033Aftermath of Chicago riots
5913034Blacks in World War 2 training
5923036Blacks in World War 2 fight
5943037Duke Ellington and dancers
5953058John Patterson press conference bits
5963057Not for public viewing
5973056Martin Luther King Arrested by Wilson Baker at Selma
5983055Ross Barnett confronts James Meredith
5993054James Meredith and Paul Johnson
6003053James Meredith in New Orleans, Ross Barnett rejects Meredith
6013052Uncle Tom's habit
6023051James Meredith at federal court, New Orleans
6033050White men walk into building
6043049Gov. Coleman on bus desegregation
6063044Black soldiers in World War II
6073039Blacks as train workers
6083038Blacks as servants
6093039Blacks as train workers
6103044Black soldiers in World War II
6113050White men walk into building
6123051James Meredith at federal court, New Orleans
6133052Uncle Tom's habit
6143053James Meredith in New Orleans, Ross Barnett rejects Meredith
6153054James Meredith and Paul Johnson
6163055Ross Barnett confronts James Meredith
6173056Martin Luther King Arrested by Wilson Baker at Selma
6183057Not for public viewing
6193058John Patterson press conference bits
6203062Mississippi State Senator Evans on interposition
6213066Selma demonstrations, Saturday
6223097Melba Pattillo prepares for Central High
6233096Mrs. Mamie Bradley and Roy Wilkins reaction to Emmett Till murder
6243095Viola Liuzzo funeral
6253091Demonstration in Selma
6263087Protesting Jim Crow in Harlem
6273078Halleluia bretheren and sistren
6283077US Negro Artillery Unit in France
6313074Earl Warren named Chief Justice
6323072Georgia tobacco workers
6333071Reporter at U. Miss & crowds
6363100Medgar Evers at Robert Lee Goldsby trial
6373101Ross Barnett speech to Citizens Council
6383102Ross Barnett at football game
6393105Harlem wreckage after riots
6403106Black neighborhood in Albany, Gerogia
6413107Harlem anti-war rally dispersed
6423108Jitterbug couples
6433109Georgia Negro cotton pickers
6443111Ike talks race equality at NAACP meeting
6463123NAACP and freedom rides
6473124Freedom rides - demonstrators and riders
6483134Mississippi legislators support Ross Barnett
6493135James Meredith registration attempt
6503136Marshalls arrive
6513150School segregation interposition
6523151Senator James Eastland speech on segregation
6533153Autherine Lucy and Thurgood Marshall
6543155Reverend Ralph Abernathy at Montgomery bus boycott mass meeting
6553180Rev. Shuttlesworth and Ace Carter on Montgomery bus boycott
6563181Senator Eastland on the Supreme Court decision of 1954
6573183Mose Wright on Emmett Till
6583189Emmett Till murder trial
6593192Mamie Till Bradley at Emmett Till murder trial
6603193Defendants in Emmett Till murder trial at acquittal
6613813James Meredith interview
66211084Till case to grand jury
66311142Study of educational inequalities in South Carolina; reel 3 (redo)
66511160A. P. Randolph interview
66611161Study of educational inequalities in South Carolina; reel 1(redo)
66911162Bus boycott mass meeting with Rev. Abernathy
67012481John F. Kennedy Musical Campaign Spot
67112482John F. Kennedy press conference
67212492Megdar Evers Home - Night of Death
67312493Senators interviewed
67412494Paul Johnson on missing civil rights workers
67512495Allard Lowenstein on Mississippi Summer
67612497Myrlie Evers interview
67712550Allen Dulles and Rita Schwerner
67812551Reaction to Medgar Ever's death
67912883John F. Kennedy Civil Rights Address
68013006John F. Kennedy 1960 campaign spot
6812982Interview with activist
6822993Citizens' Council television introduction.
