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Title Work

Title No: 4819

Title: St. Louis Public Schools educational film library

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
The over 7,000 titles that make up this collection are all 16mm educational films. The films were part of the St. Louis Public Schools film library. As the school system purged these items from their collection, Washington University was invited to select films of interest for their own. The titles were selected in consultation with faculty and American Cultural Studies to fit with the collection policy of the Film & Media Archive and initially came to close to 200 films.  However, in 2014, the Film & Media Archive had the opportunity to acquire even more films from the collection. The intended audience for these films range from elementary to high school students.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Genres: Educational

Source of MaterialSt. Louis Public Schools (Saint Louis, Mo.)

Items x0

Contents x1400

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
74824Afro-American music: its heritage
84825Aftermath of World War II: prologue to the Cold War
94826Alvin Ailey: memories and visions
114829America becomes an industrial nation
124828America 1970
134830Between the wars (1918-1939)
144831Out of the ashes (1945-1949)
154832Policing the peace (1948-1951)
164833Anatomy of welfare
174834Ancient Africans
184835Andrew Jackson
204837Animal farm
214838Apemen of Africa
224839Appomattox courthouse, August 1865
234840Assassination of Lincoln
244841Autos, autos everywhere
254842Background of the Civil War
264843Big River
304847Black and white: uptight
314848Black experience : Negro folklore
324849Black frontier
334850Black men and iron horses
344851Black paths of leadership : Washington, DuBois and Garvey
354852Black power : the spokesmen
364853Black pride : the emerging American Negro
374854Black protest : the quest for civil liberties
384855Black soldier
394856Blue dashiki: Jeffrey and his city neighbours
414858Booker T. Washington : the life and the legacy
434860Boyhood of George Washington Carver
444861Boyhood of Martin Luther King, Jr.
454862Brazil : the vanishing negro
464863Can St. Louis clear the air?
474864Case history of a teaching team
484865Changing Ghana
494867Choosing the candidates : a study of presidential nominating conventions
504869Cities in crisis : a matter of survival
514870Cities in crisis : what's happening?
544873Clothing : a pair of blue jeans
554874Constitution : the compromise that made a nation
564875Country of Islam
574876Crusades, saints and sinners
584877Daniel Webster
594879Declaration of independence
604880Discovering American folk music
614881Dust bowl
6248821876 : labor and violence
634883Eli Whitney
644884Equality under law : the lost generation of Prince Edward county
654885Ethiopia : cultures in change
664886Everybody likes jazz
674887Faith in ourselves : the past is prologue
684888Film about filmmaking
694890Frederick Douglass
715500Thomas Hart Benton
725502Gift of the Black folk
735503Great Americans--Martin Luther King, Jr.
745504Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad
755505Henry Ford
765506Heritage homes of St Louis
775507Heritage in black
785508Horace Mann
795509Huckleberry Finn and the American experience
805510Not for public viewing
815511I just don't dig him
825512Immigrant from America
835513Imperialism and European expansion
865516Jackson years : toward civil war
875517John Adams
895519Labor comes of age
905520Lady, or the tiger?
915521Lee, the Virginian
925522Lifting the veil : the Tuskegee tradition
935523Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
945524Man changes the Nile
955525Marshes of the Mississippi
965526Massai in Tanzania
975527The Mexican-American: heritage and destiny
985528Middle America : the land and the people
995529Middle Atlantic Seaboard Region : great cities megalopolis
1005530Miguel : up from Puerto Rico
1015531Minorities--from Africa, Asia and the Americas
1025533Minorities: patterns of change
1035534Missouri: portrait of a people
1045535Moral development
1055536My main man
1065537Nanook of the north
1085539Men in crisis : Nasser vs. Ben-Gurion
1095540New mood
1105541Nigeria--problems of nation building
1115543Norman Rockwell's world - an American dream
1125544Not for ourselves alone
1135546Oil in Libya
1145547Our immigrant heritage
1165549Peach gang, part II
1175550People : bringing life to the city
1185551Plato's apology : the life and teachings of Socrates
1195552Prejudice film
1215554Presidential campaigns and the influence of music (1840-1916)
1225555Prudence Crandall
1245558Railroad builders
1255559Return to the sea: a story of the Mississippi
1265560Right to live : who decides?
1275561Rise of organized labor
1285562River journey on the upper Nile
1295563Road to World War II
1305564Sad song of yellow skin
1325566Sadat's eternal Egypt
1335567Salute to a crusader : Dwight D. Eisenhower
1345568Slavery and slave resistance
1355569Social change between World War I and World War II
1365570St. Louis gives a ... BHAM!
1375571States' rights : Andrew Jackson vs. John C. Calhoun, 1832
1385572Stop destroying America's past
1395573Teddy Roosevelt--the right man at the right time
1405574That war in Korea
1425576American presidency
1435577Not for public viewing
1445578Bill of Rights in action: the story of a trial
1455579Buy line
1475581The city as man's home
1515585Cold War, The early years 1947-1953
1525586Continent of Africa
1535587Great War
1565590Immigrant experience : a long, long journey
1595593Masses and the millionaires : the homestead strike
1605594Science fiction film : The day the Earth stood still, The
1615595Sixties, The
1625598True story of an election
1645601Todd : growing up in Appalachia
1655602Transportation revolution : the story of America's growth
1665603Tribute to Malcolm X
1675604Trip from Chicago
1685605Understanding movies
1695606United States expansion : the Louisiana Purchase
1705607Urban impact on weather and climate
1715608Urban patterns
1725609Urban sprawl
1735610W. C. Handy
1745611We the people : the story of our federal government
1755613West Africa (Nigeria)
1765614Westward movement : the settling of the great plains
1775615What color are you?
