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Title No: 3983

Title: America's war on poverty [interviews]

Medium: Documentation; Moving Image

Original Medium: Film; Paper; Video

Original Summary:
Filmed interviews and pre-interviews for the series, America's war on poverty.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

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Contents x394

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
14251Pre-interview with Felicity Skidmore
24256Pre-interview with Vernon Jordan
33946Pre-interview with Fred Hayes
44079Pre-interview with Marty Glick
64461Pre-interview with Aaron Henry
74462Pre-interview with Erle Johnston
84740Pre-interview with Hubert Williams
93941Pre-interview with Bill Haddad Pre-interview with Bill Haddad
113945Pre-interview with Steve Odulbato
124089Pre-interview with Donald Rumsfeld
134091Pre-interview with Hector de la Rosa
144180Pre-interview with Mo Jourdane
154181Pre-interview with Jose Padilla
164182Pre-interview with Cruz Reynoso
173937Pre-interview with John Lindsay
193262Pre-interview with Jose Padilla
20106Interview with Amiri Baraka
213263Pre-interview with Mo Jourdane
22447Interview with Hodding Carter III
23459Interview with Hulbert James
24460Interview with Hyman Bookbinder
25476Interview with Jackie Pope
26480Pre-interview with James A. Walker
27486Pre-interview with James Farmer
28503Interview with Janice Sheppard
29514Interview with Jerome Cohen
30523Interview with Jesusa Melchor
31528Interview with Jim Lorenz
32563Interview with John Mudd
33565Interview with Johnnie Tillmon Blackston
34571Interview with Joseph Califano
35580Interview with Joseph Mulloy
36593Pre-interview with Jule Sugarman
37596Pre-interview with Junius Williams
38604Interview with Karen Mulloy
39620Interview with Larrie West Stalks
40625Interview with Lavaree Jones
41632Pre-interview with Lee Bernstein
42644Interview with Lewis Uhler
43654Interview with Lorenzo Avila
44655Interview with Louise Hatmaker
45659Interview with Lucy Kelly McCabe
47675Interview with Marian Wright Edelman
48684Interview with Martin Anderson
49700Interview with Mary Smith
50735Interview with Mitchell Sviridoff
51739Interview with Morris Spielberg
52761Interview with Nick Kotz
53763Interview with Nitza Vera
54808Interview with Polly Greenberg
55849Interview with James McRee
56851Interview with Richard Boone
57865Interview with Robert Finch
58885Pre-interview with Roger Wilkins
59899Interview with Rosie Simpson
60926Interview with Sarah Robinson
61928Interview with Sargent Shriver
63969Interview with Sue Ella Easterling Kobak
64971Interview with Sylvester Monroe
65975Interview with Terry Lucas-Szpak
66980Interview with Timuel Black
67981Interview with Tim Sampson
68988Interview with Tom Levin
691000Interview with Unita Blackwell
701050Interview with William Spell
711052Interview with William Winter
721076Pre-interview of Dr. Robert Smith
731077Pre-interview with Hollis Watkins
741079Pre-interview with A.B. Hatfield
751081Pre-interview with Adam Yarmolinsky
771097Pre-interview with Amiri Baraka
781103Pre-interview with Anndrena Belcher
791107Pre-interview with Anthony Basilio
801108Pre-interview with Anthony Imperiale
811115Pre-interview with Audrey MacDonald
821121Pre-interview with Becky Andrade
831133Pre-interview with Bob Gnaizda
841182Pre-interview with David Bowen
856950Pre-interview with Mamie and Robert Chin
861087Pre-interview with Alan Cranston
876951Pre-interview with Ed Day
881530Pre-interview with Rebecca Doggett
891428Pre-interview with Lewis Eigen
904288Pre-interview with George Fontaine
911376Pre-interview with John Glen
926960Pre-interview with James Haddock
936964Pre-interview with Wretha Wiley Hanson
941511Pre-interview with Pearl Hardy
951254Pre-interview with Frank Hutchins
961199Pre-interview with Dolores Huerta
976965Pre-interview with Marianne Kidd
981670Pre-interview with Andrea Kydd
996966Pre-interview with Milton Ogle
