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Title No: 4601

Title: I'll make me a world [audio]

Medium: Audio

Original Medium: Recorded Sound

Original Summary:
Sound effects, elements, and music for" I'll make me a world."

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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19866Off the Record Music Services
29867We Insist! Max Roach (Freedom now Suite)
311908Pre-interview with Geri Allen
411909Pre-interview with Vernel Bagnaris
511910Pre-interview with Ras Baraka
611911Pre-interview with Mildred Baker
711912Pre-interview with Camille Billops
811913Pre-interview with Nora Blakely
911914Pre-interview with Blanchard
1011915Pre-interview with St. Clair Bourne
1111916Pre-interview Pearl Bowser
1211917Pre-interview with Charles Broxton
1311918Pre-interview with Delores Brown Abelson
1411919Pre-interview with Lloyd Brown
1511920Pre-interview with Oscar Brown Jr.
1611921Pre-interview with Cheryl Bruce
1711922Pre-interview with Wendall Brumious
1811923Pre-interview with Ed Bullins
1911924Pre-interview with Ann Charters
2011925Pre-interview with Debra Martin Chase
2111926Pre-interview with Ed Clark
2211927Pre-interview wThomas Cripps
2311928Pre-interview with Stanley Crouch
2411929Pre-interview with Tanayi Seabrook
2511930Pre-interview with Sean Curran
2611931Pre-interview with Julie Dash
2711932Pre-interview with Jeff Donaldson
2811933Pre-interview with Jennifer Dunning
2911934Pre-interview with Fab Five Freddie
3011935Pre-interview with Reggie Gammon
3111936Pre-interview Nikki Giovanni
3211937Pre-interview with Bill Greaves
3311938Pre-interview with Vta Hagen
3411939Pre-interview with David Hammons
3511940Pre-interview with Wynn Handman
3611941Pre-interview with Roy Hargrove
3711942Pre-interview with Daphne Harrison
3811943Pre-interview with Jimmy Heath
3911944Pre-interview with Riva Helfond
4011945Pre-interview with Robert Hemenway
4111946Pre-interview with Barkley Hendricks
4211947Pre-interview with Nat Hentoff
4311948Pre-interview with George Hines
4411949Pre-interview with Milt Jackson
4511950Pre-interview with Joseph Jarmon
4611951Pre-interview with Joe Johnson
4711952Pre-interview with Virginia Johnson
4811953Pre-interview with Bill T. Jones
4911954Pre-interview with Leroy Jones
5011955Pre-interview with Rodney Kendrick
5111956Pre-interview with Woodie King
5211957Pre-interview with Maxine Hong Kingston
5311958Pre-interview with Gwendolyn Kinight
5411959Pre-interview with Abbey Lincoln
5511960Pre-interview with Keith Lockhart
5611961Pre-interview with Christian McBride
5711962Pre-interview with Diane McIntyre
5811963Pre-interview with Pat McNees
5911964Pre-interview with Jay McShann
6011966Pre-interview with Clarence Major
6111967Pre-interview with Ellis Marsalis
6211968Pre-interview with Kerry Marshall
6311969Pre-interview with Richard Mayhew
6411970Pre-interview with Bebe Miller
6511971Pre-interview with Dan Morganstern
6611972Pre-interview with Archie Motley
6711973Pre-interview with Tillie Olsen
6811974Pre-interview with Suzan Lori Parks
6911975Pre-interview with Danilo Perez
7011976Pre-interview with Kevin Powell
7111977Pre-interview with Joshua Redman
7211978Pre-interview with Ismael Reed
7311979Pre-interview with Faith Ringgold
7411980Pre-interview with Sam Rivers
7511981Pre-interview with Carmencita Romero
7611982Pre-interview with Helen Rosen
7711983Pre-interview with Tony Russo
7811984Pre-interview with Enid Sanchez
7911985Pre-interview with Sonia Sanchez
8011986Pre-interview with Stephen Schitt
8111987Pre-interview with Norman Schonfeld
8211988Pre-interview with Eric Ledell Smith
8311989Pre-interview with Marvin Smith
8411990Pre-interview with Gloria Stenem
8511991Pre-interview with Jack Stewart
8611992Pre-interview with Sekou Sundiata
8711993Pre-interview with Billy Taylor
8811994Pre-interview with Clyde Taylor
8911995Pre-interview with Ashia Toure
9011996Pre-interview with Quincy Troupe
9111998Pre-interview with Melvin Van Peebles
9211999Pre-interview with Kara Walker
9312000Pre-interview with Michelle Wallace
9412001Pre-interview with Douglas Turner Ward
9512002Pre-interview with Francis Ward
9612003Pre-interview with Armond White
9712004Pre-interview with Raven Wilkinson
9812005Pre-interview with Saul Williams
9912006Pre-interview with Judith Wilson
10012007Pre-interview with Victor Wooten
10112008Pre-interview with Jawule Zollar
10212009Pre-interview with Joe Murangi
10312010Pre-interview with Jimmy Mazzy
10412011Pre-interview with Nicholas Payton
10512012Pre-interview with Jacques Gauthe
10612013Pre-interview with Howardena Pindell
10712014Pre-interview with David Driscoll
10812015Pre-interview with Dudley Randall
10912016Pre-interview with Francis Ward
11012017Pre-interview with Barbara Chase-Riboud
11112018Pre-interview with Gene Young
11212020Pre-interview with Monty Ross
11312019Pre-interview with Martha Tucker
11412021Pre-interview with Chris Albertson
11512023Interview with Amiri Baraka
11912027Interview with Lloyd Brown
12312031Interview with Jacques d'Amboise
12412032Interview with Ossie Davis
12912037Interview with Riva Helfond
13212040Interview with Bill T. Jones
13712045Interview with Arthur Mitchell