1785616Where were you?
1795617Who discovered America?
1805618William--from Georgia to Harlem
1815619Woodrow Wilson, spokesman for tomorrow
1825620World of Julian Bond, The
1835623American Revolution : the cause of liberty
1865627Black American odyssey
1884866Child's eye view
1895634Civil War, The
1907314History of the Negro in America
19119124Psychological response
19219123Protists: threshold of life
19319098Postal and musical contributions to American history
19419143Not for public viewing
19519144Flying machine, The
19619145Reaching your reader
19719162Chemistry: reaction rates and equilibrium
19819163Reading is the way to grow
19919164Reading self-improvement: word recognition
20019165Reading self-improvement: comprehension
20119166Reading self-improvement: word understanding
20219170Imagination film
20319181Case history of a dropout
20418992Barry Parson's and Mark Connors' report cards
20519182Weird number, The
20619183Glug, The
20719139Whether to tell the truth
20819184Where's your loyalty?
20919185Vowel 'A'
21019186Vowel 'E'
21119187Vowel 'I'
21219188Find the vowels
21319189Reading self-improvement: interpretation
21419190Realm of the galaxies
21519191Recycling wastes
21619192Red balloon
21719193Red hen, The
21819194Redwood trees
21919201Reference section
22019203Reflection and refraction
22119205Regulating body temperature
22219206Religious experience, The
22419208Reporting and explaining
22519209Human body: reproductive system
22819215Reptiles are interesting
22919216Republic of the Philippines
23019217Research: the search for new energy
23119218Resource recovery: the state of the art
23219219Responsibility: what are its limits?
23319222Return to the sea: a story of the Mississippi
23419221Archaeological dating: retracing time
23519220Earth science: retaining the land! containing the water!
23619223Rhythmetron: the Dance Theatre of Harlem with Arthur Mitchell
23719224Rice farmer in Thailand
23819225Ride a mile in my seat
23919226Right and wrong: and what's in between
24019227Right to know
24119228Right to live: who decides
24219229Rikki: the baby monkey
24419233Rise and fall of Nazi Germany
24619235Rise of the industrial giants
24819237River people of Chad
25019232Rip Van Winkle
25119231Rimsky-Korsakov: Le coq d'or
25219239River, where do you come from?
25419241Robert Frost: a first acquaintance
25519242Robert Frost's New England
25619243Rock cycle
25719244Rocks and minerals: how we identify them
25819245Rocks that form on the Earth's surface
25919246Rocks that reveal the past
26019247Roger Williams: founder of Rhode Island
26219249Romans: life, laughter, and law
26319250Romanticism: the revolt of spirit
26419251Not for public viewing
26519252Roots of happiness
26619257Rope skipping: basic steps
26819264Russian Revolution 1917-1967: the fifty years that followed
26919263Rudyard Kipling: the road from Mandalay
27019262Roy, sheep dog of the Scottish Highlands
27219260Rosey Grier: the courage to be me
27319299Dragon stew
27419333One turkey, two turkey
27519008Eighteenth century life in Williamsburg, Virginia
27719360Safety demonstration on the band saw
27819368Safety demonstration on the wood lathe
27919359Safety as we play
28019358Safety-home, safe home
28119369Salt or sugar?
28219370Sam, Bangs, and moonshine
28319371Sampan family
28419373Satellites: servants of the sky
28519374School without failure
28619375Energy: electric power from the sea
28719376Engineering: supertrains--tomorrow's mass transportation today
28819377Astronomy: the universe
28919378Chemistry: coal, an answer to the energy crisis
29019384Energy: solar one--entering the sun power age
29119388Engineering: Japan's sail assisted merchant ship
29219389Engineering: science reshapes the future car
29319390Engineering: innovations in flight
29419391Engineering: to capture the sun
29519392Oceanography: mining minerals in the ocean
29619004Boy, a dog, and a frog, A
29818978Not for public viewing
30019140Using the pocket calculator
30118994Big city, The
30219138Shoplifting: the losing game
30319136Ransom of Red Chief
30419135Random events
30519134Ranchero and gauchos in Argentina
30618980Not for public viewing
3085575American film
30918981American Revolution, part II: the impossible war
31018982American tall tale heroes
31118983Not for public viewing
31218985Not for public viewing
31318986Winds and air currents
31418987Automobiles: the great love affair
31618990Bali today
31818613Basic computer terms
31918993Basic film terms: a visual dictionary
32017325Not for public viewing
32119118Bill of rights in action: the privilege against self-incrimination
32218997Biology: scientists probe to protect coral reefs
32318998Biology: wildlife under study
32418995Biology: crop genetics yields better harvests
32518999Bird homes
32619000Not for public viewing
32719001Bookkeeping and accounting: how do you figure in?
32819002Boy of Botswana
32919003Boy who liked deer
33019005Bozo daily life (Mali)
33119006Not for public viewing
33218716Not for public viewing
33419009Calendar: days, weeks, months
33519061Not for public viewing
33619121Earth science: Project Monex studies the monsoon
33719062Electrical energy
33819010First film on insects
33919011Fortnight at nine fathoms
34019012Fractions I: what are fractions and how are they used?