1006993Pre-interview with Jose Padilla
1017001Pre-interview with Ralph Abascal
1021169Pre-interview with Cruz Reynozo
1031526Pre-interview with Ramon Rivera
1047036Pre-interview with Aaron Shirley
1067038Pre-interview with Komozi Woodward
1077045Pre-interview with Edwin Meese
1087048Pre-interview with Loyal Jones
1091371Pre-interview with Joseph Mulloy
1101495Pre-interview with Nick Kotz
1117073Pre-interview with Lenette Sander
1127128Pre-interview with Eulis Ward
1131253Pre-interview with Frank Hutchins, no. 2
1147129Pre-interview with Michael Katz
1157130Pre-interview with Harold Weisman
1167132Pre-interview with Stan Turrell
117262Pre-interview with Deotis Taylor
1181661Pre-interview with William Winter
1191659Pre-interview with William Spell
1201625Pre-interview with Unita Blackwell
1211620Pre-interview with Tom Levin
1241605Pre-interview with Sue Ella Easterling Kobak
1251596Interview with Sharpe James
1261593Pre-interview with Sargent Shriver
1271592Pre-interview with Sarah Robinson
1281567Pre-interview with Robert Finch
1291549Pre-interview with Richard Boone
1311520Pre-interview with Polly Greenberg
1331496Pre-interview with Nitza Vera
1341484Pre-interview with Morris Spielberg
1361464Pre-interview with Mary Smith
1401432Pre-interview with Lorenzo Avila
1421418Pre-interview with Lee Bernstein
1511366Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
1531358Not for public viewing
1541348Pre-interview with James McRee
1591301Pre-interview with Hattie Saffold
1601299Pre-Interview with Hattie Kelley
1611284Pre-interview with Hamish Sinclair
1621279Pre-interview with Guida West
1631270Pre-interview with George Richardson
1651244Pre-interview with Faith Evans
1671226Pre-interview with Edward Breathitt
1681224Pre-interview with Edna Thomas
170123Interview with Anthony Basilio
175400Interview with Guida West
177297Interview with Dr. Robert Smith
178252Interview with David Zegeer
1811332Pre-interview with James A. Walker
1821306Pre-interview with Henry Kirksey
1871174Pre-interview with Cyril D. Tyson
190425Interview with Hattie Kelley
192409Interview with Hamish Sinclair
19370Interview with A.B. Hatfield
1951385Pre-interview with John Mudd
1961362Pre-interview with Jesusa Melchor
2001458Pre-interview with Martin Anderson
2011429Pre-interview with Lewis Uhler
202308Interview with Edward Breathitt
203119Interview with Anndrena Belcher
2041439Pre-interview with Lucy Kelly McCabe
2051410Pre-interview with Karen Mulloy
2061416Pre-interview with Lavaree Jones
2071483Not for public viewing
2081501Pre-interview with Parren Mitchell
2101250Interview with Frank Addonizio
2111243Pre-interview with Eugene McCarthy
2161331Pre-interview with Jackie Pope
220378Interview with George Richardson
2241403Pre-interview with Jule Sugarman
226173Interview with Bob Gnaizda
2271188Pre-interview with David Zegeer
228426Interview with Hattie Saffold
229279Interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin
230350Pre-interview with Frank Addonizio
231336Interview with Faith Evans
232232Interview with Cruz Reynoso
233206Pre-interview with Charlie Cobb
23474Interview with Adam Yarmolinsky
2351201Pre-interview with Donald Malafronte
2361204Pre-interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin
2371214Pre-interview with Dr. Robert Smith
238242Interview with Daniel Schorr
239443Interview with Hilda Hidalgo
240434Interview with Henry Kirksey
241292Pre-interview with Dr. Nathan Wright
242275Interview with Donald Malafronte
243178Interview with Buck (Charles) Maggard
244332Interview with Eugene McCarthy
245236Interview with Cyril D. Tyson
246190Pre-interview with Carol Glassman
247124Interview with Anthony Imperiale
2481136Pre-interview with Bob Jorgan
250305Pre-interview with Edna Thomas
251174Interview with Bob Jorgan
252139Interview with Audrey MacDonald
2531139Not for public viewing
254428Interview with Héctor de la Rosa
255424Interview with Harry McPherson
2561616Pre-interview with Timuel Black
