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Title Work

Title No: 19557

Title: The Good war and those who refused to fight it: the story of World War II conscientious objectors [interviews]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Recorded Sound; Video

Date: c1996  - 1999 

Original Summary:
Interviews conducted during the production process of The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight it: the Story of World War II Conscientious Objectors.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Genres: Documentary

Production CompanyParadigm Productions

Items x0

Contents x45

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
119569Interview with Richard Hunter
219570Interview with Tom Moore
319571Interview with Asa Watkins
419572Interview with Willard Gaeddert
519573Interview with Neil Hartman
619574Interview with George Watson
719575Interview with Herman Will
819576Interview with Steve Angell
919577Interview with Warren Sawyer
1019578Interview with Stephen Cary
1119579Interview with Paul Wilhelm
1219580Interview with Ruth Lehman
1319581Interview with Bill Yolton
1419582Interview with David Dellinger
1519583Interview with Elizabeth Dellinger
1619584Interview with Bill Sutherland
1719585Interview with James Farmer
1819586Interview with Max Kampleman
1919587Interview with C. Everett Koop
2019588Interview with Esther Bankoff
2119589Interview with Kim Stafford
2219590Interview with Dorothy Stafford
2319591Interview with Charlie Davis
2419592Interview with John Raitt
2519593Interview with John Abbott
2619594Interview with Norman Corwin
2719595Interview with Carlos Cortez
2819596Interview with Studs Terkel
2919597Interview with Paul Fussell
3019598Interview with Kermit Sheets
3119599Interview with Sam Yoder
3219600Interview with Lois Schertz
3319601Interview with Luke Birky
3419602Interview with Connie Sutherland
3519631Interview with Vivien Roodenko
3619634Interview with George Houser
3719901Interview with Asa Watkins
3819613Interview with Nelson Fucson
3919682Not for public viewing
4020644Interview with Charles Oswald
4120645Interview with Baron VonFeister
4320653Not for public viewing
4420652Not for public viewing
4520661Not for public viewing
4620614Interview with Louis Markewich

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Title NoTitle
19554The Good war and those who refused to fight it: the story of World War II conscientious objectors [production]