34119063Heat energy
34219078James Weldon Johnson
34319013Kentucky pioneers
34419014Kentucky pioneers (2nd edition)
34519064Mechanical energy
34619015Not for public viewing
34719017Origin of land plants: liverworts and mosses
34819018Origin of the elements
34919019Origin of weather
35019021Our earth
35219023Our land needs your help
35319024Our Mr. Sun, part I
35419025Our wild inheritance
35519026Out of slavery: 1619-1860
35619027Over the Andes in Ecuador
35819029Pacific island
35919030Pacific Northwest: putting water to work
36019031Paddle to the sea
36119032Panama Canal: gateway to the world
36219034Papua and New Guinea
36319033Paper sculpture
36419035Paradise polluted
36519036Paragraphs: like scenes in a film
36619037Pathway to craftmanship
36719038Paul Bunyan
36819039Peaceful ones
37119042Peiping family
37319044People are different and alike
37419045People of the Amazon
37519046People out of time
37619047People who help: careers in aviation
37719048People who sell things
37819049People who work in factories
37919050People who work in manufacturing
38019051People's army
38119052People's communes
38219053Perception: the eye within
38319054Perfect tribute
38419055Perón's return
38519056Persistent seed
38619057Pesticides in focus
38719058Phantom freighter, The
38819059Phillip and the white colt
38919060Photo-electric effect, The
39019065Physics: doing something about the weather
39219067Picture in your mind
39319068Piece of the pie
39519070Pioneer of flight
39619071Place value: ones, tens, hundreds
39719072Not for public viewing
39819073Planter of Colonial Virginia
39919076Poems we write
40019077Not for public viewing
40119079Poetry for fun: poems about animals
40219081Poetry for me
40319088Poland: land under communism
40419089Police officer
40519090Political parties in the United States
40719093Pompeii and Vesuvius
40819094Pompeii: once there was a city
40919095Not for public viewing
41019096Portrait of a grandpa doc
41119097Portrait of the sun
41219099Pottery making
41319100Power and corruption
41419101Prehistoric animals of the tar pits
41519102Not for public viewing
41719104Preparing for college
41819105Preparing for winter
41919107Presidency: crisis in office
42019108President at work
42219110Pressure of light
42319111Preventing reading failure
42419112Pride and principle
42519113Prime time
42619114Primitive man in a modern world
42719137New girl
42819115Princess and the dragon
42919116Principles of nuclear fission
43019117Principles of television
43119119Problem solving film
43219120Project Mohole
43319122Protist kingdom
43419125Puerto Rico: showcase of America
43519126Colon, semicolon, and quotation marks
43616799Putting commas between
43715987Taking commas aside
43819127Puss in boots: a French fairy tale
43919128Question of war, The
44119130Rain, rain, go away
44219133Rainy season in West Africa
44319020With Oscar in Peru
44418984Not for public viewing
44519479My dad's a cop
44619480My country right or wrong
44719489Nonviolent protest
44819091Politics, power and the public good
44919512Energy 2000
45018819Factory: how a product is made
45119511County fair
45219510Computers in society
45319509Computers and you
45419508Computer: tool for the future
45519507Black top
45619504Be your own weatherman
45719503Autumn across America
45819502Global forecasting
45919501Energy balance
46019451Agricultural science for the future
46119469Winter on the Farm
46219468Thinking machines
46419466Space shuttle: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
46519465Engineering: high tech aircraft revolutionize flight
46619462Model houses
46719461Mississippi River: Upper River
46819459Man's problem
46919458Man and the machine: a romance going up in smoke
47019463From Kitty Hawk to jumbo jet
47119457Excellence by design
47219456Engineering: space shuttle--new era in space
47319455Engineering: robots--intelligent machines serving mankind
47419454Engineering: cities shaped by science
47519453Engineering: solar energy options
47819529Biology: new experiments in aquaculture aided by science
48219533Sun power
48319534Talking machine: from tinfoil to the lp
48419535Today's newspaper
48519538Traffic 'round the world
48818806Great Lakes area: men, minerals, and machines
48919608Africans All
49419564A is for alphabet
49519605Time of Changes
49619550ABC of high energy ignition
49719606Abnormal behavior: a mental hospital
49819561Adventures of a Baby Fox
49919413Chemistry: acids, bases, and salts
50019500Alone in the midst of the land
50119648Science in space
50219649Ultimate mystery, The
50319650Napoleon: the making of a dictator
50419652Sun's energy, The
50519687America around 1800
50619688Vegetables--from garden to table
50719689Between the tides
51019696Why we have elections: the kings of Snark
51119698Joy ride: an auto theft
51219705Focus on uppers
51319706Not for public viewing
51419708I'm mad at me
51519709Gym period
51619711Foot in the door
51719712Developing maturity: taking care of things
51819713Gone with the antennas
51919716Who needs rules?
52019717Jealousy: I won't be your friend
52119718Just one me
52219719In, out, up, down, under, over, upside down
52319728Heat and energy transfer
52419729Nuclear theory and energy
52519748Way of life
52619754Ugly little boy
52719756So I took it
52819757Groon, The
52919764Succession: from sand dune to forest
53019767Mission to Earth : urban geography
53119798Generator and the motor
53219799Mass of the electron
53319801Perceptual movements and activities, part 1
53419805Behavior of light
53619809Adaptive radiation: the mollusks
53719811Life in the woodlot
53919847Energy at work
54019814Decision for chemistry
54119546World of William Shakespeare, The: Sheakespare of Stratford and London
54219566Where Luther walked
54319568Darwin and evolution
54419545Wild science
54519677Mechanical energy and thermal energy
54619869Sir Francis Drake: the rise of English sea power
54720040Money magic
54820041Library world
54920042Specific is terrific
55020560Coping with parents
55220572Use and care of books
55320579Why we have taxes: the town that had no policeman
55420580Earth science: improving weather management
55520581What is an eclipse?