6833067Outdoor meeting, poor people
6863073Early Klan
6873075University of Mississippi students
6883076King home bombed
6893079James Meredith arrives at the University of Mississippi
6903080Training demonstrators
6913081Laurie Pritchett warns women
6923083Albany jails
6933084Birmingham campaign open
6943085Albany court house
6953086Laurie Pritchett troubles
6963088Fred Shuttlesworth's house bombed
6973090KKK and Robert Shelton
6983115Ralph Abernathy reads Bethune message
6993127University of Alabama student protests
7003129Ralph Abernathy and the Montgomery bus boycott
7013130Bus boycott walking
7023144Ike confers with Kennedy
7053145Roy Wilkins on sit-ins
7063146Sit-in at lunch counter - black student attacked
7073159Sam Engelhardt and the White Citizens Councils
7083161Autherine Lucy and the editor of the Tuscaloosa News
7093167Senator Strom Thurmond on school integration
7103168KKK rally in Montgomery, Alabama
7113169Students launch pickets in Greensboro, North Carolina
7123170Aftermath of Jacksonville riots
7133177Pro-segregation mob fights integration
7143378Negro civil rights march of protest at the Capitol Building
7153379First negroes admitted to the University of Georgia are suspended
7163380Negroes released on bond in Atlanta, Georgia
7173910Montgomery bus boycott, Reverend Graetz house bombed
7183911School desegregation, New Mexico
7193919Thurgood Marshall on Brown decision
7203922Taylor collection: negro in business
7213923King speech at Brown Chapel
7223924Birmingham demonstrations, Al Hibbler arrest
7233925King in Brown Chapel
7253927Martin Luther King Jr. Goes to Jail in Albany, Georgia
7263928Charles Sherrod speaks at rally in Albany, Georgia
7273929Douglas Edwards show
7283931Mrs. Slater King describes beating in Albany, Georgia
7293932Martin Luther King at jail in Albany, Georgia
7303990Citizens' Council TV intro
7314406Medgar Evers death
7324407Medgar Evers murder trial
7334408Thompson's tank
7344409Demonstrations in Jackson, Mississippi
7364410Thompson meets with clergy
7374412Mayor Thompson on Civil Rights bill
7384413March at courthouse
7394427Robert F. Kennedy on James Meredith
7404428James Meredith's parents
7414429Oxford USA
7434431Barnett at Oxford
7444432LBJ : "We shall overcome"
7454434Cotton picking in New Orleans
7474435Negro schools in Tennessee
7484436Meredith -- state office building
7494437Study of educational inequalities in South Carolina; reel 2 (redo)
7524438Thurmond speech re-do
7534440John F. Kennedy receives civil rights report
7544441Ike press conference on voting rights and school desegregation
7554448Thurgood Marshall on law.
7564449Little Rock / National Guard
7574455President Eisenhower / President Kennedy
7594457School closings in Farmville, Va.
7604458Martin Luther King interview (Washington, D.C.)
