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Title No: 19540

Title: Rochester City School District educational film library

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Approximately 430 films comprise the educational film library from the Rochester City School District.  The films came to the Film & Media Archive in 2015 from the George Eastman Museum. The intended audience for these films range from elementary to high school students.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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Contents x327

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
118806Great Lakes area: men, minerals, and machines
218792Cipher in the snow
315534Facts about projection
416154Is a career in electronics manufacturing for you?
515388Control your emotions
615386Engagement: romance and reality
715393Different folks (sex role identification)
85578Bill of Rights in action: the story of a trial
95578Bill of Rights in action: the story of a trial
1016828Fundamentals of track and field for girls, part 2: field events
1116832Fundamentals of track and field for girls, part 1: track events
1216839Not for public viewing
1316846Families of the world: Thailand
1416853Ein Künstler hat für alles im Leben Verständnis
1516856Dirndln sprechen Bayerisch
1616858Das Ziel unserer Reise ist ein Schloss
1716870So etwas muss man mit Gefühl machen
1816877So kann das nicht weitergehen!
1916879Ein Luftballon gehört immer dazu
2016880Und weit und breit keine Tankstelle
2116882Die Sache ist ganz einfach
2216884Pünktlichkeit ist alles
2316885Kennen Sie meinen Sohn?
2416886Damit spielen Kinder und Erwachsene
2516888Nero versteht etwas von Kunst
2616890Ausgerechnet Wilhelm Tell von Schiller
2716891Heidelberg hat noch immer seinen alten Zauber
2816892Gesunder Schlaf und viel Bewegung in der frischen Luft
2916894Die Trauung beginnt um dreiviertel elf
3016895Am Strand ist eine Perücke sehr praktisch
3116897Am Aschermittwoch ist's vorbei
3216898First many-celled animals: sponges
3316899Drafting: occupations and opportunities
3416900Doing your eight
3517261Basic tumbling skills
3617265Motion picture production: the basics of cinematography
3717275Alochol, drugs, a way out: the first step
3817282Basics of cross-country skiing
3917307Alaskan Eskimo: a way of life
4017308Alaska: settling a new frontier
4117312Dictionary: the adventure of words
4217316Bavarian village
4317318Australia: the land and the people
4417321Not for public viewing
4517323Bach is beautiful
4617325Not for public viewing
4817329Not for public viewing
4917330Beach: a river of sand
5017335Ancient Palestine
5117336Not for public viewing
5217337DNA: molecule of heredity
5317338Chemical change and temperature
5417339Chemical bonding
5517343Brazil: people of the highlands
5617350Not for public viewing
5717354Fair is foul, and foul is fair
5817364Choosing what to make
5917367Choosing what to buy
6017370Face of the Sahara
6116074Herman Melville
6216084Not for public viewing
6316078Feelings: don't stay mad
6416098Not for public viewing
6616115How a hamburger turns into you
6716123Freedom movement: 1877-today
6816128Wie kann man Berliner Luft sichtbar machen
7016136Geography of South America: Brazil
7116139How level is sea level?
7216140Not for public viewing
7316141Grand Canyon suite
7416144Not for public viewing
7516146Not for public viewing
7616148Free to choose
7716151Gallinita Roja
7816156Freight train
7916169Gases and how they combine
8016172Not for public viewing
8116173Families of the world: India
8216178Everybody's different and that's okay
8316179Families: helping out
8416180Fetal pig anatomy
8516181Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
8616183Fire science
8716186Not for public viewing
8817371Changing the law
8917372Not for public viewing
9017374Discover flying
9117376Earth: discovering its history
9217380Diversiones y estudios en Mexico
9317381Crystals and their structures
9417384Angel dust
9517231Discovering the music of the Middle Ages
9617232East Africa: tropical highlands
9717233Discovering the music of Latin America
9817234Aphid eaters: Eve's research project
9917235Great Americans: Benjamin Franklin
10017236Beginning responsibility: the broken book shop
10217238Discovering perspective
10317239Discovering line
10417240Duke Thomas, mailman
10517241Design for living
10617242Brazil: change comes to the rain forest
10717243Detergents: how they make water wetter
10817244Not for public viewing
10917247Central farming region: food for the nation
11017248Cell: structural unit of life
11117249Care of pets
11217250Castilla la Nueva
11317251Canada: the industrial provinces
11417252Not for public viewing
11517253Case of the elevator duck
11617254Automation: what it is and what it does
11715365Everyone's a winner: a program for physical fitness
11815366Not for public viewing
11915367Great Britain
12015377First foods
12115376First fifty: EBE's golden anniversary retrospective
12215378Family landscape
12315379Family: lifestyles of the future
12415380Extinction: a lesson from the past
12515381Election of 1932
12615483French and Indian War: the Seven Years' War in America
12715382Families: food and eating
12815486Not for public viewing
12915488Heartbeat of a volcano
13015494Not for public viewing
13115496Florida Everglades
13215501Fundamentals of electricity
13315505Day in the life of Bonnie Consolo
13415510Not for public viewing
13515514Not for public viewing
13615517A Call for success
13715520Face of Lincoln
13815522Boy to man
13915536Au revoir village
14015539Great Lakes
14115542Black men and iron horses
14215545Not for public viewing
14615552Die Mosel im Wandel der Jahrhunderte
