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Title Work

Title No: 35

Title: We have a plan

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Television

Date: 1993 (Published)

Original Summary:
By 1934, grassroots challenges to the New Deal--from both sides of the political spectrum--appeard. Despite new government programs, unemployment hovered near 14 million and unrest was increasing. In California, novelist and former Socialist Upton Sinclair ran for governor on the EPIC (End Povery in California) platform, which promised to turn idle land and factories into self-governing cooperatives. Sinclair's campaign ended in defeat, but one year later President Roosevelt's signing of the Social Security Act signaled America's emergence as a modern welfare state.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Subjects: Depressions--1929--United States; United States--History--1919-1933; United States--Economic conditions--1918-1945; United States--History--1933-1945

ProducerBlackside, Inc.
ProducerHampton, Henry
NarratorMorton, Joe

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5430The Great Depression
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