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Title No: 24638

Title: Violence: just for fun

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Date: c1972 (Release)

Original Summary:
"Roman spectators applaud the destruction of human lives for entertainment, easily accepting violence as an enjoyable aspect of "civilized life." With weapons and armor, gladiators are trained to fight each other. Losers will be killed, victors applauded. The battles are savage and vicious - gladiators fall into pits of fire, get eaten by lions, stabbed, beaten, and run over with chariots. Watching this circus of humans killing humans are crowds of spectators who laugh, and shout their approval and desire for blood. One gladiator refuses to kill his opponent. He is sentenced to death as an example to others who might choose to defy the will of the crowd. Another gladiator, armed only with a spear, defeats a sadistic opponent who has all the advantages, a chariot, armor, net, and experience. The spectators roar with approval as the defeated gladiator is dragged around the ring by his own chariot and horses. The victor signals to the crowd to spare the opponent's life. The crowd, in a tumult of emotion, demands that he be killed, and as it is done, leaps to its feet, laughing and applauding with enthusiastic approval, elated at the pleasure just experienced." - Summary from the teacher's guide.

The film is edited from the motion picture "Barabbas."

Part of the Searching for Value series.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 14 min 

Genres: Educational

Subjects: Violence; Gladiators

Production Company Learning Corporation of America

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