14012048Interview with Bernice Johnson Reagon
14212050Interview with Charlene Regester
14512053Interview with Marcus Roberts
14612054Interview with Helen Rosen
14712055Interview with Tony Russo
15012058Interview with Norman Schofield
15212060Interview with Gloria Steiner
15812066Pre-interview with Ben Vereen
16012068Interview with Kara Walker
16212070Interview with Cornell West
17112079Not for public viewing
17312081Interview with Knight Gwendolyn
18212090Interview with Cheryl Bruce
19212100Interview with Marian McPartland
19412102Interview with Chuck D.
19812106Judith Jamison on the Connection
19912107Henry Louis Gates: The black renaissance
20012108Paul Robeson
20112109The negro writer in America
20212110Weary Billies with Langston Hughes, Charles Mingus and Leonard Feather
20312111I'll make me a world show 5
20412112I'll make me a world show five
20512113I'll Make me a world show five
20612114I'll make me a world show 5
20712115These days with Dan Erwine
20812116I'll make me a world show one
20912117I'll make me a world music
21112119Not for public viewing
21212120Not for public viewing
21412122Not for public viewing
21512123Not for public viewing
21612124Not for public viewing
21712125Not for public viewing
21812126Not for public viewing
21912128I'll make me a world show one
22012129I'll make me a world show 1-2
22112130I'll make me a world show 2
22212131I'll make me a world
22312132I'll make me a world
22412133I'll make me a world
22512134Team 6 fine cut
22812137Urban league interview
22912138Interview with Aminah McCloud
23012139I'll make me a world music
23112140Assembly discussion
23212141Rough cut screening
23312142Final discussion
23412143I'll make me A world discussion
23512144Interview with Lyle Ashton Harris
23612145Interview with Carrie Mae Weems
23712146Arts school closing panel
23812147Arts school opening panel
23912148Panel four film theatre and dance
24012149Arts school panel five visual arts
24112150Arts School panel five and six great black music
24212151Arts advisors meeting
24312152Arts advisors meeting
24412153Show three meeting
24512154Assembly screening discussion
24612155Assembly screening discussion
24712156Arts advisors meeting
24812157Robeson songs
24912158Robeson Songs
25012159Robeson and Gillespie song
25112160Louis Jordan song
25212161Gillespie song
25312162Ballet - La Gioconda
25412163Music for Romare Beardon
25512164Not for public viewing
25613982Not for public viewing
25713980Not for public viewing
25913960Not for public viewing
26013978Not for public viewing
26113993Not for public viewing
26213989Not for public viewing
26513995Not for public viewing
26613994Not for public viewing
26712079Not for public viewing
26813980Not for public viewing
26914001Not for public viewing
27013999Not for public viewing
27311030Interview with Nicholas Payton
274401Interview with Gunther Schuller
275304Interview with Edmund Barry Gaither
276304Interview with Edmund Barry Gaither
277578Interview with Joseph Johnson
278651Interview with Lloyd Richards
279438Interview with Herbert Gentry
28012055Interview with Tony Russo
281170Interview with Billy Taylor
282716Interview with Melvin Van Peebles
283824Interview with Raven Wilkinson
284141Interview with August Wilson
285955Interview with Spike Lee
286373Interview with Gene Young
287566Interview with John Pierson
288163Interview with Betye Saar
289595Interview with June Jordan
290989Interview with Tommy Hicks
291386Interview with Gloria Naylor
292929Interview with Saul Williams
293929Interview with Saul Williams
294521Interview with Jessica Care-Moore
295521Interview with Jessica Care-Moore
296407Interview with Haki Madhubuti
297892Interview with Ron Milner
298405Interview with Gwendolyn Brooks
299951Interview with Sonia Sanchez
300468Interview with Ishmael Reed
301207Interview with Cheryl A. Wall
30291Interview with Alice Walker
30391Interview with Alice Walker
304337Interview with Faith Ringgold
3051058Interview with Wynn Handman
306930Interview with Sean Curran
30711031Interview with Clyde Taylor
308641Interview with Lerone Bennett, Jr.
309611Interview with Kellie Jones
31011022Interview with Gerald Early
3111059Interview with Wynton Marsalis
312618Interview with Koko Taylor
313757Interview with Nat Hentoff
314544Interview with John Edgar Wideman
315615Interview with Kerry James Marshall
316955Interview with Spike Lee
31711032Interview with George Wolfe
31811032Interview with George Wolfe
319269Interview with Dianne McIntyre
32012102Interview with Chuck D.
321706Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston
322701Interview with Marcia Tucker
323764Interview with Nora Brooks Blakely
32415119Interviews with Kerry James Marshall and Cheryl Bruce
32515119Interviews with Kerry James Marshall and Cheryl Bruce
32615056Not for public viewing
32715056Not for public viewing
328177Interview with Brenda Dixon Gottschild
3291015Interview with Virginia Johnson
330257Interview with Delores Browne
331257Interview with Delores Browne
332316Interview with Elizabeth Catlett
3339936Black America - a better life?
33412120Not for public viewing

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5439I'll Make Me A World [production]