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Title No: 9268

Title: This far by faith [interviews]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Video

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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1683Interview with Martha Prescod-Norman
2682Interview with Marquetta L. Goodwine
3672Interview with Margaret Washington
4623Interview with Lauranita Dugas
5614Interview with Kenny Precious Lord
6608Interview with Kathryn Dorsey and Michael Harris
7584Interview with Josie Miller
8534Interview with Joel Bernard
9529Interview with Joann Christian Mants
10504Interview with Jan Mirikatani
11483Interview with James Cone
12474Interview with Jack Chatfield
13463Interview with Ingrid Askew
14291Interview with Dr. Lena J. McLin
15288Interview with Dr. Horace Clarence Boyer
16287Interview with Dr. Cain Hope Felder
17286Interview with Douglas R. Egerton
18278Interview with Doris Dorsey
19258Interview with Delores Warner Bey
20243Interview with Darlene Bashir and Mosque Khalifah
21227Interview with Cornelia Bailey
22217Interview with Clifford Warner Bey
23193Interview with Cecil Williams
24184Interview with Camille Roberts
25160Interview with Betty Fikes
26150Interview with Benjamin Hall
27132Interview with Art Jones
28130Interview with Arthur M. Brazier
2997Interview with Alonzo Johnson
3068Interview with Abd'Allah Adesanya
315043Interview with Cornel West
324723Pre-interview with Hollis Watkins
334713Pre-interview with Fred Shuttlesworth
344710Pre-interview with Charles Sherrod
354464Interview with Bernard LaFayette
364460Pre-interview with Vincent Harding
371065Interview with Zohorah Simmons
381057Interview with W.W. Law
391032Interview with Willa Mae Thomas
401009Interview with Vincent Harding
41998Interview with Umar Al-Uqdah
42982Interview with Timuel Black
43972Interview with Sylviane A. Diouf
44945Interview with Shirley Sherrod
45927Interview with Sara Reynolds
46909Interview with Rutha Mae Harris
47848Interview with James M. Lawson, Jr.
48847Interview with Rev. Howard
49845Interview with Rev. H.C. Boyd
50844Interview with Rev. Frederick Reese
51833Interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright
52832Interview with Rev. Elister Charleston
53831Interview with Rev. Ben Williams
54827Interview with Reedy Williams
55816Interview with Rachel Harding
56809Interview with Prathia LauraAnn Hall
57758Interview with Nell Painter
58750Interview with Muriel Wilson
59742Interview with Mrs. Varnedoe
60720Interview with Michael Harris
61583Interview with Jose Pimienta Bey
6212283Pre-interview with Victoria Gray Adams
6312284Pre-interview with Dr. Abdela Adasegna
6412285Pre-interview with Umar Al-Uqdah
6512286Pre-interview with Ralph Allen
6612287Pre-interview with Aleta Alston
6712288Pre-interview with Ingrid Askew
6812289Pre-interview with Raina Askew
6912290Pre-interviiew with Professor Lewis Baldwin
7012292Pre-interview with Minerva Bell
7112293Pre-interview with Joel Rashid Bernard
7212294Pre-interview with Unita Blackwell
7312295Pre-interview with Horace Boye
7412296Pre-interview with Ann Braden
7512297Pre-interview with Horace Clarence Boyer
7612298Pre-interview with Harace Boyer
7712299Pre-interview with Joan Browning
7812300Pre-interview with Tim Bullock
7912301Pre-interview with Will Campbell
8012302Pre-interview with Clare Carter
8112303Pre-interview with Rev. Elister Charleston
8212304Pre-interview with Jack Chaffield
8312305Pre-interview with Lawyer Chestnut
8412306Pre-interview with James Cone
8512307Pre-interview with Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook
8612308Pre-interview with Suzan johnson Cook
8712309Pre-interview with Shawn Copeland
8812310Pre-interview with Melva Costen
