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Title No: 4195

Title: Eyes on the prize II [interviews]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Video

Original Summary:
Includes filmed interviews and pre-interviews conducted over the telephone for "Eyes on the prize II: America at the racial crossroads 1965-1985."

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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Contents x556

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
24419Interview with James L. Bevel
33590Pre-interview with Mary F. Berry
43591Pre-interview with Peter Bailey
51261Pre-interview with Fred Harris
61262Pre-interview with Fred Nauman
91266Pre-interview with George Berry
101268Pre-interview with George Clements
111271Pre-interview with George Romney
121272Pre-interview with George Whitfield
131273Pre-interview with Georgia Ayers
141274Pre-interview with Geraldine Roberts
151275Pre-interview with Geraldine Williams
161276Pre-interview with Gloster Current
1763Pre-interview with Carl Anderson
1885Pre-interview with Albert Turner
1988Interview with Alex Haley
20112Interview with Reverend Andrew Young
21154Interview with Bernard LaFayette
22161Interview with Betty Shabazz
23224Interview with Coretta Scott King
24241Interview with Daniel Schorr
25303Interview with Ed Marciniak
27344Interview with Floyd McKissick
28353Interview with Frank Smith
29423Interview with Harry McPherson
30516Interview with Jerred Blanchard
31558Interview with John Lewis
32673Interview with Marian Logan
33676Interview with Marian Wright Edelman
34729Interview with Mike Wallace
35800Interview with A. Peter Bailey
36819Interview with Reverend Ralph Abernathy
37886Interview with Roger Wilkins
38967Interview with Stokely Carmichael
39976Interview with Thomas Atkins
40996Interview with Tracy Amalfitano
411083Pre-interview with Adeyami Bandele
421085Pre-interview with Aileen Crowder
431093Pre-interview with Al Dunmore
441094Pre-interview with Alfred Babbington Johnson
471101Pre-interview with Angela Davis
481102Pre-interview with Angelo Dundee
491110Pre-interview with Art Cummings
501111Pre-interview with Arthur Eskew
511112Pre-interview with Arthur Eve
521117Pre-interview with Barbara Faith
531124Pre-interview with Bernard Lee
541132Pre-interview with Bob Dentler
551147Pre-interview with Cecile Counts
561148Pre-interview with Charles Butts
581152Pre-interview with Charles Evers
591159Pre-interview with Clarence Jones
601163Pre-interview with Clay Evans
611178Pre-interview with Dan Aldridge
621205Pre-interview with Dorothy Cotton
631207Pre-interview with Drew Days
641221Pre-interview with Ed Brown
651223Pre-interview with Ed Marciniak
661229Pre-interview with Elaine Brown
671236Pre-interview with Emma Darnell
681238Pre-interview with Emory Douglas
691251Pre-interview with Frank "Big Black" Smith
701258Pre-interview with Fred Black
711278Pre-interview with Grace Lee Boggs
721283Pre-interview with Haki Madhubuti
731285Pre-interview with Hank Adams
741290Pre-interview with Harry Belafonte
751294Pre-interview with Harry McPherson
761297Pre-interview with Harry Wachtel
771311Pre-interview with Herman Blake
781314Pre-interview with Herschelle Challenor
791318Pre-interview with Hodding Carter III
801346Pre-interview with James L. Bevel
811350Pre-interview with James Moore
821351Pre-interview with James Orange
831354Pre-interview with Jamil Al-Amin
841373Pre-interview with John Doar
851374Pre-interview with John Dunne
861381Pre-interview with John Lewis
871392Pre-interview with JoNina Abron
881412Pre-interview with Kathy Stapleton
891413Pre-interview with Kenneth Cockrel
901417Pre-interview with Lawrence Guyot
911421Pre-interview with Leonard Chabala
