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Title Work

Title No: 13901

Title: Eyes on the prize exhibit

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Photograph

Date: c1987 (Created)

Original Summary:
A collection of photos created and curated by Blackside, Inc. for the series, "Eyes on the Prize." The exhibit contains various images from the events surronding the time period covered in the series "Eyes on the Prize I." The exhibit also contained descriptive cards to be displayed with the photos. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

CreatorBlackside, Inc.
CompilerBlackside, Inc.

Items x0

Contents x44

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
113902Freedom riders on the Journey of Reconciliation
213869FBI missing poster
35420Mamie Till and Emmett Till
45201Black and white children leave an elementary school
513903Protester attacked by a police dog during the Birmingham civil rights campaign.
613904James Farmer leads a line of freedom riders arrested in Jackson, Mississippi
713905Nuns at the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches
813906Freedom riders' bus bombing
913907Lunch counter sit-in, Jackson, Mississippi
1013908Fire fighters using a high-pressure water jet against civil rights demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama
1113909Marchers in the rain on the Selma to Montgomery rights march
1213910Group of marchers on the Selma to Montgomery rights march
136308Sheriff Jim Clark arrests voting rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson
148039Portrait of Ella Baker
1513947Birmingham Prison Camp
1614008Birmingham, the Magic City
1714009Medgar Evers photograph
1814010Birmingham church bombing photo
1913966Segregation sign on a laundromat store front
208017Montgomery bus boycott meeting at the Holt Street Baptist Church
2114014Women in rain photo
2214015March on Washington organizers leading crowd
2314016White civil rights supporters in Selma
2414017White Atlanta students listen to desegregation ruling
255140Reverend C.T. Vivian leads prayer session in front of Dallas County, Alabama courthouse, Sheriff Jim Clark in 1965.
268035Untitled, Time of Change (Damn the Defiant), 1963
2713955Nicholas Katzenbach and Governor George Wallace
2813979Prayer protest
294756John Lewis and Jim Zwerg after an attack by a mob during the Freedom Rides
304747Thurgood Marshall entering Supreme Court
3114026James Meredith blocked by Paul Johnson
324749Martin Luther King Jr. with Coretta Scott King in Montgomery.
338188Marchers on the Jefferson Davis highway
3413963Freedom Summer volunteers including Bob Moses
3514027Freedom summer photo board
3613963Freedom Summer volunteers including Bob Moses
3714028Orval Faubus holding newspaper
3814029Jimmie Lee Jackson funeral
3912806Portrait of Daisy Bates
4014030Myrlie Evers at Medgar Evers funeral
4114031Black school in the South
4213953Ernest Green at graduation
434750Interior of bus during Montgomery bus boycott.
4414032Map of Freedom Ride from Montgomery to New Orleans

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13411Eyes on the prize [stock photos]