7614459General Edwin Walker
7624513Taylor collection: negro in church
7634516Democratic Convention - news highlights of 1960
7644517News highlights of 1960
7654518News highlights of 1961
7664519Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott
76711141Autherine Lucy--University of Alabama riots (redo)
76811163Not for public viewing
76912468Alabama sovereignty commission
77012555Elizabeth Eckford (redo)
77212556Alabama Sovereignty Commission, Film 1
7733178Senator Herman Talmadge on integration
7743179Governor Faubus on integration
7753204James Forman talks to students
7763331Governor Patterson on outside agitators at bus station
7773333White Supremacists protest Freedom Rides; Martin Luther King, Jr. says they will continue
7783338Demonstrations in San Francisco
7793341Race riots in Montgomery, Alabama
7803344Jackson Freedom Riders Board Train
7813351Govenor Ross Barnett interview excerpt
7823381People arrested outside Blue Bar in Louisville, Kentucky
7843382Memphis shops under Negro boycott
7853862Ike: slow down integration
7863863Wilkins responds to Ike
7873867Governor Almond on integration
7883869Almond on integration
7893870Governor Ross Barnett news conference
7903871John F. Kennedy speech
7913872School integration march
7923873Governor Talmadge
7933875Mississippi white citizens council
7943880Governor Orval Faubus Rally and Speech regarding Little Rock, Arkansas, school desegregation
7953882High School Teacher Fails Voting Test
7963887Los Angeles sympathy demonstration
7973890Charles Diggs interview
7993891White House pickets
8003892Malcolm X death and funeral
8013898Orloff Miller
8023908Martin Luther King-- Nobel Prize
8033909C.T. Vivian and Sheriff Jim Clark
8043915Sheriff Jim Clark interview and police footage
8053917Lingo, Baker and Smitherman
8063933Thurgood Marshall on law
8073934J. Lindsay Almond: courts have no right
8103936Marvin Griffin inauguration
8113935Governor S. Ernest Vandiver
8123938J. Lindsay Almond: public schools at crossroads
8134040Rallies in DC and South Carolina
8144044Charlottesville case to court
8154053Little Rock students
8164415Robert Spike on role of churches
8174417Scenes of 1964 Democratic convention
8184482Mississippi Freedom Democractic Party Credentials committee hearing
8194483Reaction to death of Medgar Evers
8204487Clark at ABC-TV
8214488Teachers' march
8224490Georgia jails bulge
8244491Katzenbach press conference
8254502Brown Chapel confrontation
8264503Demonstration outside Dallas County Court House
8274504Jim Clark interview
82845051964 Democratic National convention
8294515LBJ sending troops
8314545Watts riot
8324550Selma to Montgomery March; King speaks to marchers
8334553Selma to Montgomery March; MLK and little girls
8344554Selma to Montgomery March; 1st night Camp site
8354570Selma to Montgomery March, 2nd day.
8364617Selma to Montgomery March, 2nd day; interviews with marchers
8384618Selma to Montgomery March; 2nd day, more interviews with Sheriff Clark.
8394620Wallace press conference
8404621King speech on Communism
8434622Bloody Sunday
8444623MLK attacked at Albert Hotel
8464625Malcolm X on negotiating
8474626LBJ signs voting rights bill
8494632Chicago sympathy march
8504664Rita Schwerner discusses her fear for Michael Schwerner, her husband
8514704Martin Luther King announces end of bus boycott
8524716Martin Luther King on the death of Malcolm X
8535465Not for public viewing
85411298Supreme Court Shorts
85511300Thurgood Marshall at Supreme Court
85611304Thurgood Marshall, Roy Wilkins, J. William Fulbright at Supreme Court
85711316Washington Prayer Pilgrimage
85812471Selma March Finale
8593184KKK attack victim
8603187Cobb County White Citizens council for segregation
8613191Mose Wright at Emmett Till murder trial
8623208Thurgood Marshall on Little Rock integration
8633211North Little Rock Mayor A.C. Perry on supporting Gov. Orval Faubus
8643214President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Governor Orval Faubus meeting
8653218Governor Faubus on National Guard
8663219Central High School violence
8673221General Edwin Walker on Little Rock
8683227Bombed House
8693562Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and mob
8714521State of the Union, LBJ
8734523March in rain
8744524Bloody Sunday, tear gas
8754525Montgomery march, onlookers
8764526Excerpts from The streets of Greenwood
8774528Cartwright & Bates re-do
8784529John F. Kennedy Meeting with Military Advisors
8794558Tease opticals CRI
8824560Tease opticals interneg
8834627Dick Gregory rally
8844701March, The (USIA film)
8874718Martin Luther King and Nazi pickets at White House
8884719Selma Sympathy March in New York City
8914720Medgar Evers interviewed
8925465Not for public viewing
8933212Martin Luther King
8943230Jackie Robinson
8953212Martin Luther King
8963636All night vigil in Selma
8973654Reverend C. T. Vivian struck
8983744Mayor of Selma
8993742Coretta Scott King visits jail
9003596Second Selma march ends peacefully
9013437Representative Powell on Woolworths boycott, New York City
9023482L.B.J. addresses United Auto Workers conference
9045694White resistance compilation
9053319Students protest discrimination
9063319Students protest discrimination
9073415Governor Ross Barnett news conference
9083320Passive resistance to White Only services
9093487Last of students in stockade
9103437Representative Powell on Woolworths boycott, New York City
9113408CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) sit-ins in New York City
9123401New Orleans freedom riders prepare
9133352Riders leave Mongtomery on their way to Mississippi
9143429Martin Luther King speaks about mob
9153430James Peck interviewed
9163825Robert F. Kennedy on freedom rides
9183866Demonstrations after Medgar Evers's funeral
9193888Mayor Allen Thompson on Jackson situation
9204033Demonstrations in Jackson, Mississippi
9224469Marshalls training
9234470Jackson court house
9254727Counter fight
9264728Martin Luther King released
9274729Greenwood food distribution
9284730Freedom rider clips
9294732Scenes around courthouse.