921422Pre-interview with Leon Atchison
931423Pre-interview with Leon Dupres
941427Pre-interview with Jitu Weusi
951440Pre-interview with Lucy Montgomery
961455Pre-interview with Marian Logan
971456Pre-interview with Marian Wright Edelman
981457Pre-interview with Mario Fantini
991459Pre-interview with Marva Brooks
1001460Pre-interview with Marvin Chernoff
1011461Pre-interview with Mary Binda
1021478Pre-interview with Mike Wallace
1031482Pre-interview with Minnie Dunlap
1041492Pre-interview with Nicholas deB (Nicholas deBelleville) Katzenbach
1051504Pre-interview with Patrick Chavis
1061506Pre-interview with Paul Capeless
1071507Pre-interview with Paul Chandler
1081508Pre-interview with Paul Coates
1091512Pre-interview with Pearlie Evans
1101519Pre-interview with Phyllis Ellison
1111527Pre-interview with Ramsey Clark
1121536Pre-interview with Reverend Charles Cobb
1131551Pre-interview with Richard Hatcher
1141558Pre-interview with Richmond Flowers
1151564Pre-interview with Robert Cunningham
1161566Pre-interview with Robert Curtiss
1171577Pre-interview with Robert Zellner
1181582Pre-interview with Rosie Simpson
1191584Pre-interview with Ross Beatty
1201585Pre-interview with Roxanne Jones
1211589Pre-interview with Ruth Batson
1221591Pre-interview with Sandra Feldman
1231602Pre-interview with Walter "Slim" Coleman
1241612Pre-interview with Theresa Del Pozzo
1261618Pre-interview with Tom Cordy
1281630Pre-interview with Vincent Browne
1291631Pre-interview with Vincent Hardings
1301635Pre-interview with Walter Fauntroy
1311647Pre-interview with William Evans
1321662Pre-interview with Willie Brown
1334402Pre-interview with Ralph Abernathy
1344403Pre-interview with Thomas Atkins
1354463Pre-interview with Bernard LaFayette
1364619Pre-interview with Daniel Schorr
1395723Pre-interview with Richard Hatcher
1405724Pre-interview with Richard Hatcher
1415725Pre-interview with Richard Hatcher
14895Interview with Alan Lupo
1491102Pre-interview with Angelo Dundee
1501104Pre-interview with Anne Weills
151106Interview with Amiri Baraka
152122Interview with Ann-Marie Adker
1531112Pre-interview with Arthur Eve
1541113Pre-interview with Arthur Johnson
155869Interview with Robert Links
1561579Pre-interview with Ronald Walters
157891Pre-interview with Ronald Walters
1581568Pre-interview with Robert Links
159129Interview with Arthur Johnson
160127Interview with Arthur Eve
1611098Pre-interview with Amiri Baraka
162120Interview with Anne Weills
163117Interview with Angelo Dundee
1641216Pre-interview with Sylvia Hill
1661584Pre-interview with Ross Beatty
1671020Pre-interview with Walter Fauntroy
1681637Pre-interview with Walter Huntley
1691022Interview with Walter Huntley
1701642Pre-interview with Willard Johnson
1711647Pre-interview with William Evans
1721653Pre-interview with William Nelson
1731218Pre-interview with Dr. William Nelson
1741654Pre-interview with William O'Neal
1751655Pre-interview with William Pastreich
1761663Pre-interview with Willie Ricks Mukasa
1771056Pre-interview with Willie Ricks Mukasa
179248Interview with David Dawley
1801664Pre-interview with with Kathleen Cleaver
1811665Pre-inteview with Etta Horn
182198Interview with Charles Butts
1831151Pre-interview with Charles Epps
184200Interview with Dr. Charles Epps
185201Interview with Charles O'Brien
187215Interview with Cleveland Sellers
1881164Pre-interview with Cleveland Sellers
189220Interview with Clyde Killens
190238Interview with Cyrus Vance
191239Interview with Daisy Nunley
1921176Pre-interview with Daisy Nunley
193240Interview with Dale Bowlin
194250Pre-interview with David Jordan
1951184Pre-interview with David Jordan
196254Interview with Debra Webb
197149Interview with Reverend Ben Chavis
