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Title No: 7596

Title: The Great Depression [interviews]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Video

Original Summary:
Pre-interviews and interviews conducted during the production of The Great Depression.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Items x0

Contents x660

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
11453Pre-interview with Marguerite Williams
21444Pre-interview with Lyle Bramson
31435Pre-interview with Louis DeSena
41407Pre-interview with Justine Mosk
51405Pre-interview with Julius Stein
71361Pre-interview with Jester Hairston
81335Pre-interview with James Downey
91334Pre-interview with James Byrd
101293Pre-interview with Harry Magdoff
111265Pre-interview with Gene Trefether
121255Pre-interview with Frank Iusi
131234Pre-interview with Ella Johnson
1472Interview with Adam Clayton Powell III
1580Interview with A.J. Harris
1696Interview with Alonzo Fields
19126Interview with Arnold Forster
20128Interview with Arthur Goldschmidt
21133Interview with Art King
22134Interview with Asbury Smith
23140Interview with Augustus Hawkins
24164Interview with Beulah Pinkney
25168Interview with Bill Robinson
26169Interview with Billy Rowe
27196Interview with Celila Owen
28210Interview with Chris Alston
29211Interview with Christina Gardner
31213Interview with Clay East
32222Interview with Cora Harrell
33235Interview with Curtis Roosevelt
34247Interview with Dave Moore
35249Interview with David Goeppinger
36253Interview with Dean McHenry
37265Interview with Dewitt Smith Jr.
38282Interview with Dorothy Height
39284Interview with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
40285Interview with Douglas Fraser
41317Interview with Elizabeth Wickenden
42321Interview with Ella Johnson
44324Interview with Elwood Champness
45333Interview with Eva Lee Hampton
46335Interview with Evelyn Munro
47340Interview with Fay Blake
49347Interview with Ford Bryan
50349Interview with Francis Imoberstag
51351Interview with Frank Angelo
54355Interview with Frank Iusi
55357Interview with Frank Manies
56358Pre-interview with Frank Taylor
57359Interview with Frank Tracey, Jr.
60372Interview with Geneva Byrd
61376Interview with George Kimbley
62380Interview with George Stith
63394Interview with Gore Vidal
64406Interview with Gwendolyn Edwards
66412Interview with Harold Rossman
67413Interview with Harold Ruttenberg
69441Interview with Herb Plambeck
70442Interview with Herman Schott
71449Interview with Homer Howard
72450Interview with Horace Bristol
73451Interview with Horace Carmichael
74452Interview with Horace Sheffield
75465Interview with Ira Green
76466Interview with Irene Wojcik
77475Interview with Jack Floyd
78482Interview with James Byrd
79484Interview with James Downey
80487Interview with James Feiser
81510Interview with Jennie Silverman
84533Interview with Joe Garone
86536Interview with Joe Louis Barrow Jr.
87538Interview with Joe Perriello
88539Interview with Joe Robinson
89545Interview with John Feiser
90546Interview with John Handcox
91551Interview with John Hope Franklin
92552Interview with John Howard
93555Interview with John Lee Kelley
94567Interview with John Pompanine
95569Interview with John Twist
96575Interview with Joseph Harsch
97577Interview with Joseph James
98603Interview with Karen Morley
99606Interview with Katherine Burton
101634Interview with Lement Harris
102635Interview with Lena Packabush
103638Interview with Leone Baxter
105640Interview with Leo Seltzer
106645Interview with Lewis Van Hook
107646Interview with Lillie Mullins
108656Interview with Louis Heilbron
109663Interview with Lyle Bramson
111670Interview with Margaret Fleischaker
112671Interview with Margaret Hoover Brigham
113686Interview with Martin Hayden
114687Interview with Marty Glickman
115688Interview with Mary Borg
116689Interview with Mary Cozzucoli
117690Interview with Mary Ellen Leary
118694Interview with Mary Hoover Brigham
119697Interview with Mary Poole
120707Interview with Maya Angelou
121715Interview with Melvin Belli
122722Interview with Michael Mitchell
123730Interview with Mildred Campbell
124731Interview with Mildred Roxborough
125732Interview with Miller Williams
126737Interview with Mollie West
128740Interview with Morton Newman
129741Interview with Mrs. James B. Abraham
130747Interview with Muriel Outlaw
131749Interview with Muriel Vandever
132755Interview with Nancy Neal
133765Interview with Norma Rydlewski and Katherine McIntosh
134770Interview with Omega Frazier
135774Interview with Oscar Fendler
136782Interview with Parren Mitchell
137789Interview with Paul Boatin
138791Interview with Paul Charette
139792Interview with Paul Edwards
140794Interview with Paul Jarnco
141798Interview with Pearl Max
142814Interview with Putnam Livermore
143820Interview with Ralph Fasanella
144821Interview with Ralph Metcalfe
145825Interview with Raymond Haight
146826Interview with Ray Smith
147829Interview with Regina Mrkonich
148850Interview with Reynold Wik
149859Interview with Robert Hauser
150862Interview with Robert Clifton
152877Interview with Roberto Munoz
153878Interview with Robert Schnitzer
155893Interview with Ron Partridge
156897Interview with Rosie Culclagers
157908Interview with Russell Pisle Sr.