8912311Pre-interview with Carolyn Daniels
9012312Pre-interview with Carolyn Daniels
9112315Pre-interview with Yvonne Delk
9212313Pre-interview with Rev. Daugherty
9312317Pre-interview with Quinton Dixie
9412318Pre-interview with Quinton Dixie
9512319Pre-interview with Louise Dunlop
9612320Pre-interview with Sherry Dupree
9712321Pre-interview with Izola Edwards
9812322Pre-interview with Jon Else
9912323Pre-interview with Betty Fikes
10012324Pre-interview with Rev. James Forbes
10112325Pre-interview with Rev. Fowler
10212326Pre-interview with Talaya Freeman
10312327Pre-interview with Marquetta Goodwine
10412328Pre-interview with Jim Grossman
10512329Pre-interview with George Hall
10612330Pre-interview with Prathia Hall
10712331Pre-interview with Phil Hamilton
10812332Pre-interview with Rachel Harding
10912333Pre-interview with Rachel Harding
1105726Pre-interview with Vincent Harding
11112334Pre-interview with Aaron Hodge
11212335Pre-interview with Jessica Ingram
11312336Pre-interview with Dale Irvine
11412337Pre-interview with Bernie Powell Jackson
11512338Pre-interview with Alonzo Johnson
11612339Pre-interview with Bernard Lafayette
11712340Pre-interview with Charles Lang
11812341Pre-interview with Jim Larson
11912342Pre-interview with Susie Latimore
12012343Pre-interview with Eric Lincoln
12112344Pre-interview with Rev. Lowery
12212345Pre-interview with Zach Lyde
12312346Pre-interview with Imam Talib Mahdee
12412347Pre-interview with Joann Mants
12512348Pre-interview with Bob Marts
12612350Pre-interview with Josie Miller
12812351Pre-interview with Curtis Muhmammed
12912352Pre-interview with Onaje Muid
13012353Pre-interview with Myrna Munchus-Bullock
13112354Pre-interview with Larry Murphy
13212355Pre-interview with Tom Ogletree
13312356Pre-interview with Peany Patch
13412357Pre-interview with Harvey Pinion
13512358Pre-interview with Iman Adib Rashid
13612359Pre-interview with Iman Adib Rashid
13712360Pre-interview with Frederick Reese
13812361Pre-interview with Rev. Reiss
13912362Pre-interview with Maria Riley Glide
14012363Pre-interview with Eugene Rivers
14112364Pre-interview with Camille Roberts
14212365Pre-interview with Rosetta Ross
14312366Pre-interview with Dexter Sandeford
14412367Pre-interview with Skip Schiel
14512368Pre-interview with Abu Karriem Shabazz
14612369Pre-interview with Loyd Shaffer
14712370Pre-interview with Paula Sulman
14812371Pre-interview with Zohurah Simmons
14912372Pre-interview with Zohurah Simmons
15012373Pre-interview with Dama Smith
15112374Pre-interview with Gregory Dean Smith
15212375Pre-interview with Jacquelin Smith-Crooks
15312376Pre-interview with Lucy Collier Smith
15412377Pre-interview with Starling Stuckey
15512378Pre-interview with Maude DeVicto
15612379Pre-interview with Helen Taylor
15812381Pre-interview with Willie Mae Thomas
15912382Pre-interview with Dean Trulear
16012383Pre-interview with Dean Trulear
16112384Pre-interview with C.T. Vivian
16312386Pre-interview with Karen Wall
16412387Pre-interview with Janet Walton
16512388Pre-interview with Margaret Washington
16612389Pre-interview with Jill Watts
16712390Pre-interview with Samuel Wells
16812391Pre-interview with Annette Jones White
16912392Pre-interview with Spencer Williams
17012393Pre-interview with Daryl Woods
17112394Pre-interview with Daryl Woods
17212395Pre-interview with Beverly Wright
17312396Pre-interview with Gloria Wright
17412397Pre-interview with John Zippert
17512398Not for public viewing
17612408Pre-interview with Rev. Albury
17712405Pre-interview with Vashti McKenzie
17812407Pre-interview with Richard Brent Turner
17912409Pre-interview with Martin Trimble
18012410Pre-interview with Peter Paris
18112411Pre-interview with Robert Wuthnow