2571326Pre-interview with Hulbert James
2581319Pre-interview with Hodding Carter III
2591295Pre-interview with Harry McPherson
2601179Pre-interview with Daniel Schorr
26111166Pre-interview with C.E. Appleberry
26211167Pre-interview with Frank Barber
26311168Pre-interview with Rims Barber
26511170Pre-interview with Thelma Barnes
26611171Pre-interview with Gary Bellow
26711172Pre-interview with Ted Berry
26811173Pre-interview with Arthur Blaustein
26911174Pre-interview with Valentine Blue
27011175Pre-interview with Pancho Bottello
27111177Pre-interview with Arthur Braizr
27211178Pre-interview with Edward Breathitt
27311179Pre-interview with Ed Brown
27411181Pre-interview with Bob Clampitt
27511182Pre-interview with Richard Cloward
27711184Pre-interview with Jerome Cohen
27811185Pre-interview with Naomi Cohen
27911186Pre-interview with Ed Colle
28011187Pre-interview with Tom Comerfort
28111188Pre-interview with Clarice Coney
28211197Pre-interview with C.Coney
28311198Pre-interview with Romano Eugene Coney
28411199Pre-interview with Robinson Cooke
28511200Pre-interview with Walter Dawkins
28611201Pre-interview with Kenneth Dean
28711202Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
28811203Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
28911204Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
29011205Pre-interview with Richard Dune
29111206Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
29211207Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
29311208Pre-interview with John Ehrlichman
29511210Pre-interview with Doug Eldridge
29611211Pre-interview with Louise Epperson
29711212Pre-interview with George Esser
29811213Pre-interview with George Fontaine
29911214Pre-interview with Ken Gibson
30011231Pre-interview with Ken Gibson
30111232Pre-interview with Mitchell Ginsburg
30211233Pre-interview with Norman Gold
30311234Pre-interview with Elmore Graves
30411235Pre-interview with Duncon Gray Jackson
30511237Pre-interview with Clerina Hall
30611239Pre-interview with Alejo Hernandez
30711240Pre-interview with Tom Jackson
30911236Pre-interview with Clearance Hall
31011238Pre-interview with Martin Henry
31111242Pre-interview with H.K.
31211267Pre-interview with Gibbs Kinderman
31311268Pre-interview with Ed King
31411272Pre-interview with Michael Kline
31511273Pre-interview with Robert Lampman
31611274Pre-interview with Bill Linder
31711277Pre-interview with Ed Marciniak
31911279Pre-interview with Larry Mead
32011280Pre-interview with Robert Miles
32111281Pre-interview with Ellen Olds
32211282Pre-interview with Bill Payne
32311283Pre-interview with Leroy Percy, MAP
32411284Pre-interview with Sarah Perry
32511287Pre-interview with Julius Richmond
32611288Pre-interview with Alvin Schorr
32711290Pre-interview with Dub Shoemaker
32811303Pre-interview with Frank Smith
32911305Pre-interview with Mary Smith
33011306Pre-interview with Frank Benben
33111307Pre-interview with Bob Troger
33211308Pre-interview with Velma Linford Vista
33311310Pre-interview with Jim Wilson
33411303Pre-interview with Frank Smith
33611312Pre-interview with Buddy Newman
33711313Pre-interview with Charlotte Smith
33811314Pre-interview with Patrick Dune
33911315Pre-interview with WC shoemaker
34011317Pre-interview with Freddie Johnson
34111318Pre-interview with Brad Dye
34211319Pre-interview with Henry Martinez
34311320Pre-interview with Mary Rone
34411321Pre-interview with Bob Curvin
34511322Pre-interview with John Wlliams
34611323Pre-interview with Sharpe James
34711324Pre-interview with Hilda Hidalgo
34811325Pre-interview with Woodrow Myers
34911326Interview with Edith Easterling
35011327Pre-interview with Jourdaine
35211329Pre-interview with David Bowen
35311330Pre-interview with Bill Minor
35411331Pre-interview with Marilyn Lowen
35511332Pre-interview with W.B. Alexander
35611333Pre-interview with Sonny Meredith
35711334Pre-interview with Ferral Davis
35811335Pre-interview with Lea Anne Wilkerson Woods