158912Interview with Ruth Benedict
159914Interview with Ruth Gruber
160915Interview with Ruth Ring Morgan
162918Interview with Sally Booth
163921Interview with Sam Doane
164922Interview with Sam Harris
165923Interview with Sam Yorty
166931Interview with Seline Lyons
167936Interview with Shannon Flowers
169940Interview with Shelton Tappes
170944Interview with Shirley Povich
171946Interview with Shirley Triest
172948Interview with Sidney Hayman
173957Interview with Stanley Gordon
174960Interview with St. Clair Bourne
176962Interview with Stephen Kahn
177970Interview with Susie Clifton
178977Interview with Thomas Murchison
179983Interview with Togo Tanaka
180984Interview with Tom Fleming
181985Interview with Tom Girdler, Jr.
182987Interview with Tom and Sadako Kawaguchi
183997Interview with Trude Lash
1841004Interview with Vera Ellis
1871016Interview with Virginia Nicoll
1891018Interview with Vivian Raineri
1901021Interview with Walter Goeppinger
1911023Interview with Walter Mackeral
1921025Interview with Ward Rodgers
1931026Interview with Warren Moscow
1951051Interview with William Stone
1961080Pre-interview with Adam Clayton Powell III
197433Interview with Helen Wik
1989947Pre-interview with Charles Anderson
1999948Pre-interview with Bud Adams
2009950Pre-interview with St. Claire Bourne
2019952Pre-interview with Louise Boyle
2029953Pre-interview with Encarnacion Armas
2029955Pre-interview with H.C. Bradford
2039956Pre-interview with Joe Lois Barrow
2039959Pre-interview with Herbert M. Brown
2049958Pre-interview with James Bazmore
2059962Pre-interview with Helen Brown
2059960Pre-interview with Ruth Benedict
2069961Pre-interview with Irving Bernstein
2079963Pre-interview with Pearl Bernstein
2089965Pre-interview with Ford Bryan
2099967Pre-interview with Leona Archer Bryant
2109968Pre-interview with Charles E. Brynes
2119969Pre-interview with Tony Buttitta
2129970Pre-interview with Frank W. Bynum
2139971Pre-interview with Arthur N. Blansitt
2139973Pre-interview with Winslow Carlton
2149974Pre-interview with Ida Mae Clayton
2159975Pre-interview with Wayne Clow
2169977Pre-interview with Ruth Clemons
2179978Pre-interview with Edward Cody
2189980Pre-interview with Flossie Coles-Grindstaff
2199981Pre-interview with Homer C. Coney
2209982Pre-interview with Mr. Cook
2229984Pre-interview with Dale Cox
2239985Pre-interview with Andrew Court
2249986Pre-interview with Robert Cox
2259987Pre-interview with Mack Crow
2269988Pre-interview with Mr. Douglas Currie
2279989Pre-interview with Hazel Davia
2289990Pre-interview with Eleanor Davies
2299991Pre-interview with Mrs. Emerall Davis
2309992Pre-interview with Hope Hale Davis
2319993Pre-interview with Ossie Davis
2329994Pre-interview with Robert Dewey
2339995Pre-interview with Isaiah Dorfman
2349996Pre-interview with George Edwards
2359997Pre-interview with Jon Else
23610001Pre-interview with Carmen Escobar
23710002Pre-interview with Elizabeth Eudy
23810003Pre-interview with Ralph Fasanella
23910006Pre-interview with Virginia Durr
24010007Pre-interview with Frank Eagon
24110008Pre-interview with Buddy East
24210009Pre-interview with Mr. East
24310010Pre-interview with Julius Edelstein
24410011Pre-interview with Josefina Fierro DeBright
24510012Pre-interview with Sidney Fine
24610013Pre-interview with Arnold Forster
24710014Pre-interview with Sam Franklin Jr.