198165Interview with William Greaves
199167Interview with Bill Perry
2001129Pre-interview with Bill Perry
201175Interview with Bob Mants
202183Interview with Calvin Taylor
203189Interview with Carl Stokes
2041141Pre-interview with Carl Stokes
20575Interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel
2061084Pre-interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel
2071109Pre-interview with Anthony R. Strollo
2081118Pre-interview with Bar Gutierez
2091120Pre-interview with Bea Hines
2101134Pre-interview with Bob Gore
2111137Pre-interview with Booker Tall
2121140Pre-interview with Calvin Morris
2131143Pre-interview with Carol Keenan
2141153Pre-interview with Charles Jackson
2151160Pre-interview with Clarence Torry
2161613Pre-interview with Thompson Gaines
217979Interview with Thompson Gaines
2181621Pre-interview with Tom Strieter
2191622Pre-interview with Tom Turnipseed
220990Interview with Tom Turnipseed
2211623Pre-interview with Tony Gittens
222995Interview with Tony Gittens
2231462Pre-interview with Marylouise Oates
2241304Pre-interview with Henrietta Franklin
2251330Pre-interview with Jack Anderson
2261586Pre-interview with Ruby Duncan
227952Interview with Sonia Sanchez
2281106Pre-interview with Annie Smart
2291500Pre-interview with Ossie Davis
230777Interview with Ossie Davis
231743Interview with Muhammad Ali
2321280Pre-interview with Guida West
2331614Pre-interview with Tim Sampson
2341126Pre-interview with Bert DeLeeuw
2351454Pre-interview with Marian Cramer
2361494Pre-interview with Nick Kotz
2371342Pre-interview with James Hulbert
238525Pre-interview with Jill Freedman
241883Interview with Robin Gregory
242879Pre-interview with Robert Starks
245868Interview with Robert Kiley
246866Interview with Robert Finley
247855Interview with Richard Strichartz
249853Interview with Richard Jensen
250852Interview with Richard Hatcher
251846Interview with Reverend C. Herbert Oliver
252840Interview with Reverend John Powis
253839Interview with Reverend James Smith
254830Interview with Renault Robinson
255828Pre-interview with Reeves Garth
256822Pre-interview with Ralph Neas
257815Interview with Dr. Quentin Young
2581249Pre-interview with Floyd McKissick
2591247Pre-interview with Flint Taylor
2611245Pre-interview with Father Boyle
2621242Pre-interview with Ethel Mae Matthews
2631239Pre-interview with Ericka Huggins
2641235Pre-interview with Ellen Jackson
2651232Pre-interview with Eleanor Holmes Norton
2661231Pre-interview with Eldridge Cleaver
2671230Pre-interview with Eldridge Cleaver
2681228Pre-interview with Edwin Pope
2691227Pre-interview with Edward Vaughn
2701452Pre-interview with Margaret Gill
2711451Pre-interview with Margaret Cafferty
2721448Pre-interview with Malik Edwards
2731446Pre-interview with Madelyn Talbot
2741445Pre-interview with Madalynn Rucker
2751443Pre-interview with Lu Palmer
2761442Pre-interview with Luke Harris
2771441Pre-interview with Luis Fuentes
2791438Pre-interview with Lucian Holman
2801437Pre-interview with Louis Molnar
2811434Pre-interview with Louie Martin
2821433Pre-interview with Loretta Roche
2831431Pre-interview with Linda Bryant Hall
28481Interview with Albert Johnson
28582Interview with Albert Raby
28683Interview with Albert Shanker
28787Interview with Albert Wilson
289115Interview with Angela Y. Davis
290125Interview with Arlie Schardt
291136Interview with Athalie Range
292144Pre-interview with Barbara Lyles
293171Interview with Bobby Rush
294172Interview with Bobby Seale
296691Interview with Mary Frances Berry
297692Interview with Mary Hightower
299695Interview with Mary Jane Jackson
300699Pre-interview with Mary Scott
302705Interview with Maurice Ferré
303709Interview with Maynard Jackson