35911336Pre-interview with Rev. Appleberry
36011337Pre-interview with Kathren Arrington
36111338Pre-interview with Berniece
36211339Pre-interview with Norm Fruchter
36311340Pre-interview with Michael Ward
36411341Pre-interview with M. Ward
36511342Pre-interview with Harris David
36611343Pre-interview with Derick Winans
36711344Pre-interview with George Fontaine
36811346Pre-interview with Amiri Baraka
36911347Pre-interview with Mary Ward
37011348Pre-interview with Tom Kerry
37111349Pre-interview with Donald Tucker
37211353Pre-interview with Donald Rose
37311355Pre-interview with Leon Depres
37411356Pre-interview with Donald Wendell
37511357Pre-interview with Danny Kronenfeld
37611359Pre-interview with Donald Wendell
37711361Pre-interview with Bob Moses
37811362Pre-interview with Terry Williams
38011364Pre-interview with Donald Tucker
38111365Pre-interview with Don Malafonte
38211365Pre-interview with Don Malafonte
38311367Pre-interview with Mike Davidson
38411368Pre-interview with Phil Hutchins
38511370Pre-interview with Lucia Mudd
38611371Pre-interview with Kirkpatrick Tongue
38711372Not for public viewing
38811373Pre-interview with Frank Carlucci
38911411Pre-interview with Clinton Bamburger
39011413Pre-interview with Clinton Bamburger
39111414Pre-interview with Sam Sills
39211415Pre-interview with Paige Martinez
39511418Pre-interview with Anne Wilkerson Ohlson
39611419Pre-interview with Arthur Bill Akers
39711420Pre-interview with Carl West
39811421Pre-interview with Ellene Sword
39911422Pre-interview with Island Creek
40011423Pre-interview with Marty Glick
40111424Pre-interview with Sheldon Green
40211425Pre-interview with Bill Moreno
40311426Pre-interview with Carol R. Silver
40411427Pre-interview with Eric Brazil
40511428Pre-interview with Lawrence Chickering
40611429Pre-interview with Eric Brazil
40711430Pre-interview with Mack Holland
40811431Pre-interview with Paul and Bertha Ray
40911432Pre-interview with Mack Holland
41011433Pre-interview with Harold Watts
41111434Pre-interview with Robert Lampman
41211435Pre-interview with Dottie Stevens
41311436Pre-interview with Dempsey Phillips
41511438Pre-interview with Dempsey Phillips
41611439Pre-interview with Joyce Bubon
41711440Pre-interview with Jenette Washington
41811441Pre-interview with Theresa Funiciello
41911442Pre-interview with J. Pope
42011443Pre-interview with Audrey MacDonald
42311556Interview with Lee Bernstein
42511558Not for public viewing
42611559Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
42711560Not for public viewing
43011563Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
43111564Interview with Doug Eldridge
43211565Interview with John Ehrlichman
43411568Pre-interview with Robert Finch
43511569Interview with Carol Glassman
43611570Pre-interview with Bob Gnaizda
43711571Pre-interview with Polly Greenberg
43911573Pre-interview with Hulbert James
44011659Pre-interview with Tom Levin
44111661Pre-interview with Eugene McCarthy
44511667Not for public viewing
44611669Pre-interview with Daniel Schorr
44711670Pre-interview with Sargent Shriver
44811671Not for public viewing
45011673Interview with Jule Sugarman
45311696Interview with James A. Walker
45411697Pre-interview with Guida West
45511698Interview with Junius Williams
45611699Interview with Dr. Nathan Wright
45711702Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
45911704Interview with Louise Epperson
46211708Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
46311710Interview with Edna Thomas
46711713Pre-interview with Anthony Basilio
46913191America's War on Poverty [interview transcripts]
4704462Pre-interview with Erle Johnston
4717133Interview with Deotis Taylor
4721371Pre-interview with Joseph Mulloy
4731371Pre-interview with Joseph Mulloy
47411168Pre-interview with Rims Barber
4754091Pre-interview with Hector de la Rosa
4764091Pre-interview with Hector de la Rosa
477236Interview with Cyril D. Tyson
47811184Pre-interview with Jerome Cohen
4791348Pre-interview with James McRee