55720842Why people have special jobs: the man who made spinning tops
55920878Animal predators and the balance of nature
56020880American desert
56120881Ancient Maya Indians of Central America
56220882Ancient Chinese
56320869American phoenix
56420870Spirit of '76 : an American rendezvous
56520877Alvin Ailey : memories and visions
56620900Boundary lines
56720879Animals that live in water
56820901Body defenses against disease
57020903Ancient Orient: Far East
57120904Ancient Peruvian
57220905Andrew Carnegie: The gospel of wealth
57320906Angel and Big Joe
57420909Angus lost
57520910Animal babies grow up
57620907Anger and how to cope
57720390Open Window
57820391My grandson Lew
57920389Opera with Henry Butler
58020401Cell division : mitosis and meiosis
58120402Molecular theory of matter
58220403Keeping your teeth healthy
58320404Juggernaut - a film of India
58420405Jungle book : a lesson in accepting change
58520406Growth failure and material deprivation
58620407Growth of farming in America
58719530Newspaper layout
58819531Newspaper serves its community
59220965Artificial respiration
59320978Bill of Rights in action -- Due process of law
59521006Brown wolf
59620930Anton Chekhov : a writer's life
59820364Alaska, the 49th state
59920363Airplanes and how they fly
60020365Albert Einstein
60120366Alexander Hamilton
60320396My First Job - drugstore clerk
60420397My first job - stock clerk
60520410Four families - Part 1 - India and France
60620411Four families - Part 2 - Japan and Canada
60720876Alphabet conspiracy
60821394Be Prepared for the A.C.T.
61021396Because it's just me
61121397Bedouins of Arabia
61321403Big Henry and the polka dot kid
61421510Calories, enough is enough
61521511Business of America
61619559Getting Ready
61819528Machines that move earth
61919529Biology: new experiments in aquaculture aided by science
62920955Arrivee d'Elisabeth
63020957Huckleberry Finn : the art of Huckleberry Finn
63420370Why do you buy?
63520371White heron
63620372Heimlich maneuver : how to save a choking victim
63720408Forward together
63820409Fossil story
63920935Applying for a job
64020946Arithmetic is important
64121387Barnaby : Overdue dues blues
64321520Cattleman : a rancher's story
64421521Cave people of the Philippines
64521522Cell biology
64621007Buddhist world
64721008Building a house on the Niger
64821009Calendar - how to use it
64921010Call it courage
65021736Close up on the planets
65121734Clean up your act
65221735Climates of the United States
65321737Close harmony
65421738Clubhouse boat
65521739Coffee planters near Kilimanjaro
65621740Coins of the world
65821741Cold war--early period, 1947-1953
65921744Colonial children
66021745Comets - time capsules of the solar system
66121746Comin' through the rye
66221747Common animals of the woods
66321749Communication by voice and action
66421750Conducting an experiment in cleaning our air
66521753Continental drift, the theory of plate tectonics
66621754Cooperative Farming in East Germany
66721760Country families
66921765Dairy : farm to door
67121767Dancing lion
67221564Circus animals
67321563China : an end to isolation
67521565Circle called man
67621569Choosing books to read
67721570Choking, to save a life
67921571Cities have no limits
68021572City government in the United States
68221575Clay - origin of the species
68320936Arab-Israeli conflict
68420938Archaeologists at work
68521002Electric grandmother
68621003In the name of the law
68721004Beach and sea animals
68821005Bear and the hunter
69819467Some like it cold
70119551Air around us
70219552Autumn comes to the city
70319558Most important thing
70420368Algebra- an introduction
70520369All the troubles of the world
70619527Growing up on the farm today
70719532General science: women in science and engineering
70819536What will the weather be?
70919537Whatever the weather
71020349Search and privacy
71120352Secrets of the bee world
71220353Secrets of the plant world
71320356Seed dispersal
71420357Seed dispersal
71520358ABC of the diesel engine
71620359After the ouch
71720361Air pollution
72320373Cherry Orchard - Part 2 - comedy or tragedy?
72520384Teenagers talk : getting through adolescence
72620412Energy and work
73119604A` Versailles
73420414Energy challenge
73520415Darkest hour: 1939-1941
73620421Earth science : geothermal power, tapping nature's energy
73720381Studying gravitation and mass
73820388Optimist--pessimist: which are you?
73920385Bridge of Adam Rush
74020423Guns : be safe not sorry
74219607Africa Today
74421529Changing world of Charles Dickens
74521530Characters in conflict
74621531Charlemagne : holy barbarian
74721532Charles de Gaulle 1890-1970
74920462Justice under law : the Gideon case
75120503Cumpleanos de Pepita
75320504Electing the President
75420505Biology - studying the beetle
75520897Blackbird family
75620898Black men and iron horses
75820899Boston tea party
75920873Global Winds
76020875Atomic energy- inside the atom
76121410Bible as literature. Part 2: History, poetry, and drama in the Old Testament
76321514Carnivorous plants
76421517Big numbers ... little numbers
76521515Carp in a marsh
76621516Behavioral biology
76821568Circulatory system
77021408Bicycle rules : safety first
77221409Big dig
77321527Changing Middle East
77421528Change - Training teachers for innovation
77520884American parade : we the women
77620885America becomes a world power
77720886America becomes an industrial nation
77820887Age of anxiety (1952-1958)
78020890Fragile balance, 1955-1961
78220891American people in World War II
78420892Bird migration
78520893Black and white: uptight
78621402Beginning of history. Part 2, Bronze age.
78821404Big dinner table
78921405Big dipper
79021406Beware of strangers
79121407Beyond winning
79221742Colonial America in the 18th century
79321743Color from light
79421388Basic breadmaking
79521389Modifiers: adjectives and adverbs
79821393Be my friend : four American families
79920968Asia: a continental overview
80020969Astronomy : the universe
80120970At what price?