9304733U.S. Marshalls in Montgomery, Alabama.
9314734Freedom riders arrested in Jackson (copy 2)
9324736Nashville, Tennessee protest march
9333142Riders arrive in Jackson
9343156Thurgood Marshall vows to defend
9353447KKK meeting
9363515Birmingham funeral
9383517Rioting negroes
9393520Closing park in Birmingham
9403523MLK arrested in Birmingham
9413526Birmingham funeral
9423527Bull Connor at citizen's council
9433528Saturday in Albany
9443529Albany prayer meeting
9453539Amelia Boynton assaulted by Jim Clark
9463607Grim hours in Birmingham
9473613March on Washington
9483628Birmingham sit-in arrests
9493638March on state house
9503672Albert Boutwell
9523704Sit-ins arrests
9533157Police arrest civil rights demonstrators
9543158Blacks demonstrate
9553653George Wallace
9573707George Wallace
9583709Bull Connor post-election speech
9593711Robert Kennedy in Montgomery
9603713Albert Boutwell in Birmingham
9623716Children's crusade
9633721Fire hoses
9643722George Wallace
9653723Bull Connor speech
9663724Martin Luther King in Birmingham
9673725Birmingham city government
9683726Art Hanes leaves office
9693727Martin Luther King goes to people
9703728David Vann on new government
9713729Bull Connor announces for mayor
9723730George Wallace on federal order to desegregate University of Alabama
9743732Freedom riders in Birmingham bus station
9753733John Patterson denounces freedom riders
9763775Pastor's home bombed
9773781John F. Kennedy campaign speech
9783792Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren
9794058Birmingham city council
9803003Bus station
9813005Freedom chant
9823019Board makes Governor Ross Barnett registrar of Ole Miss
9833104Study of educational inequalities in South Carolina
9853008Dr. King, Abernathy press conference
9863010White official
9873013Downtown Albany
9883041Freedom riders being arrested
9893042Freedom train
9903047Jackson Capitol Street protests
9913060James Peck interview after Birmingham
9923061Birmingham protest
9933063Bloody Sunday footage
9943065Bloody Sunday footage
9953069Governor Ross Barnett speaks on freedom riders
9963093Black clergy and Jackson mayor part II
9973094Freedom riders arrested
9983098Medgar Evers trial
9993099Ross Barnett on Kennedy's death
10013103Study of educational inequalities in South Carolina; reel 1
10023133Demonstrations and sit-ins in Jackson, Mississippi
10033082Mayor Asa Kelley
10053119Day of truce
10063120Women picket
10073121Martin Luther King release
10083122More pickets
10103144Ike confers with Kennedy
10113920King press conference regarding injunction
10123921Martin Luther King in Albany
10133925King in Brown Chapel
10143926Wallace on "agitators"
10153929Douglas Edwards show
10164409Demonstrations in Jackson, Mississippi
10174411Lunch counter scenes
10184454Good Friday events
10194499Medgar Evers addresses group
10214506Birmingham scene setting
10244514White counter-demonstration
10254532Malcolm X on rifle clubs
10284616Fannie Lou Hamer interview
10294617Selma to Montgomery March, 2nd day; interviews with marchers
10324643Chicago sympathy march II
10344656Detroit sympathy march
10354708Walter Mondale and Fannie Lou Hamer at Democratic convention
10384711LBJ campaigns in California
10394712LBJ and Prime Minister Ikeda on telephone
10414715Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon B. Johnson go to convention
10434717Stock footage story #899