24810015Pre-interview with Lucille Frasier
25010017Pre-interview with Russell Free
25110018Pre-interview with Martha Hodge Freely
25210019Pre-interview with Gil Gall
25410021Pre-interview with Martha Gellhorn
25510022Pre-interview with Gerald Gill
25610025Pre-interview with David Ginsberg
25710026Pre-interview with Tom Girdler Jr.
25910028Pre-interview with Carl Gorman
26010029Pre-interview with Guy Gorman
26110030Pre-interview with Gilbert Green
26210031Pre-interview with Bud Greenspan
26310032Pre-interview with Ernestine Grinold
26410033Pre-interview with Rosalyn Grossman
26510034Pre-interview with Ruth Gruber
26610035Pre-interview with Freddy Guinyard
26710036Pre-interview with Bill Hackett
26810037Pre-interview with John Handcox
26910039Pre-interview with Merle Hanson
27010040Pre-interview with Henry Hartman
27110041Pre-interview with Martin Hayden
27210043Pre-interview with George Hefferan
27510046Pre-interview with Charles Loston
27910051Pre-interview with Vunice Barrow High
28010052Pre-interview with Joan Hoff-Wilson
28110053Pre-interview with Ruth Hollis
28210054Pre-interview with John Howard
28410056Pre-interview with Ms. Juanita Jackson-Mitchell
28510057Pre-interview with Juanita Jackson Mitchell
28610058Pre-interview with Gaynor Jackson
28810060Pre-interview with Rev. John Johnson
29010062Pre-interview with Mr. John Johnson Jr.
29110063Pre-interview with Larry Jones
29210064Pre-interview with John Lee Kelley
29310065Pre-interview with George Kimbley
29410066Pre-interview with Ida Klaus
29510067Pre-interview with Hunter Kimbrog
29610068Pre-interview with Lucien Koch
29710069Pre-interview with Sam Lacey
29810070Pre-interview with Clara Larson
29910071Pre-interview with Trude Lash
30010072Pre-interview with Samuel Latwin
30110074Pre-interview with George McClanahan
30210075Pre-interview with Thomas Maagher
30410077Pre-interveiw with A.B. Magil
30810081Pre-interview with Julia Mallet
30910082Pre-interview with Laura Margolis
31010083Pre-interview with Casita Maria
31110084Pre-interview with Alice Marquis
31210086Pre-interview with Joe Mason
31310087Pre-interview with Edna Mattox
31410088Pre-interview with Mrs. Vernon May
31510089Pre-interview with Nancy Medearis
31610090Pre-interview with Sophie Millburn Gershon
31810092Pre-interview with Louisa Hertz Leopold
31910093Pre-interview with Jim Leslie
32010094Pre-interview with Harold Lewis
32110095Pre-interview with Hugh Lewis
32210096Pre-interview with Reisl Loeb
32310098Pre-interview with Michael Molinari
32410099Pre-interview with Pete Moll
32610101Pre-interview with Dave Moore
32710102Pre-interview with Queen Mother Moore
32810103Pre-interview with Henry Morgentiau
32910104Pre-interview with Ruth Ring Morgan
33010105Pre-interview with Warren Moscow
33110106Pre-interview with Charlie Motton
33210107Pre-interview with Regina Mrkonich
33310108Pre-interview with Evelyn Munro
33510110Pre-interview with Sam Mitchell
33610111Pre-interview with Greg Mitchell
33710112Pre-interview with Edwin Mitchell
33810113Pre-interview with George Mills
34110303Pre-interview with G.V. Wright
34210304Pre-interview with Ora Mahomes
34310315Pre-interview with Tom Gary
34410317Pre-interview with Mr. Carl Kelly
34510335Pre-interview with Alma Bell Scott
34610338Pre-interview with Manrice Rowe
34710339Pre-interview with Betty Shrinkman
34810340Pre-interview with Ben Hicks
34910341Pre-interview with Quentin & Betty Palmer
35010342Pre-interview with Acie Baxley
35110376Pre-interview with Louise Griffen
35210379Pre-interview with Velma Allen
35310381Pre-interview with Ruth Linville
35410382Pre-interview with Cora Lee Campbell
35510385Pre-interview with Frank Edwards
35710392Pre-interview with Katherine Dodson
35910398Pre-interview with Paul Ryan
