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Title No: 5634

Title: Civil War, The

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Date: c1963 (Release)

Original Summary:
"This is a series of films covering the American Civil War."--Audiovisual Materials Catalog 2002-2007 by Audiovisual Services of St. Louis Public Schools.

Part 1: Background issues, 1820-1860 -- Part 2: The first two years -- Part 3: 1863-1865 -- Part 4: Postwar years.

Part 1: In 1820, the U.S. has entered an era of good feeling, a time of growing pride and unity. But profound economic and social changes, abolitionist activity, and 40 years of territorial expansion have heightened tension over slavery, produced outbreaks of violence, and split political parties. The Dred Scott decision inflames the North, Lincoln's election threatens the South, and years of repeated compromise come to an end as South Carolina acts on the threat to secede -- Part 2: Uses a combination of authentic prints, photographs, and reenactments to present an overview of the first two years of the Civil War. Clarifies the military objectives and strategies of both North and South, shows battles won by each, and presents Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation -- Part 3: Analyzes the positions of the North and South midway in the Civil War, following the course of the conflict up to the assassination of President Lincoln. Uses dramatic re-enactments, combined with historical photographs and prints to trace the key events, including the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Lookout Mountain, Sherman's march to the sea, and Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse -- Part 4: Uses historical materials combined with live-action scenes to clarify problems faced by the Nation following the Civil War. Analyzes the period as years of crisis, bitterness, and lack of understanding. Discusses the conflict between the conservative President Johnson and the radical Congress, the carpetbag legislation and reconstruction, and the birth of protest groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 1 hr 20 min 

Genres: Documentary; Educational

Subjects: United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)

Distribution CompanyCoronet Instructional Films
Distribution CompanySimon and Schuster, Inc. Audio and Video Publishing Division
Source of MaterialSt. Louis Public Schools (Saint Louis, Mo.)

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