304754Interview with Nancy Jefferson
305751Pre-interview with Muwakhil Salim
306748Pre-interview with Muriel Tillinghast
307734Interview with Minnie Dunlap
308726Pre-interview with Mike Miller
309724Interview with Michael Smith
310723Pre-interview with Michael Sayer
311719Interview with Michael Harrington
312718Pre-interview with Michael Brick
315896Interview with Rosemary Porter
316890Interview with Ronald Scott
317950Interview with Slim Coleman
318935Interview with Seth Taft
320924Interview with Sandra Feldman
321911Interview with Ruth Batson
322907Interview with Russell Oswald
324902Interview with Ruby Sales
325901Interview with Roxanne Jones
3271001Interview with Unita Blackwell
328992Interview with Toni Johnson
329991Interview with Tom Wicker
330974Interview with Taylor Rogers
331963Interview with Steve Dunkley
332954Interview with Sonny Wright
3331092Pre-interview with Al Cleage
3341090Pre-interview with Albert Shanker
3351089Pre-interview with Albert Raby
3361086Pre-interview with Akil Aljundi
3371082Pre-interview with Adelle Vaughn
3381078Pre-interview of Lucy Montgomery
3411054Interview with Willie Felder
3421053Interview with Willie Bolden
3431049Pre-interview with William Sells
3441048Interview with William Rutherford
3461045Interview with William Lucy
3471181Pre-interview with Dave Stewart
3481177Pre-interview with Damon Keith
3491167Pre-interview with Courtland Cox
3501166Pre-interview with Clory Bryant
3511162Pre-interview with Clayborne Carson
3521138Pre-interview with Brigadier General Arthur Philips
3531131Pre-interview with Bobby Seale
3541130Pre-interview with Bobby Rush
3551128Pre-interview with Bill Lowe
3561116Pre-interview with Ayademi Bandele
3571300Pre-interview with Hattie McGinnis
3581288Pre-interview with Harold Saffold
3591286Pre-interview with Hank Sanders
3601246Pre-interview with Father Hollis
3611231Pre-interview with Eldridge Cleaver
3621220Pre-interview with Earline Pruitt
3631212Pre-interview with Dr. Rhody McCoy
3641210Pre-interview with Dr. Lucien Nolman
3651208Pre-interview with Dr. Gayraud Wilmore
3661203Pre-interview with Don Williams
3671200Pre-interview with Donald Harris
3681198Pre-interview with Dillard Munford
3691196Pre-interview with Dianne M. Pinderhughes
3701194Pre-interview with Dewey Knight
3721192Pre-interview with Dennis Cunningham
3731191Pre-interview with Dolores Torres
3741189Pre-interview with Deborah Johnson
3751186Pre-interview with David Rothenberg
3761183Pre-interview with David Garrow
3771397Pre-interview with Joseph Hudson
3781388Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
3791387Pre-interview with John Nichols
3801383Pre-interview with John McGuire
3811382Pre-interview with John McDermott
3821379Pre-interview with John Kerrigan
3831378Pre-interview with John Johnson
3841377Pre-interview with John Hill
3851375Pre-interview with John Fusting
3861368Pre-interview with Jim Naughton
3871637Pre-interview with Walter Huntley
3881365Pre-interview with Jim Kelly
3891364Pre-interview with Jim Ingram
3901363Pre-interview with Jill Freedman
3911360Pre-interview with Jesse McCrary
3921359Pre-interview with Jennifer Lawson
3931355Pre-interview with Jane Duwors
3941343Pre-interview with James Kerwin
3951341Pre-interview with James Howard
3961333Pre-interview with James Boggs
3971329Pre-interview with Ivanhoe Donaldson
3981328Pre-interview with Irwin France
3991327Pre-interview with Inez Miles
4001324Pre-interview with Huey P. Newton
4011323Pre-interview with Hubie Jones
4021322Pre-interview with Howard Moore
4031321Pre-interview with Howard Fuller (Owusu Sedaki)
4041316Pre-interview with Hiram Hamilton
4051313Pre-interview with Herman Schwartz
4061310Pre-interview with Herb Reid
4071309Pre-interview with Herbert Reid