36010399Pre-interview with Evonne Mills & Ben Moore
36110403Pre-interview with William M. Haller
36210404Pre-interview with Marian Fernandes
36310406Pre-interview with Louise Fitzgarrald
36410407Pre-interview with Mrs. Packer
36510408Pre-interview with Eileen Schiavone
36610410Pre-interview with George McDonald
36710411Pre-interview with Richard Stnut
36810412Pre-interview with John Doucette
36910413Pre-interview with Elijah Williams
37010432Pre-interview with Lorraine T. Johnson
37110437Pre-interview with Charles Hushka
37210448Pre-interview with William Taggat
37310456Pre-interview with Naomi Franke
37410458Pre-interview with Leo Nichols
37510459Pre-interview with John Balcikonas
37610460Pre-interview with Thomas Reifsnyder
37710461Pre-interview with Anna May Krammer
37810463Pre-interview with Betsy Anspach
37910464Pre-interview with Caldwells
38010466Pre-interview with Dominick Greco
38110467Pre-interview with Leonard Kelly
38210468Pre-interview with Pearl Guile
38310471Pre-interview with Von Sevearingen
38410472Pre-interview with Abraham Wolf
38510473Pre-interview with Newly Breland
38610474Pre-interview with Mr. Carroll O'Neill
38710475Pre-interview with Rena & Mr. English
38910489Pre-interview with Gert Geisler
39010490Pre-interview with Richard A. Grant
39110491Pre-interview with Leo Hurwitz
39210492Pre-interview with Clifford Schever
39310493Pre-interview with Henry Ervin
39410494Pre-interview with Jacob Lawrence
39510610Pre-interview with Joseph Harsch
39710612Pre-interview with Bob Hauser
40010615Pre-interview with Dean McHerny
40110616Pre-interview with Nancy Neal
40410619Pre-interview with Morris Novik
40510620Pre-interview with Muriel Outlaw
40610622Pre-interview with Ward Rogers
40710623Pre-interview with Harold Ruttenberg
41210628Pre-interview with Frank Tax
41410230Pre-interview with Jack Deers
41510231Pre-interview with George Hardisty
41610232Pre-interview with Elizabeth Wickenden
41710233Pre-interview with Arthur Goldschmidt
41810234Pre-interview with Mary Norton
42110244Pre-interview with Bernard Bellush
42210246Pre-interview with Conchetta Riccadono, Edna Marano, Rose Sparaco
42310253Pre-interview with Mary Gale
42510256Pre-interview with Edna Marano
42610257Pre-interview with Rose Spanaco
42710259Pre-interview with Francis Rabbizlo
42810260Pre-interview with Mary Panzini
42910270Pre-interview with Vincenza Lomolino
43010258Pre-interview with Fanny Tempesta
43110261Pre-interview with Angelina Diana
43210272Pre-interview with Rose DiAngelo
43310276Pre-interview with David Burd
43410277Pre-interview with Pat Brown
43510279Pre-interview with Philip Dunne
43610280Pre-interview with Ruben Munguie
43710281Pre-interview with Maurey Mavende Jr.
43810283Pre-interview with Sam Yorty
43910284Pre-interview with Paul Jarnco
44010287Pre-interview with Mary Borg
44110288Pre-interview with Kay Burtz
44210289Pre-interview with Robert and Suzie Clifton
44510119Pre-interview with George Nicholson
44810130Pre-interview with Grace Paley
44910133Pre-interview with Linda Pate
45010137Pre-interview with Conor Patman
45110139Pre-interview with Elizabeth Payne
45210142Pre-interview with Ethel Payne
45310574Pre-interview with Harold Ohlendorf
45510576Pre-interview with Edmond Belton
45610577Pre-interview with Vera Ellis
45710578Pre-interview with Cora Harrell
45810580Pre-interview with Eula Morrison
45910581Pre-interview with Alger Hiss
46010579Pre-interview with Georgia Edens
46110582Pre-interview with John Stephens
46910603Pre-interview with Gwendylim Edwards
47210607Pre-interview with Charles D Floyd
47410609Pre-interview with Raymond Haight
47710122Pre-interview with Wendell Phillips
47810123Pre-interview with Beulah Pinkney
47910124Pre-interview with Russell Pisle Sr.