80220971Atomic theory and chemistry
80320972Australia now
80420973Australian animals
80520974Authority and rebellion
80720940Australia - The timeless land
80820939Autumn flight
80920941Ataturk, The father of modern Turkey
81121513Can human nature be changed?
81221512Canada's provinces and people
81321525Challenge of urban renewal
81721567Chris and the magical drip
81821748Commonwealth of nations: Black and white in South Africa
82121751Consumer power : advertising
82221752Context clues
82321398Beginning of history. Part 1, Stone age
82520979Bill of Rights of the United States
82620980Boyhood of Thomas Edison
82720983Brain and behavior
82820985Breath of air
82920997Buses that serve the community
83021000Cakes --basic techniques
83221539My first job - checker-cashier
83421540Cheechako's first day
83521541Chemical energy
83621542Chick embryology
83721543Children of the long-beaked bird
83821553Children of the U.N.
83921761Creative kindergarten, a pilot study on prevention of failure in early education
84021762Creditwise and opportunity cost
84221383Background of the United States Constitution
84321384Background of the Civil War
84420495One kitten for Kim
84520871Clouds and precipitation
84620911Animals of the Ice Age
84720915Animals breathe in many ways
84820872Earth's atmosphere
84920916Animals unlimited
85020918Animals with backbones
85220923Another kind of music
85320924Ant and the grasshopper
85421755Coping - Getting what you want
85621756Cork from Portugal
85721757Corn farmer
85821758Count it out - the path to math
85921759Counting, base, and place value (a beginning mathematics film)
86021508Bell on a deer
86121509Bernice bobs her hair
86221518Caterpillars grow and change
86321561Rise of Communist power 1941-1967
86420927Antique collector
86521385Barnyard Melodies
86621386Barnaby--father, dear father
86719470Winter Storm
86821574Ugly duckling
8694821Africa calls : its drums and musical instruments
8704783A : un film de Jan Lenica
8714784Abandonment of the cities
8724844Road to freedom (1770-1900)
8734845Attacking the color barrier (1900-1963)
8744846Crusade for Civil Rights (1963-Today)
87519702Are you popular?
87610635Children without
87718975Beats go on, or, Percussion: from pleistocene to paradiddle
87819397Bread, from wheat to table
87917379Earthquakes and volcanoes
88017982First film on finding your way to school safely
88117996Give school a chance
88218002Hansel and Gretel
88318012I'll be seeing you
8844820Abraham Lincoln : a background study
88519700Falling bodies and projectile motion
88619704Distribution of plants and animals
88717312Dictionary: the adventure of words
88817350Not for public viewing
88918786Argentina: people of the pampa
89118977Teddy bear's balloon trip
89218708Ancient new world
89319505Biology: science probes wetlands resources
89419506Biology: scientific wildlife management safeguards endangered species
89519080Poetry for fun: trulier coolier
89619082Poetry: the essence of being human
89817248Cell: structural unit of life
89921395Be prepared for the S.A.T.
90021562China : the search for national unity 1800-1927
90118669Dangerous stranger
90218665Brand names and labeling games
90318648Classroom interruptions
90419394Witch who was afraid of witches
90519393Witches of Salem: the horror and the hope
90616004Mr. Preble gets rid of his wife
90715395Big test
90821386Barnaby--father, dear father
90919429Dairy farming in the Alps
91018821Cross country high
91118892Magnets: the dragon's secret
91220159Frontier experience
91319040Peach gang, part I
91418641Caps for sale
91518621Metric meets the inchworm
91619075Not for public viewing
91719074Plateau farmers in France
91819737Idea of the city
91919488Sea shell animals
92019192Red balloon
92121769Day in the life of a dollar bill
92221768Texture : arts express
92321774Discovering language: The alphabet story
92421775Discovering language: how words get new meanings
92521776Discovering language: Varieties of English
92621771Discovering language: How words are made
92721772Discovering language: How English changed in America
92821773Discovering language: How English borrowed words
92921785Dinosaurs - Puzzles from the past
93016156Freight train
93224017Free enterprise
93324018Sheppard case : free press vs. fair trial by jury
93424012Noise is pollution too!