4801388Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
4811388Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
482190Pre-interview with Carol Glassman
4831429Pre-interview with Lewis Uhler
48411277Pre-interview with Ed Marciniak
485596Pre-interview with Junius Williams
4863941Pre-interview with Bill Haddad Pre-interview with Bill Haddad
4871169Pre-interview with Cruz Reynozo
4881614Pre-interview with Tim Sampson

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5435America's war on poverty [production]

Related Works x298

TypeTitle NoTitle
655Interview with Louise Hatmaker
11168Pre-interview with Rims Barber
11170Pre-interview with Thelma Barnes
1107Pre-interview with Anthony Basilio
11171Pre-interview with Gary Bellow
11166Pre-interview with C.E. Appleberry
11167Pre-interview with Frank Barber
1418Pre-interview with Lee Bernstein
11172Pre-interview with Ted Berry
11197Pre-interview with C.Coney
11198Pre-interview with Romano Eugene Coney
11199Pre-interview with Robinson Cooke
11200Pre-interview with Walter Dawkins
11201Pre-interview with Kenneth Dean
11202Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
11203Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
11204Pre-interview with Patricia Derian
11205Pre-interview with Richard Dune
11206Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
11207Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
11208Pre-interview with John Ehrlichman
11210Pre-interview with Doug Eldridge
11211Pre-interview with Louise Epperson
11212Pre-interview with George Esser
11213Pre-interview with George Fontaine
11214Pre-interview with Ken Gibson
659Interview with Lucy Kelly McCabe
190Pre-interview with Carol Glassman
11231Pre-interview with Ken Gibson
11232Pre-interview with Mitchell Ginsburg
1376Pre-interview with John Glen
4079Pre-interview with Marty Glick
1133Pre-interview with Bob Gnaizda
11233Pre-interview with Norman Gold
11234Pre-interview with Elmore Graves
11235Pre-interview with Duncon Gray Jackson
1520Pre-interview with Polly Greenberg
11236Pre-interview with Clearance Hall
11237Pre-interview with Clerina Hall
3946Pre-interview with Fred Hayes
4461Pre-interview with Aaron Henry
11238Pre-interview with Martin Henry
11239Pre-interview with Alejo Hernandez
11240Pre-interview with Tom Jackson
1326Pre-interview with Hulbert James
4462Pre-interview with Erle Johnston
1416Pre-interview with Lavaree Jones
4256Pre-interview with Vernon Jordan
3263Pre-interview with Mo Jourdane
11242Pre-interview with H.K.
6965Pre-interview with Marianne Kidd
11267Pre-interview with Gibbs Kinderman
11268Pre-interview with Ed King
1306Pre-interview with Henry Kirksey
11272Pre-interview with Michael Kline
1605Pre-interview with Sue Ella Easterling Kobak
1670Pre-interview with Andrea Kydd
11273Pre-interview with Robert Lampman
1620Pre-interview with Tom Levin
11274Pre-interview with Bill Linder
1366Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
1243Pre-interview with Eugene McCarthy
1115Pre-interview with Audrey MacDonald
424Interview with Harry McPherson
1348Pre-interview with James McRee
1201Pre-interview with Donald Malafronte
1223Pre-interview with Ed Marciniak
11277Pre-interview with Ed Marciniak
11279Pre-interview with Larry Mead
11280Pre-interview with Robert Miles
1501Pre-interview with Parren Mitchell
1385Pre-interview with John Mudd
563Interview with John Mudd
1371Pre-interview with Joseph Mulloy
3945Pre-interview with Steve Odulbato
6966Pre-interview with Milton Ogle
11281Pre-interview with Ellen Olds
11282Pre-interview with Bill Payne
11283Pre-interview with Leroy Percy, MAP
11284Pre-interview with Sarah Perry
11286Pre-interview with Jonathan Prinz
1169Pre-interview with Cruz Reynozo
11287Pre-interview with Julius Richmond
1526Pre-interview with Ramon Rivera
1301Pre-interview with Hattie Saffold
11288Pre-interview with Alvin Schorr
1179Pre-interview with Daniel Schorr
11289Pre-interview with Aaron Shirley