10453190Mississippi: a self portrait
10463562Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and mob
10474530Show 2 & 5 opticals
10484531Opticals for shows 2 & 5
10494533Opticals for show 5
10504534Series tease optical
10514535Series tease optical
10524536TV matte opticals
10534537TV matte opticals
10544538Not for public viewing
10554539Medgar Evers flipped image optical
10564540Amzie Moore optical
10574541Optical from B-wind FGP
10584542Series tease opticals
10594543Show 3 tease opticals
10604544Series tease opticals
10614546Watts, show 6 freeze opticals
10624547Series tease opticals
10634548Series tease opticals CRI
10644549Show 6 flag freezeframe
10654551Tease opticals
10664552Show 6 tease duplicate
10674555Optical from B-wind FGP
10684556John Allen masters
10694557Map opticals CRI
10704559Show open animation - CRI
10714702Tease opticals
10724703Show 4 opticals
10734705Still reshoot
10744706Optical tease reprints
10754707NBC tease and body opticals
107613037Selma - Crowd Screams
107713031Interview With Alabama Activist
107813071Thurgood Marshall on segregation
107913073James Chaney's mother at her son's funeral
108013074Martin Luther King in Atlanta Courthouse
108113124Not for public viewing
108213140Not for public viewing
108314489Eyes on the prize [stock footage: wild track]
108414419Birmingham Good Friday events
108514527Freedom Rides
10865707Selma marchers at courthouse and James Bevel
108714460Frank McGee
108814461Lyndon B. Johnson
108914447Nashville Gallery incident
109114497Not for public viewing
109214502Not for public viewing
109314427Grace Kelly sails for marriage to Prince Rainer
109414462Capitol Hill press conference compilation
109514469Governor Faubus press conference
109614412Selma march compilation
109714426Little Rock compilation
109814435Bombed Birmingham church and Martin Luther King interview
109914438March on Washington compilation
110114440Montgomery street scenes
110214448Medgar Evers stills
110314449Little Rock assembly
110414452Freedom Rides stills and compilation
110514455Eyes 1979 Chapter Headings
110614463Footage of San Francisco
110714473Interview with unidentified 101st Airborne airman
110814474Little Rock trims
110914477Dr. Dinkins on Selma
111014478Medgar Evers compilation
111114493Montgomery Alabama stone relief
111214495Not for public viewing
111314496Harry S. Truman
111414503Not for public viewing
111514504War in Korea
111614505Little Rock compilation
111814522Civil rights compilation
111914527Freedom Rides
112014727Today Show on integration, The
11213066Selma demonstrations, Saturday
112214473Interview with unidentified 101st Airborne airman
112319663Demonstration after Medgar Evers' murder
112419664Funeral of Medgar Evers
112519665Demonstration at funeral of Medgar Evers
112619666Scene of Medgar Evers' murder
112719667Death of Medgar Evers
112819668Not for public viewing
112919674Not for public viewing
113019669Ross Barnett on Freedom Riders
113119670Rally for Freedom Riders
113219672Mayor Alan Thompson on Jackson situation
113319676News conference in Jackson, Mississippi
11344484John F. Kennedy on voting rights
11354485James Meredith press conference
11364486Senatorial comments
113719721Not for public viewing
113811677NBC White Paper : The sit-in
113911677NBC White Paper : The sit-in
11403488Food distribution assembly
11413488Food distribution assembly