14715553Dafür gibt es sicher eine Erklärung
14815554Nicht für Geld und gute Worte
14915555Hand and clay: a celebration
15115577Hawaii: the island state
15315580Hawaii: America's tropical state
15415588Hawaii, the 50th state: people and resources
15515588Hawaii, the 50th state: people and resources
15615594Not for public viewing
15715593Not for public viewing
15915600Frog anatomy
16015601Molly visie ses cousins Parisiens
16115601Molly visie ses cousins Parisiens
16215602Not for public viewing
16315603Freedom 2000
16415607Was man nicht kann, muss man eben lernen
16515612Wetten ist Ehrensache
16615616Free to and me: friendship & cooperation
16715616Free to and me: friendship & cooperation
16815620Fray Felipe
16915622France: new horizons
17015624Fish embryo: from fertilization to hatching
17115636Free to and me: independence
17215638Not for public viewing
17315639Not for public viewing
17415640Not for public viewing
17515641Great Lakes: how they were formed
17615642Dick Whittington and his cat
17715643Hitler: anatomy of a dictatorship
17815849Electric interactions in chemistry
17915850Electrochemical cells
18015851La famille Martin
18115852Not for public viewing
18215853East Africa: tropical highlands
18415855Economy of Africa
18615857El País Vasco
18715858Not for public viewing
18815556Happy little hamsters
18915557Hailstones and halibut bones
19015836Chemical families
19115837Child language: learning without teaching
19215838Better safe than sorry II
19315839Badminton fundamentals
19415840Not for public viewing
19515841American flag: the story of Old Glory
19615842Banana fever: short division
19715843Beginnings of exploration
19815844Eating for two
19915845Discovering ideas for art
20015846Not for public viewing
20315848Erosion: leveling the land
20515388Control your emotions
20615389Bike-wise: to be sure
20715758Everybody rides the carousel
20815759Not for public viewing
20915760Gift of the Magi
21015761Growth of plants
21115762Vielleicht versuch wir's einmal mit Studenten
21215763Geography of the United States: Northeast
21315764Not for public viewing
21415765Germany: people of the industrial west
21515766Not for public viewing
21615766Not for public viewing
21715764Not for public viewing
21815767Geography of the United States: an introduction
21915768Give me liberty
22015769Not for public viewing
22115769Not for public viewing
22215770Alphabet dragon
22315771Amoeba: one-celled organism
22415772Andrew Carnegie
22515773Discovering color
22615774Antarctica: the cold frontier
22715775Not for public viewing
22815776Drug abuse: the chemical tomb
22915777Not for public viewing
23015778Electron: an introduction
23115779Not for public viewing
23215780American experience: our living traditions
23315781Amazon: life along the river in Brazil
23415782Discovering composition in art
23515783It's harder for Patrick
23615784American Revolution: the postwar period
23715785Embattled cell
23815786China and its people
23915787China: century of revolution
24015788China under communism
24115789Benjamin Franklin
24215790Better safe than sorry
24315384Farming in Europe and Asia
24415390Bill of rights in action: capital punishment
24515391Decline of the Roman Empire
24615392Army ants: a study in social behavior
24715394Decision making
24815395Big test
24915396Arcs and sparks
25015397Not for public viewing
25115398Not for public viewing
25215399Digestive system
25415401Better safe than sorry III
25515402Aragón y Navarra
25615403Aptitudes and occupations
25715404Discovering dark and light
25815405Golden fish
25915406Gold rush boy
26015407Girl to woman
26115408Evan's corner
26215409Am I normal?
26315410Emotional health
26515412How is clothing made: the story of mass production
26615413Not for public viewing
26715414From the face of the earth
268154154th R
269154154th R
27015416Food getting among animals
27115417Folk songs of America's history
27215418Food around the world
27315419Fun with words: the word hunt (similar meanings)
27415420Frostbite and snowblindness
27515421Not for public viewing
27715423Food, energy, and you
27819209Human body: reproductive system
27918901Meadowlark Lemon presents the world
28018670Report card
28118677Not for public viewing
28218682Cutting torch: flamecutting
28518700Data processing: introductory principles
28618704Alfareros de Puebla
28718708Ancient new world
28818711Not for public viewing
28918713Boats: buoyancy, stability, propulsion
29018715Child abuse
29118716Not for public viewing
29218717Brazil: South America's giant
29318718China and its industry
29418719Not for public viewing
29518726Not for public viewing
29718733Not for public viewing
29818734Evidence for the ice age
29918735Families: earning and spending
30018738Egg becomes a chick, An
30118736Families: alike and different
30218741Evolution of vascular plants: the ferns
30318749Edison: persistent genius
30418753Fall brings changes
30518757Basic elements of production
30618761Castilla la Vieja
30718764Teachers, parents, and children: growth through cooperation
30818772Not for public viewing
30918791Not for public viewing
31018786Argentina: people of the pampa
31118792Cipher in the snow
31218794Christopher Columbus
31318795Bill of Rights in action: freedom of speech
31618798Bacteria: laboratory study
31718799Not for public viewing
31818983Not for public viewing
31918801Charlie and the golden hamster
32018800Family in Tokyo
32118802Not for public viewing
32218803Gulf Coast: the South's land of opportunity
32318804Geography of South America: the continent
32418810Fundamentals of the nervous system
32518819Factory: how a product is made
32618820Egypt and the Nile
32718821Cross country high

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