93524013Nobody's victim
93624008Fractions II - Some operations with fractions
93724014Noah's ark: multiplying with fractions
93824015Nobody took the time
93924019Freedom movement: 1877 to today
94024020Freedom to speak: People of New York vs. Irving Feiner
94115483French and Indian War: the Seven Years' War in America
94223948First men into space: solving the space survival problems
94323949First Tuesday after the first Monday -- the election of a President
94423950Fishing on the coast of Japan
94523951Five Chinese brothers
94623952Flatworms : Platyhelminthes
94723953Flight of Apollo 11 : A walk on the moon
94823954Flow of life
94923955Focus on 1953
95023956Flowers in the sand
95123957Focus on Antarctica : conquest of a continent
95223958World to perceive
95323959Focus on Cambodia: Ancient land, troubled land
95423960Focus on heroin
95523961Focus on LSD & other psychedelics
95623962Focus on downers
95723963Focus on the Capitol
95823964Focus on the United Nations
95923965Focus on the Vice Presidency
96023966Family life: a kibbutz
96123967Exploring space ; Beyond the solar system
96223970Family Life in Malaysia
96323973One thousand and one ways to solve the future
96423974Diversity of life
96523975Beyond breaking the surface
96623976Family life... baboon style
96723977Farm animals in rhyme
96823978Farmer in a changing America
96923979Follow the North Star
97023981Food for Paris markets : Northern rural France
97123982Food, the color of life
97223987Basic wiring
97323989Beethoven - Symphony No. 8, 3rd Movement
97423990Benjamin Franklin
97623993City, The
98023997English language: patterns of usage
98124000Evolutionary biology
98224004Executive power
98324005Family of strangers
98424006Foot-stompin music
98524007Forest fire
98622867Nose, throat and ears
98724021French Revolution: the terror
98824022Frisky, the calf
98924023From enemy to ally
99024024From one cell
99124025Full fathom five
99224026Fungi : the one hundred thousand
99324027Fur trapper of the North
99424028Fur trappers westward
99524029Physics : fusion, energy for the future
99624030Gallant little tailor
99724031Gatecliff--American Indian rock-shelter
99824032Gateway to health
99924033Gateways to the mind
100024034Gene action
100124035General insurance careers - finance
100224036George and Betty: career versus marriage
100324037Geography of South America--Argentina, Paraguay Uruguay
100424038George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion: testing the Constitution
100624040Geronimo Jones
100724041Get that job: Choosing a career
100824042Get that job: changing jobs
100924043Get that job: Finding leads
101024044Get the message
101124045Getting a promotion
101224046Geysers and hot springs
101324047Gift of green
101424048Gila monster
101524049Girl of the Navajos
101624050You choose - scarcity & personal decision making
101724051We choose : scarcity and social decision making
101824052Where do jobs come from?--derived demand
101924053Why competition? Market structure
102024055Going back
102124056Gold and you : the drain on the dollar
102224057Golden gift
102324058Golden lizard : a folktale from Mexico
102424059Golden Twenties
102524060Gone West
102624061Verbs in sentences
102724062Using money wisely
102821770Once upon a dime
102921784Discovering the arts of Bali
103021573Civil War : promise of Reconstruction
103121820Debt to the past : language and communication
103222815Odyssey, the structure of the Epic
103322882Concept of functions
103421819Debt to the past : government and law
103522799Discussion of My old man
103622844Elizabeth, the queen who shaped an age
103722811Shape and form : arts express
103822865Norwegian fjord
103922780Dead ends and new dreams
104022802Rhythm : arts express
104122776On guard - bunco
104222799Discussion of My old man
104322813Visual Arts : arts express
104422798Discussion of Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
104522925English History -19th Century Reforms
104723932Fire safety is your department
104822892Space science : Mars, new laboratory for science
104922883Dead is dead
105023929Filing procedures in business
105122803Cultures and customs : arts express
105222851Now I Am Bigger
105322821Father of the space age
105422798Discussion of Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
105522764Earthworms : nature's soil builders
105622823Effective writing: revise and improve
105722796Descriptive writing--figurative and literal
105822855Observing, recording, mapping, and graphing
105922834Discussion of 'The Secret Sharer'
106022928Eskimo Artist - Kenojuak
106122777I'm mad at you
106222850Seeds of discord, 1933-1936
106322804Dance : arts express
106422790Desert nomads - French Morocco
106522891Digestive system
106622775Oil in Libya
106722885Decisions, decisions
106822826I'm feeling sad
106922864Novel - Great Expectations 2- the story Interpreted
107022805Light : arts express
107122867Nose, throat and ears
107222840Dr. Heidegger's experiment
107322773Education--why tests?
107422789Deep sea trawler
107522813Visual Arts : arts express
107622793Definite and multiple proportions
107722817Feelings : arts express
107821914Driven Westward
107922795Department store clerk
108022766Eight or nine in the morning
108122876Eyes on the Prize - Callie Crossley narration for US Home Video sampler
108222792Diamond mining in East Africa
108322827I'm feeling alone
108422824Ecology, science probes desertification
108522779Forgive and forget
108622834Discussion of 'The Secret Sharer'
108722811Shape and form : arts express
108822794Dehumanizing city
108922822Faith in ourselves
109022833Discussion of 'the Lady or the tiger'
109122925English History -19th Century Reforms
109222778I'm the only me!
109322799Discussion of My old man
109422880Cameras and careers
109522760Elementary Natural Science- Owls
109622792Diamond mining in East Africa
109722874Non-Verbal Inc
109822765Egyptian villagers
109922837Don't get angry
110022809Music : arts express
110121821Debt to the past : science and technology
110223931Fine art of aggression
110322857Novel - what it is, what it’s about, what it does
110422937Essay on war
110522830Harmonic motion
110622784Dawn horse
110723927Fiji : the three legged stool
110822845Emotional abuse, how to cope
110922896Endocrine system
111022927Epic of Flight
111122902Energy--choices, options, decisions
111222938Ethics in the computer age
111323924Ferns ; Simple vascular plants
111422887Desk for Billie - Part 2