48010125Pre-interview with Helen Piwkowska
48210126Pre-interview with Sam Pomerantz
483567Interview with John Pompanine
48410127Pre-interview with Dan Portis
48510132Pre-interview with Shirley Pouich
48710134Pre-interview with Virginia Pullen
4881400Pre-interview with Joseph Rauh
48910136Pre-interview with George Reindel
49110141Pre-interview with Victor Reuther
49510143Pre-interview with Lillian Rogers Parks
49710145Pre-interview with Curtis Roosevelt
49910147Pre-interview with Billy Rowe
50110149Pre-interview with Mildred Bond Rox Borough
50210150Pre-interview with John Schast
50310151Pre-interview with Henry Schwarzschild
50410152Pre-interview with Samuel Schweeweiss
50510153Pre-interview with Dr. Roland Scott
50710155Pre-interview with Neil Shine
50810158Pre-interview with Jennie Silverman
50910159Pre-interview with Lloyd Simpkins
51010160Pre-interview with Jimmy Skye
51110161Pre-interview with Reverend Asbury Smith
51210162Pre-interview with Rev. Asbury Smith
51310163Pre-interview with Marvin Smith
51410164Pre-interview with Melinda Smith
51510175Pre-interview with Emily Sullivan
51610174Pre-interview with Rebecca Stubbs
51710173Pre-interview with George Stoney
51810172Pre-interview with Myrtle Stone
51910171Pre-interview with Olivia Pearl Stokes
52010170Pre-interview with George Stith
52110169Pre-interview with Manny Steen
52210168Pre-interview with Guildo Spadoni
52310167Pre-interview with Alvin Soloman
52410166Pre-interview with Wayne Smith
52510165Pre-interview with Ray Smith
52710176Pre-interview with Hays Sullivan
52810177Pre-interview with Shelton Tappes
52910187Pre-interview with Wilbur J. Tolman
531665Interview with Maggie Taylor
53210180Pre-interview with Tenayuca Emma
53810185Pre-interview with Viola Scott Thomas
53910187Pre-interview with Wilbur J. Tolman
54210189Pre-interview with Ira Twist
54310190Pre-interview with John F. Twist
54410191Pre-interview with Joseph Tydings
54510197Pre-interview with Gus Tyler
54610198Pre-interview with A. Vallner
54710199Pre-interview with Jane White-Viazzi
54810201Pre-interview with Mr. V.A Vine
54910202Pre-interview with Louise Sayles-Ball
55010203Pre-interview with Robert F. Wanger Jr.
55110204Pre-interview with Wallerstien
55210205Pre-interview with Charles Walls Jr.
