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Title No: 24231

Title: Is it always right to be right?

Alternate Titles:

Is it always right to be right?: a parable told by Orson Welles

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film


1970 (Copyright)

1970 (Release)

Original Summary:
"'There once was a land where men were always right' - So begins this fast-moving 'parable' that highlights the centers of divisiveness in our society - the generation gap, war, poverty, race. All are lifted up and sharply focused in this unique film that interlaces animated and live action sequences. Designed to provoke lively discussion without alienating any group. Ends on a note of challenge and hope." - Summary from the teacher's guide.

"This animated parable depicts a world where the inhabitants looked not for truth but for confirmation of what they already believed. Each group saw the facts as being on their side, but their inability to listen to the ideas of others soon brought the whole world to a standstill. Explores the consequences of a lack of intergroup communication and polarization" - Summary from Worldcat.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 8 min 

Forms: Animation

Genres: Educational

Subjects: Communication; Social psychology

ProducerBosustow, Nick
EditorBosustow, Tee
Animator/Head of AnimationBrain, Dave
DesignerCole, Corny
MusicHeller, Ken
Distribution CompanyKing Screen Productions
DirectorMishkin, Lee
Animator/Head of AnimationMishkin, Lee
WriterSchmidt, Warren H.
Production CompanyStephen Bosustow Productions
NarratorWelles, Orson

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