7036Pre-interview with Aaron Shirley
11290Pre-interview with Dub Shoemaker
1593Pre-interview with Sargent Shriver
4251Pre-interview with Felicity Skidmore
11303Pre-interview with Frank Smith
11305Pre-interview with Mary Smith
1076Pre-interview of Dr. Robert Smith
297Interview with Dr. Robert Smith
1214Pre-interview with Dr. Robert Smith
11306Pre-interview with Frank Benben
1659Pre-interview with William Spell
593Pre-interview with Jule Sugarman
1403Pre-interview with Jule Sugarman
305Pre-interview with Edna Thomas
1224Pre-interview with Edna Thomas
11307Pre-interview with Bob Troger
236Interview with Cyril D. Tyson
1174Pre-interview with Cyril D. Tyson
1429Pre-interview with Lewis Uhler
11308Pre-interview with Velma Linford Vista
480Pre-interview with James A. Walker
1077Pre-interview with Hollis Watkins
11309Pre-interview with Curtis Wilkie
885Pre-interview with Roger Wilkins
11310Pre-interview with Jim Wilson
1661Pre-interview with William Winter
7038Pre-interview with Komozi Woodward
11312Pre-interview with Buddy Newman
11313Pre-interview with Charlotte Smith
11314Pre-interview with Patrick Dune
11315Pre-interview with WC shoemaker
6950Pre-interview with Mamie and Robert Chin
1625Pre-interview with Unita Blackwell
11317Pre-interview with Freddie Johnson
11318Pre-interview with Brad Dye
11319Pre-interview with Henry Martinez
11320Pre-interview with Mary Rone
632Pre-interview with Lee Bernstein
11321Pre-interview with Bob Curvin
596Pre-interview with Junius Williams
11322Pre-interview with John Wlliams
124Interview with Anthony Imperiale
350Pre-interview with Frank Addonizio
11323Pre-interview with Sharpe James
1332Pre-interview with James A. Walker
4740Pre-interview with Hubert Williams
11325Pre-interview with Woodrow Myers
4089Pre-interview with Donald Rumsfeld
3262Pre-interview with Jose Padilla
1410Pre-interview with Karen Mulloy
11326Interview with Edith Easterling
11327Pre-interview with Jourdaine
11329Pre-interview with David Bowen
11330Pre-interview with Bill Minor
11331Pre-interview with Marilyn Lowen
11332Pre-interview with W.B. Alexander
11333Pre-interview with Sonny Meredith
11334Pre-interview with Ferral Davis
11335Pre-interview with Lea Anne Wilkerson Woods
11336Pre-interview with Rev. Appleberry
11337Pre-interview with Kathren Arrington
292Pre-interview with Dr. Nathan Wright
11338Pre-interview with Berniece
11339Pre-interview with Norm Fruchter
11340Pre-interview with Michael Ward
378Interview with George Richardson
11341Pre-interview with M. Ward
11342Pre-interview with Harris David
11343Pre-interview with Derick Winans
262Pre-interview with Deotis Taylor
7132Pre-interview with Stan Turrell
11344Pre-interview with George Fontaine
11346Pre-interview with Amiri Baraka
11347Pre-interview with Mary Ward
11348Pre-interview with Tom Kerry
1254Pre-interview with Frank Hutchins
1484Pre-interview with Morris Spielberg
11349Pre-interview with Donald Tucker
7130Pre-interview with Harold Weisman
7129Pre-interview with Michael Katz
11353Pre-interview with Donald Rose
11355Pre-interview with Leon Depres
11356Pre-interview with Donald Wendell
11357Pre-interview with Danny Kronenfeld
11358Pre-interview with Val Coleman
11359Pre-interview with Donald Wendell
11360Pre-interview with Becky Andrade
11361Pre-interview with Bob Moses
11362Pre-interview with Terry Williams
11364Pre-interview with Donald Tucker
11365Pre-interview with Don Malafonte
11366Pre-interview with Polly Green Key
11367Pre-interview with Mike Davidson
11368Pre-interview with Phil Hutchins
1253Pre-interview with Frank Hutchins, no. 2
7128Pre-interview with Eulis Ward
11370Pre-interview with Lucia Mudd
11371Pre-interview with Kirkpatrick Tongue
1549Pre-interview with Richard Boone
11373Pre-interview with Frank Carlucci
1432Pre-interview with Lorenzo Avila
11411Pre-interview with Clinton Bamburger
1439Pre-interview with Lucy Kelly McCabe
11413Pre-interview with Clinton Bamburger
7048Pre-interview with Loyal Jones
7045Pre-interview with Edwin Meese