55310206Pre-interview with H. Lee Waters
554880Interview with Robert Weaver
55510207Pre-interview with Robert Weaver
55710209Pre-interview with Molly West
55810210Pre-interview with Moatn Westin
55910211Pre-interview with Keturah Whitehurst
56110212Pre-interview with Patricia Kelly wright
56210213Pre-interview with Mrs. Wilkins
56310214Pre-interview with Frank Wilkinson
56410215Pre-interview with Williams
56510216Pre-interview with Archie Williams
56710217Pre-interview with Miller Williams
56810218Pre-interview with Tiny Willis
56910219Pre-interview with John C. Wilson
57010222Pre-interview with John Winslett
57110223Pre-interview with LaVonne Woffington
57210224Pre-interview with Molly Yard
57410225Pre-interview with Robert Young
57510226Pre-interview with Norma Jean Young
57610227Pre-interview with Vivian Young
57710228Pre-interview with Virgil Davis
57810229Pre-interview with Hannah Zwang
58010235Pre-interview with Lula Belle Hollis
58110236Pre-interview with Dwight Leonard
58210237Pre-interview with Andy Counts
58310238Pre-interview with John McIntire
58410239Pre-interview with Dudley Webb
58510240Pre-interview with G.W. McClanahan
58710247Pre-interview with Mrs. Frank Wills
58810248Pre-interview With John Fieser
58910249Pre-interview with Bennie Burkett
59010250Pre-interview with Marion Stroud
59110254Pre-interview with Dr. Ferguson
59210262Pre-interview with Bernice Dismue
59310263Pre-interview with Gettes Freeman
59410264Pre-interview with Peter Johnson
59510265Pre-interview with Bob Pugh
59610266Pre-interview with Anne Saunders Holloway
59710267Pre-interview with Hunter Holloway
59810268Pre-interview with Marvin King
59910271Pre-interview with A.J. Harris
60010273Pre-interview with Simmie Davenport
60110275Pre-interview with Leslie Anderson
60210278Pre-interview with Robert Hindman
60410282Pre-interview with Lillie Mullins
60510285Pre-interview with Hazel Armstrong
60610286Pre-interview with Dr. Bryan Futrell
60710290Pre-interview with Dr. William
60810292Pre-interview with Dorothy Bates
61010294Pre-interview with Essie Cannon
61210305Pre-interview with Rebecca Carroll
61310306Pre-interview with Bishop Edward Carroll
61610310Pre-interview with Andrew Tumipseed
61710311Pre-interview with John Woodruff, Sr
61810313Pre-interview with Alice Oster
61910314Pre-interview with Jane Kirbel
62110318Pre-interview with Jules Wallerstien
62210319Pre-interview with Adele Holden
62310320Pre-interview with Omega Frazier
62410321Pre-interview with Ada Frazier Armstead
62510322Pre-interview with William B. Dorsey
62610324Pre-interview with Modjeska Simkins
62710325Pre-interview with Calvin Kiah and Virginia Jackson Kiah
63010328Pre-interview with Virginia Jackson Kiah
63110330Pre-interview with Leonard
63210331Pre-interview with Norma, Depaur
63310332Pre-interview with John Woodruff
63510346Pre-interview with Joseph Mastriano
63610347Pre-interview with Allan W. Rossel
63810349Pre-interview with Joe Janos
64110352Pre-interview with Emma Treadwell
64210353Pre-interview with Johnny McWilliams
64310354Pre-interview with Robert Riley
64410356Pre-interview with Levy Cliton
64510357Pre-interview with Steve Trawick
64610359Pre-interview with Charles Cooper
64710360Pre-interview with Lommie Lane
64810361Pre-interview with Theresa Strutz
64910378Pre-interview with Herman Herst
65010377Pre-interview with Woody Hartman
65110375Pre-interview with Roland, Hartman
65610370Pre-interview with Clarice Adams Davis
65710368Pre-interview with Chalotte Avidon
65810366Pre-interview with George
66010362Pre-interview with Alston Purvis
66110383Pre-interview with Walter
66210384Pre-interview with Marrie Geppinger
66310386Pre-interview with Ralph Boone
66410388Pre-interview with Eva Myers
66510390Pre-interview with Joel Anderson
66610391Pre-interview with David McCarthy
66710401Pre-interview with Mr. & Mrs. Ashley
66810402Pre-interview with Dorthea Moore
66910405Pre-interview with Henry G. Schroen
67010409Pre-interview with Arthur Herman
67110414Pre-interview with Wilbur Boi
67210415Pre-interview with Paul Helwick
67310417Pre-interview with Dixie Blake
67410418Pre-interview with Lorna Wessel
67610421Pre-interview with William Brosler
67710422Pre-interview with Dwight Hostedler
67810423Pre-interview with Annabelle
