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Title No: 5068

Title: Documenting the civil rights movement: an exhibition

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Photograph; Paper

Date: Sep  2006  - 13 Mar  2007 

Original Summary:
An exhibition on the making of Eyes on the Prize I and II,  organized and assembled for the special collections display cases in Olin Library. The exhibition included photos, transcripts, posters, film cans and reels, moviescope, and text cards.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

CuratorWashington University Libraries' Film and Media Archive

Items x0

Contents x34

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
25070Vietnam: A History
35071To bear witness
45072Voices of Freedom: An oral history of the civil rights movement from the 1950's through the 1980's
55073Eyes on the Prize civil rights reader
65086Marian Wright Edelman and Henry Hampton
75096Henry Hampton interviewing William B. Huie
85099Henry Hampton and G. Robert Hohler marching in Selma, Alabama on the day of James Reeb's memorial service.
95100"America, They Loved You Madly" poster design
105101Henry Hampton with Blackside colleagues
115103Portrait of Henry Hampton
125104Four young demonstrators arrested at an anti-segregation protest in Albany, Georgia
135105H. Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael
145106Malcolm X addresses a rally in Harlem
155107Henry Hampton editing film
165108Martin Luther King reading a newspaper
175109Frame enlargement from an interview with Unita Blackwell
185110Frame enlargement from an interview with Dave Dennis
195114"Civil rights chronicler eulogized" headline
205116Portrait of Henry Hampton
215119Frame enlargement from an interview with Fred Leonard.
235131Eyes on the prize: America's civil rights years (1954-1965) poster
245132Eyes on the prize II: America at the racial crossroads (1965-1985) poster
255204George Foster Peabody Award medallion
265140Reverend C.T. Vivian leads prayer session in front of Dallas County, Alabama courthouse, Sheriff Jim Clark in 1965.
275151Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abernathy in Montgomery, Alabama, 1958
285130Demonstrators protest during the garbage-workers' strike, Memphis, 1968
294745Fannie Lou Hamer testifies at Democratic National Convention Credentials Committee.
305133Little Rock Nine enter Central High School escorted by troops from the 101st Airborne Division, September 1957.
315136Julian Bond
325149Medgar Evers demonstrates against brutality in Jackson, Mississippi.
334753Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. struck by a rock during a demonstration in Chicago.
345420Mamie Till and Emmett Till
355129Documenting the civil rights movement exhibition cards
366910Fred Hampton delivering a speech at a rally

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