18212412Pre-interview with Mark Taylor
18312413Pre-interview with Ronald Nored
18412354Pre-interview with Larry Murphy
18512415Pre-interview with Quinton Dixie
18612416Pre-interview with Vashti McKenzie
18712417Pre-interview with Noel Castellanos
18812418Pre-interview with Ray Rivera
18912419Pre-interview with Janice Rambeau
19012420Pre-interview with Rev. Boyd
19212422Pre-interview with Samuel Wells
19312423Pre-interview with Faye Powell
19412424Pre-interview with Izola Edwards
19512425Pre-interview with Randy Short
19612427Pre-interview with Rosetta Ross
19712339Pre-interview with Bernard Lafayette
19812429Pre-interview with Canary Mayo Olivet
19912428Pre-interview with Ben Gaye
20012430Pre-interview with Daisy Pearce
20112431Pre-interview with Othel Roberts
20212432Pre-interview with Liz Steinhouser
20312433Pre-interview with Patricia Daley
20412434Pre-interview with Art Jones
20512435Pre-interview with Allan Austin
20612436Pre-interview with Larry Mamiya
20712437Pre-interview with Rachel Harding
20812438Pre-interview with Nell Painter
20912439Pre-interview with Prof. AJ Williams-Myers
21012440Pre-interview with Liz Austin
21112441Pre-interview with Michael Allen
21212442Pre-interview with R. Russel
21312443Pre-interview with M. Dulaney
21412444Pre-interview with B. Powers
21512445Pre-interview with B. Herman
21612446Pre-interview with Richard Brent Turner
21712447Pre-interview with Sylviane Diouf
21812448Pre-interview with Dana Smith
21912449Pre-interview with Emelda West
22012450Pre-interview with Alan Billups
22112451Pre-interview with Sandra Vining
22212452Pre-interview with Ndugu T'ofori-Atta
22312453Pre-interview with Sheik Ali
22412454Pre-interview with Allison Davis
22512455Pre-interview with James Lenox
22612456Pre-interview with Delores Warner-Bey
22712457Pre-interview with Clifford Warner-Bey
22812458Interview with Prathia Hall
22912848Interview with Kathleen Anderson
23012849Interview with Stephen Angell
23112850Interview with Raina Askew
23212851Interview with Warner Beys
23312854Interview with Laura Brown
23412853Interview with Julian Bond
23512855Interview with Sara Bumbary
23612856Interview with James Campbell
23712860Interview with Jualynne Dodson
23812859Interview with Hattie Charleston
23912857Interview with Clare Carter
24012861Interview with Louise Dunlap
24112862Interview with Rev. Gregory Eason
24212863Interview with Dr. Frankie Ellis
24312866Interview with Dr. Reginald Hildebrand
24412872Interview with Aaron Hodge
24512874Interview with Dr. Lawrence Howard
24612875Interview with Aaron Jones
24712876Interview with Dr. Edward Keith
24812879Interview with Rev. Lewis Logan
24912880Interview with Rev. Joseph Lowery
25012882Interview with Bishop Vashti McKenzie
25212886Interview with Rev. R. L. Plumber
25312888Interview with Dr. Bernard Powers
25412890Interview with Imam Adib Rashid
25512892Interview with Dr. Edwin Redkey
25612893Interview with Skip Schiel
25712894Interview with Nafeesah Shaheed
2584709Interview with Charles Sherrod
25912895Pre-Interview with Nelda Smith Glide
26012898Interview with Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. Doe
26112900Interview with Dr. Emery Campbell
26212896Not for public viewing
26312899Not for public viewing
26412901Not for public viewing
26512902Interview with John Zippert
26712903Not for public viewing
26912905Not for public viewing
27112911Not for public viewing
27212912Not for public viewing
27312913Not for public viewing
27412889Interview with Janice Rambeau
275683Interview with Martha Prescod-Norman
27612348Pre-interview with Bob Marts
27712348Pre-interview with Bob Marts
27812384Pre-interview with C.T. Vivian

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5442This far by faith [production]