4081308Pre-interview with Herbert J. Reid
4091303Pre-interview with Helen Kelly
4101408Pre-interview with Kalamu ya Salaam
4111409Pre-interview with Kale Williams
4121411Pre-interview with Karriema Jordan
4131424Pre-interview with Leon Hall
4141425Pre-interview with Leon Harris
4161463Pre-interview with Mary Scott
4171465Pre-interview with Mary Therese Freymann
4181466Pre-interview with Maurice Ferre
4191467Pre-interview with Maynard Jackson
4201472Pre-interview with Michael Harrington
4211473Pre-interview with Michael Sayer
4221474Pre-interview with Michael Smith
4231475Pre-interview with Michael Thelwell
4251477Pre-interview with Mike Miller
4261479Pre-interview with Mildred Shaw
4271480Pre-interview with Milton Henry
4281489Pre-interview with Nancy Jefferson
4291490Pre-interview with Nathan Hare
4301493Pre-interview with Nicholas Hood
4311502Pre-interview with Pat Jones
4321505Pre-interview with Paula Giddings
4331510Pre-interview with Paul Sassone
4341513Pre-interview with Pearl Owens
4351514Pre-interview with Peter Storandt
4361515Pre-interview with Philip Johnson
4371516Pre-interview with Philip Johnson
4381517Pre-interview with Philip Watkins
4401521Pre-interview with Prexy Nesbitt
4411525Pre-interview with Ralph Smith
4421529Pre-interview with Raymond Murray
4431531Pre-interview with Reeves Garth
4441532Pre-interview with Reg Murphy
4451533Pre-interview with Reies Tijerina
4461534Pre-interview with Rennee Freeman
4471535Pre-interview with Reverend Al Sampson
4481539Pre-interview with Reverend Hosea Williams
4491542Pre-interview with Reverend John Powis
4501545Pre-interview with Reverend Thomas Streiter
4511547Pre-interview with Reverend C. Herbert Oliver
4521657Pre-interview with William Sells
4531656Pre-interview with William Rutherford
4541652Pre-interview with William Lucy
4551651Pre-interview with William Kunstler
4561650Pre-interview with William Kunstler
4571646Pre-interview with William Clay
4581644Pre-interview with William Brown
4591640Pre-interview with Wayne Davis
4601638Pre-interview with Wanda Ross
4611609Pre-interview with Taylor Rogers
4621607Pre-interview with Sylvia Hall
4631603Pre-interview with Stanley Winkleman
4641600Pre-interview with Sia Berhan
4651599Pre-interview with Shirley Chisholm
4661590Pre-interview with Salim Muwakkil
4671587Pre-interview with Ruby Sales
4681581Pre-interview with Rosa Parks
4691575Pre-interview with Robert Starks
4701572Pre-interview with Robert Roselle
4711570Pre-interview with Robert Lucas
4721569Pre-interview with Robert Lipsyte
4731565Pre-interview with Robert Curtis
4741559Pre-interview with Rita Graul
4751556Pre-interview with Richard Strickhartz
4761555Pre-interview with Richard Morrisroe
4851554Pre-interview with Richard Kielczewski
4861206Pre-interview with Dorothy Tillman
4871367Pre-interview with Jim Miller
4889772Pre-interview with Peter Bailey
4891574Pre-interview with Robert "Sonny" Carson
4909775Pre-interview with Ben Chavis
4929777Pre-interview with Estelle David
4939778Pre-interview with Steven Dunkley
4949779Pre-interview with Joe Gardner
4959780Pre-interview with Willie Felder
4969781Pre-interview with Arthur Featherstone
4979782Pre-interview with Lonnie Coleman
498218Interview with Clory Bryant
5009784Pre-interview with Monte Irvin
5019790Pre-interview with Bob Lipsyte
5029798Pre-interview with Emma Lozano
5039806Pre-interview with Al Sampson
5059829Pre-interview with E. Allen
5069830Pre-interview with Tim Savavge
5079831Pre-interview with Van Francis
5089832Pre-interview with Ida Radcliffe
5099833Pre-interview with Marion Shannon
5109834Pre-interview with Jay K. Majors
511341Interview with Flint Taylor
512255Interview with Deborah Johnson
5131047Interview with William O'Neal