11414Pre-interview with Sam Sills
11415Pre-interview with Paige Martinez
1388Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
11418Pre-interview with Anne Wilkerson Ohlson
11419Pre-interview with Arthur Bill Akers
7001Pre-interview with Ralph Abascal
11420Pre-interview with Carl West
11421Pre-interview with Ellene Sword
11422Pre-interview with Island Creek
11423Pre-interview with Marty Glick
11424Pre-interview with Sheldon Green
11425Pre-interview with Bill Moreno
11426Pre-interview with Carol R. Silver
11427Pre-interview with Eric Brazil
1087Pre-interview with Alan Cranston
11428Pre-interview with Lawrence Chickering
11429Pre-interview with Eric Brazil
11430Pre-interview with Mack Holland
11431Pre-interview with Paul and Bertha Ray
11432Pre-interview with Mack Holland
6993Pre-interview with Jose Padilla
1495Pre-interview with Nick Kotz
11433Pre-interview with Harold Watts
11434Pre-interview with Robert Lampman
1279Pre-interview with Guida West
11435Pre-interview with Dottie Stevens
1136Pre-interview with Bob Jorgan
11436Pre-interview with Dempsey Phillips
11438Pre-interview with Dempsey Phillips
1458Pre-interview with Martin Anderson
1331Pre-interview with Jackie Pope
11439Pre-interview with Joyce Bubon
11440Pre-interview with Jenette Washington
1244Pre-interview with Faith Evans
11441Pre-interview with Theresa Funiciello
11442Pre-interview with J. Pope
11443Pre-interview with Audrey MacDonald
1250Interview with Frank Addonizio
123Interview with Anthony Basilio
11556Interview with Lee Bernstein
1358Pre-interview with Janice Sheppard
1616Pre-interview with Timuel Black
11559Pre-interview with Johnnie Tillmon
460Interview with Hyman Bookbinder
11560Pre-interview with Richard Boone
1226Pre-interview with Edward Breathitt
11563Pre-interview with Edith Easterling
11564Interview with Doug Eldridge
11565Interview with John Ehrlichman
486Pre-interview with James Farmer
11568Pre-interview with Robert Finch
11569Interview with Carol Glassman
11570Pre-interview with Bob Gnaizda
11571Pre-interview with Polly Greenberg
1079Pre-interview with A.B. Hatfield
11573Pre-interview with Hulbert James
1596Interview with Sharpe James
625Interview with Lavaree Jones
1204Pre-interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin
1299Pre-Interview with Hattie Kelley
11659Pre-interview with Tom Levin
11661Pre-interview with Eugene McCarthy
1295Pre-interview with Harry McPherson
1139Pre-interview with Buck (Charles) Maggard
11668Interview with Tim Sampsom
11669Pre-interview with Daniel Schorr
11670Pre-interview with Sargent Shriver
928Interview with Sargent Shriver
11671Interview with Rosie Simpson
11673Interview with Jule Sugarman
1483Pre-interview with Mitchell Sviridoff
11696Interview with James A. Walker
11697Pre-interview with Guida West
1052Interview with William Winter
11699Interview with Dr. Nathan Wright
1081Pre-interview with Adam Yarmolinsky
1188Pre-interview with David Zegeer
11702Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
11704Interview with Louise Epperson
11708Pre-interview with Jim Lorenz
11710Interview with Edna Thomas
139Interview with Audrey MacDonald
763Interview with Nitza Vera
11713Pre-interview with Anthony Basilio
434Interview with Henry Kirksey
1000Interview with Unita Blackwell
654Interview with Lorenzo Avila
4091Pre-interview with Hector de la Rosa
11173Pre-interview with Arthur Blaustein
11174Pre-interview with Valentine Blue
11175Pre-interview with Pancho Bottello
11177Pre-interview with Arthur Braizr
11178Pre-interview with Edward Breathitt
11179Pre-interview with Ed Brown
11181Pre-interview with Bob Clampitt
11182Pre-interview with Richard Cloward
206Pre-interview with Charlie Cobb
11184Pre-interview with Jerome Cohen
11185Pre-interview with Naomi Cohen
11186Pre-interview with Ed Colle
11187Pre-interview with Tom Comerfort
11188Pre-interview with Clarice Coney
3941Pre-interview with Bill Haddad Pre-interview with Bill Haddad
1614Pre-interview with Tim Sampson