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Title Work

Title No: 19901

Title: Interview with Asa Watkins

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Video

Date: c6 Nov  1996 (Created)

Original Summary:
Interview with Asa Watkins conducted in 1996 for "The good war and those who refused to fight it"

Duration: 0 hr 42 min 22 sec 

Genres: Interview

Name As Subjects: Watkins, Asa

Production CompanyParadigm Productions
IntervieweeWatkins, Asa

Items x1

19901-4Digital : Video/mpeg 

Component Contents x12

24573-1-19901-1Video Tape : BetacamSP 
24577-1-19901-2Video Tape : BetacamSP 
19900-1-19901-2Video Tape : BetacamSP 
19904-1-19901-1Video Tape : BetacamSP 
24577-2-19901-2Digital : Video/quicktime 
19904-2-19901-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
19900-2-19901-2Digital : Video/quicktime 
24573-2-19901-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
24573-3-19901-1Digital : Video/quicktime 
19900-3-19901-2Digital : Video/quicktime 
24577-3-19901-2Digital : Video/quicktime 
19904-3-19901-1Digital : Video/quicktime 

Contained By x5

Title NoTitle
19900Not for public viewing
19557The Good war and those who refused to fight it: the story of World War II conscientious objectors [interviews]
19904Not for public viewing
24573Not for public viewing
24577Not for public viewing