515458Interview with Huey P. Newton
518576Interview with Josephine Mayes
521871Interview with Robert Lucas
524290Interview with Dr. Kenneth Clark
525898Interview with Rosie Mars
527273Interview with Dolores Torres
528294Interview with Dr. Rhody McCoy
529302Interview with Ed Gardner
530309Interview with Edward Vaughn
531310Interview with Edwin Pope
532311Interview with Elaine Brown
533312Interview with Eleanor Holmes Norton
534322Interview with Ellen Jackson
535331Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews
536345Interview with Floyd Patterson
537365Interview with Fred Nauman
538417Interview with Harry Belafonte
539435Interview with Herbert X. Blyden
540436Interview with Herb Boyd
541439Interview with Jabir Herbert Muhammad
542488Interview with James Figgs
543501Interview with Jane Byrne
544507Interview with Jean McGuire
545517Interview with Jerris Leonard
546519Interview with Reverend Jesse Jackson
547522Interview with Jesse McCrary
548540Interview with John O. Brown
549541Interview with John Conyers
550561Interview with John McDermott
551592Interview with Judy Varley
552601Interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
554657Interview with Louis McDuffie
555642Interview with Jitu Weusi
556652Interview with Lonnie Lawrence
557661Interview with Luke Harris
558662Interview with Lu Palmer
559681Interview with Marion Stamps
560780Interview with Otis Pitts
561788Interview with Paula Giddings
562797Interview with Paul N. Ylvisaker
563804Interview with Philip Watkins
564626Interview with Laverne Barkley
565334Interview with Evelyn Morash
566502Interview with Jane Duwors
567805Interview with Phyllis Ellison
568564Interview with John Nichols
569364Interview with Frederica McDuffie
570585Interview with Juanita Abernathy
571382Interview with Georgia Ayers
572453Interview with Colonel Howard Becker
573455Interview with Major Howard Holland
574455Interview with Major Howard Holland
575362Interview with Frederick H. Black
576648Interview with Linda Bryant Hall
577374Interview with Father George Clements
578325Interview with Emma Darnell
579326Interview with Emory Douglas
580399Interview with Dr. Grant Friley
581573Interview with Joseph Gardner
582281Interview with Dorothy Graham
583553Interview with John Hulett
584527Interview with Jim Ingram
585554Interview with Johnny Jackson
586524Interview with Jesus Garcia
588605Interview with Karriema Jordan
589313Interview with Eleanor Josaitis
590264Interview with Dewey Knight
591356Interview with Frank Legree
592379Interview with George Romney
593456Interview with Howard Saffold
594609Interview with Kathy Stapleton
595666Interview with Maggie Thomas
596586Interview with Juanita Wade
597322Interview with Ellen Jackson
598616Interview with Kevin White
599384Interview with Geraldine Williams
600271Interview with Dillard Munford
60120483Not for public viewing
60216889Not for public viewing
60316901Not for public viewing
60416797Not for public viewing
60518900Not for public viewing
60618902Not for public viewing
60718949Not for public viewing
60821778Interview with Mary Hightower
60921780Not for public viewing
61118879Not for public viewing
61221720Interview with Nancy Jefferson
6131192Pre-interview with Dennis Cunningham
6141149Pre-interview with Charles Diggs
6151607Pre-interview with Sylvia Hall
6161625Pre-interview with Unita Blackwell
6171099Pre-interview with Andrew Young
6181616Pre-interview with Timuel Black
6191517Pre-interview with Philip Watkins
6201539Pre-interview with Reverend Hosea Williams
6211475Pre-interview with Michael Thelwell

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5431Eyes on the prize II--America at the racial crossroads, 1965-mid 1980s [production]