111522758Emily--the story of a mouse
111622759Electromagnetic waves
111722761Beaver valley
111822762Drop out
112022769East Africa- Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda
112122770Ecological Biology
112222774Oh shoelaces
112322785Conquest of the skies
112422786Conscience in conflict
112522787Crystal gazing
112622788Decimal operations and uses
112822797Different people--different values
112922806Line : arts express
113022807Appearances, portraits, & lifestyles : arts express
113122808Melody and timbre : arts express
113222810Every day of our lives
113322812Space : arts express
113422814What is Communication? : arts express
113522816Oasis in the Sahara
113622818Farms in the spring
113722819Farms in the fall
113822820Fast is not a ladybug
113922825I'm feeling scared
114122829Hare and the tortoise
114222831Harold and his amazing green plants
114322832Ground squirrel family
114422836Donald in Mathmagic Land
114522839Down on the farm : America's agricultural revolution
114622843Emerging Chaplin
114722846Emperor Hirohito
114822847End of the ordeal, 1943-1945
114922848End of the Ordeal: 1943-1945
115022852Now one foot, now the other
115122853Nuclear power in world politics
115222854Conversation with Gerald Gill
115422873North Sea Islanders
115522875Nomad Boy
115622879Calligraphy, the craft of beautiful writing
115722881Cold front
115822886Defining, classifying, and identifying
115922926English language : its spelling patterns
116022929Eskimos- Winter in Western Alaska
116122954European Community
116222955Evidence for the Ice Age
116323925Fidel Castro
116523928Files: How to choose and use them
116623923Felipa ; North of the border
116723930Film: art of the impossible
116823931Fine art of aggression
116923933Fire triangle
117023934First aid action
117124063Growing up Black
117224064Conceptual models
117324065Explaining matter : atoms and molecules
117524066Exploring space, beyond the solar system
117724067Exploring space, the solar system
117924068Exploring the edge of space
118024078Growing pains
118124069Nouns in sentences
118324070Granny lives in Galway
118524071Gray squirrel
118824074Great War
118924073Greek Myths I: Myth as fiction, history, and ritual
119324075Greeks : in search of meaning
119424076Terrariums and bottle gardens
119924091Hawaii--our sugar islands
120024094He who laughs last, laughs best
120224092Hawaii's Asian heritage
120324093Hawaii's history : kingdom to statehood
120424098Heat for beginners
120524099Heat wave
120824101Hemo the magnificent
120924102Hen Hop
121024103Henry Ford
121124104Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
121224105Herds west
121324106Here's help
121424108Heroes and cowards
121524109Hey, look at me
121624110High on the Wind Rivers
121724111Higher fungi, The
121824124Highland Indians of Peru
121924123Highlands of the Andes : Peru
122024125Hiroko Ikoko
122124126Holding them spellbound
122224127Ho Chi Minh
122424137How do we look
122524146How does a candle burn?
122624147How long is a minute
122724148How our bodies fight disease
122824149How to catch a cold
122924150How to make a linoleum block print
123024151How to protect your bike
123124152How to register and vote
123224153How we know about the ice ages
123324154How we know the earth’s shape
123424155Human brain
123524157Nervous system
123624158Respiratory system
123724159Muscular system
123824160Excretory system
123924161Systems working together
124024129Horse named Cindy, A
124124130House on Cedar Hill
124224131House of wonders
124324132House that Jack built
124424133How a scientist works
124524134How an electric motor works
124624135How do they move?
124724136How do we know
124824166Food, energy and you
125024167Forest ranger
125124168Gravity, weight, and weightlessness
125224169Hearing the orchestra
125424191I think
125524192I am
125624197I who am, who am I?
125824196I am a mime
126224180Wharton Flea Market
126324216Infectious diseases and natural body defenses
126424217Insect anatomy
126524146How does a candle burn?
126624147How long is a minute
126824148How our bodies fight disease
126924149How to catch a cold
127024150How to make a linoleum block print
127524155Human brain
127624218Insect zoo
128024220Interference and diffraction
128224157Nervous system
128524158Respiratory system
128624159Muscular system
129224161Systems working together
129624162Theatre : one of the humanities
129724163Hunt for a cancer killer
129824164Hunter and the forest
130324184I like bikes, but . . .
130424210Indian artists of the Southwest
130524211Indian heroes of America
130624209India, an introduction
130724212Indian villagers in Mexico
130924213Industrial revolution in England
131024214Industrial revolution
131424204Improving study habits
131724205Incredible voyage
132024207India: sub-continent of Asia
132224208India : nation on the move
132324224Inventors & the American industrial revolution
132424198Ice people
132724200Ida Fanfanny and the four seasons
132824201Imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness
132924202Immigrant experience : the long, long journey
133124222Interrogation and counsel
133224223Into the New World - Discovery and exploring 1492 - 1763
133424230Is a career in a hotel or motel business for you?
133524231Is it always right to be right?
133624232Island of the blue dolphins
133724233Israel : Middle East neighbor
133824234It must be love, 'cause I feel so dumb
134024235It's your tomorrow
134124236Jack and the robbers
134224237Jack London's To build a fire
134324239Jade Snow Wong
134424254Jobs in the city: mass media
134524255Jobs in the city: medical and health
134624257John Greenleaf Whittier
134824249James Fenimore Cooper
135024250Job interview: Small business
135124241James Thurber's The night the ghost got in
135224242Japan : a nation of growing cities
135424243Japan : miracle in Asia
135524244Japanese farmers
135624245Jascha Heifetz : The portrait of an artist
135724256Jobs in the city: women at work
135824258John Smith - I remember Jamestown
135924259Johnson and reconstruction
136124260Joseph Schultz
136324261Joseph Stalin
136424262Journey together
136524248James Fenimore Cooper
136724247Jesse Jackson and Carolyn Shelton, p
136824263Kilogram, The
136924264Meters, liters, and kilograms
137024265Meter, The
137124266Man and His Natural Environment - The Creek
137424267LIter, The
137524269Left/right movie, The
137624270Labor movement : beginnings and growth in America