67910424Pre-interview with Haffenreffer
68010425Pre-interview with Lynn Snoddy
68110426Pre-interview with Edna Solheim
68210427Pre-interview with Thelma Whalley
68310429Pre-interview with Gilmore Carter
68410430Pre-interview with Buford Elton Mcmillian
68510431Pre-interview with Raymond Mcmureo
68610433Pre-interview with Rev. Louis E. Watson
68710435Pre-interview with Leo Rau
68910439Pre-interview with Frank W. Buckles
6901440Pre-interview with Lucy Montgomery
69110441Pre-interview with Dr. Palmera Glickler
69210442Pre-interview with Kleiheinz
69310443Pre-interview with Phillip Schaff
69410444Pre-interview with Glays Simmons
69510445Pre-interview with Ethel Kelly Davis
69610447Pre-interview with Ernest P. West
69710450Pre-interview with Eleanor Brown
69810451Pre-interview with Mabel Boisclair
69910452Pre-interview with Ej Neidemier
70110454Pre-interview with Mary Francke
70210449Pre-interview with Sylvia Kackle
70310455Pre-interview with Josephine Cowan
70410457Pre-interview with Paul Charette
70510462Pre-interview with Cosimo Minardo
70710469Pre-interview with Chris Alston
70810470Pre-interview with Katherine Cushman
70910495Pre-interview with Ed Cushman
71010496Pre-interview with Margaret Nowak
71110497Pre-interview with Stanley and Margaret
71210498Pre-interview with Sam Gesko
71310499Pre-interview with Joseph Franchini
71410500Pre-interview with Francis Anne Bryant
71510501Pre-interview with Doug Fraser
71610502Pre-interview with Horris Sheffield
71710503Pre-interview with Bruce Simpson
71910514Pre-interview with Martha Kent
72010515Pre-interview with Bill Kent
72210517Pre-interview with Elsie Shrock
72310518Pre-interview with Mary Church
72410519Pre-interview with Helen Rambom
72510520Pre-interview with Virginia Nicoll
72710522Pre-interview with Florence Diamond
72910524Pre-interview with Bernice Brown
73010525Pre-interview with Marion Sargent
73110526Pre-interview with George Brooks
73310528Pre-interview with Rose Boganovich
73410529Pre-interview with Vick Starr
73510530Pre-interview with Studs Terkel
73610532Pre-interview with Edith Villastrego
73710533Pre-interview with Benedict Wolfe
73810551Pre-interview with Lva Balsamas
73910552Pre-interview with Concetla Messina
74010553Pre-interview with Pauline Adler
74110554Pre-interview with Jenny Neci
74210555Pre-interview with Lena Eldem
74310556Pre-interview with Sal Jaffe
74410557Pre-interview with Lena Barbier
74510558Pre-interview with Josephine Morale
74610559Pre-interview with Bernard Proceder
74710562Pre-interview with Viola Bunn
74810563Pre-interview with Rose Abbott
74910564Pre-interview with Pauline Lombardo
75010565Pre-interview with Walter Olson
75110566Pre-interview with Patrick Heatey
75310568Pre-interview with Robert Reed
75410569Pre-interview with Nancy Pinzone
75510570Pre-interview with George Fisher
75610571Pre-interview with Robert Delaney
75710572Pre-interview with D. C. Griffin
75910639Pre-interview with Mrs. Trude Lush
764118Interview with Anna Kruchen, Jerry Gawura, and Stella Brown
7721007Interview with Victor Reuther
78010128Pre-interview with Mort Newman
7811028Interview with Wendell Miller
7859407Pre-interview with Joe Perriello
790778Interview with Ossie Davis
7919951Pre-interview with Frank Angelo
794408Interview with Hamilton Fish
795323Interview with Elsie Trimble
79613933Interview with Paul Boatin
798346Interview with Floy Murrah
79910078Pre-interview with Ora Mahomes
80110099Pre-interview with Pete Moll
81010181Pre-interview with Emma Tenayuca
81710348Pre-interview with Long Atkinson
8261636Pre-interview with Walter Headley
8271639Pre-interview with Ward Grimes
8281606Pre-interview with Susie Clifton
8291471Pre-interview with Melvin Gladden
8301485Pre-interview with Mr. Mannes
8311486Pre-interview with Mr. McMillian
8321487Pre-interview with Mrs. Stein
8331563Pre-interview with Robert Clifton
8341573Pre-interview with Robert Schnitzer
8351187Pre-interview with David Tatsuno
8369949Pre-interview wtih Robert Anderson
8379957Pre-interview with Mario Bauza
83810620Pre-interview with Muriel Outlaw
8399950Pre-interview with St. Claire Bourne
8409972Pre-interview with Paul Boatin
84110205Pre-interview with Charles Walls Jr.
8429987Pre-interview with Mack Crow

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