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Title Work

Title No: 19170

Title: Imagination film

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film


1977 (Release)

1977 (Copyright)

Original Summary:
"Isn't it great to turn off your day-to-day mind and just dream a little? Escapism? Sure! Youngsters get pre-programmed, too. Deadlines. Homework. Parental expectations. Peer pressures. Standardized tests. Wouldn't the creative teacher prefer to know what's really untapped in the still-to-be-explored young imagination? This film is unstructured, visually exciting, and open-ended. A young girl named Cindy isn't surprised when her merry-go-round transports her far beyond the realm of reality ¿ or when her carousel lion needs not only attention but affection. Eventually we all return to reality ¿ hopefully deciding how much imagination can enrich our lives." - Summary from the teaching guide. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 9 min 

Genres: Educational

Subjects: Fantasy; Imagination; Reality

Production CompanySandler Institutional Films

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