137724289Lee Suzuki: home in Hawaii
137924290Legend of John Henry
138024291Legend of Johnny Appleseed
138124293Leo Beuerman
138224294Let's play safe
138324295Let's measure--using centimeters, meters, and kilometers
138524296Let's get to work
138624297Less and more
138824298Let the rain settle it
138924299Let's write a story
139024300Let's save : opportunity cost
139224301Life in a Midwestern small town, 1910's
139424302Life and death of a cell
139524303Life cycle of the fly
139624304Life in a cubic foot of air
139724292Legend of Sleepy Hollow
139824272Lake people of Scotland
139924273Land from the North Sea
140024274Larry, Mr. Jenkins, and the antique car
140124275Land of the four rivers
140224276Last of the Caddoes
140324277Learning about cells
140524279Learning about heat
140624280Learning about light
140724281Learning about solar energy
140824282Learning about sound
140924283Learning and earning
141124284Learning from pets in the classroom
141224285Leaves of green
141324346Life in a vacant lot
141424347Life in Lost Creek. : fresh water ecology
141524348Life in Mediterranean lands
141624349Life in North China
141724350Life in the desert--the American Southwest
141824351Life in the grasslands
141924368Life in the Sahara
142024369Light and color
142124381Little girl and the gunny wolf
142224382Living bird
142324386Lost pigeon
142424387Louisa May Alcott
142524383Lobstertown: the story of a community
142624384Lone Eagle
142724391Love to kill
142824392Luke was there
143024393Lower fungi
143124394Luapula journey
143224395Magic rectangle--short multiplication
143324396Lunatic, The
143424397Lure of empire: America debates imperialism
143524401Mainstreaming in action
143624402Make a mobile
143824403Making a decision is
143924404Making a mask
144024405Making change for a dollar
144124406Making a revolution
144224407Malcolm decides
144424408Man and the state: Hamilton and Jefferson on democracy
144524409Man and the state : Roosevelt and Hoover on the economy
144624410Man and woman
144724411Man from Missouri : Harry S. Truman
144824412Man in the sea -- the new frontier
144924413Mark Twain's The man that corrupted Hadleyburg
145124414Man--the incredible machine
145224419Mandy's grandmother
145324420Mankind and the atom : the challenges of our time
145624421Mao Tse-tung : life and legacy
145724422Map for Mr. Meep
145824423Mapandangare, the great baboon
145924424Maps and their meaning
146224425Marching band
146424427Market economy of the United States
146524428Market prices, supply and demand
146724429Marquette and Jolliet: voyage of discovery
146824431Marsha Wright has an excuse
146924432Wesley Briggs arrives early
147124430Marriage of Hamey and Adisa, The
147224434Marvels in miniature
147324433Wesley Briggs and the class's library behavior
147424437Mathematics for primary : addition
147524438Mathematics for primary : multiplication
147624438Mathematics for primary : multiplication
147724439Mathematics of the honeycomb
147824440Matter, matter everywhere : how materials change
147924441Matter of conscience: Henry VIII and Thomas More
148124458Eye of the storm
148224459Eyes and vision
148324460Frame by frame--the art of animation
148424461Impeachment of a President--Andrew Johnson vs. Thaddeus Stevens
148524452Amphibians--frogs, toads, and salamanders.
148624453Butterfly : life cycle of an insect
148724454Animation : arts express
148824455Mathematician and the river
148924474Key to productivity, human capital
149024472John Quincy Adams
149224473Incas : ancients of the Andes
149324475Litter monster
149424476Measuring large distances
149524477Meat cookery
149724478Mechanical waves
149824479Meter, liter, and gram
149924480Medieval crusades
150024481Medieval England: the peasant's revolt
150124482Medieval gilds
150224483Medieval manor
150524486Metric America, A
150624487Metric system, The
150724488No reason to stay
150824489No man is an island
150924490Nile River Valley and the people of the lower river
151024491Nikita Khrushchev
151124492Night people's day
151224493Nightmare in Red pt. 1
151324499Night and fog
151524500Nigeria and Biafra
151624501Music : from popular to concert stage
151724503Mexican handcraft and folk art
151824504Mexican-American speaks: heritage in bronze
151924505Microbes and their control
152124507Miners of Bolivia
152224508Moonbeam princess
152324513Mighty atom -- electricity
152424514Minor electrical repairs of small appliances
152724515Mission to Earth : life forms and resources
152824516Mission to Earth : physical geography
153024517Miracle of the mind
153124518Missing pages
153224519Mississippi River: Lower River
153324520Money tree
153424521Money x-change
153524523Mr. and Mrs. Robin's Family
153624524Mrs. Peabody's beach
153724525Mugging--you can protect yourself
153824526Mowgli's brothers
153924527Mouse takes a chance, The
154024534Muscle, electrical activity of contraction
154224528Monitor and the Merrimac, The
154324529Moral development
154424530More than bows and arrows
154724532Mother Goose stories
154824533Mother love
154924542Nature of life : respiration in animals
155024536My old man
155124537Mysterious message, The (handwriting)
155224538Mystery of Stonehenge
155324539Napoleon : the end of a dictator
155424540Navajo girl
155624541Nature of sound
155724543Negro kingdoms of Africa's golden age
155824545Neighborhoods change
155924546Neutrons and the heart of matter
156024547New England : background of literature
156124548New life for a Spanish farmer
156224549Nature in the city
156324550Natural resources of Southeast Asia
156524552Lead poisoning--the hidden epidemic
156624554Frames of reference
156824556Ibert : Palermo from Escales
157224557Magnets attract certain objects
157324558Magnets have poles
157424559Magnets pull through some things
157924562Minority inventors of science and engineering
158124563Necklace, The
158224564Necklace, The
158324565New approaches to reading
158524636Snow White and the seven dwarfs (a German fairy tale)
158624637Stage fright (second edition)
158724638Violence: just for fun
158824639Zero: something for nothing
158924640Seeing through commercials
159024641Robot revolution, The
159124644Soccer for girls (revised)
159224645Chemical feast, A
159324647Smallest elephant in the world, The
159424648Think of a cloud
159515556Happy little hamsters
159624651This is fraud
159724657Survival after high school

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