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Title No: 24391

Title: Love to kill

Alternate Titles:

Searching for values

Bless the beasts and children

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Date: 1972 (Release)

Original Summary:
"Six young boys, repulsed by their encounter with "killing for sport" take action and become the victims themselves of society's violence. The boys, at summer camp, are taken by their counselor to visit a commercial buffalo preserve. When they arrive, they see hunters indiscriminately killing buffalo. Even their counselor takes a turn. The boys are shocked. They can't believe what they are witnessing. They call the hunters killers. It is explained to them that these buffalo are old and/or sick. When they get back to their camp, their counselor accuses them of being bleeding hearts. The boys vow to sneak out at night and free the buffalo before more are killed. The hunters catch them freeing the buffalo, attempt to stop them and in so doing shoot and kill one of the boys." - Summary from the teacher's guide.

"Edited from the motion picture Bless the beasts and children, directed by Stanley Kramer, released by Columbia Pictures in 1971.  Shows a difference in individual values by telling a story about six boys who object to the idea of killing animals for sport, and, in trying to free buffalo from a commercial preserve, are shot at by hunters who kill one of the boys" - Summary from Worldcat.

Part of the "Searching for Value" series.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 15 min 

Genres: Educational

Production CompanyColumbia Pictures
DirectorKramer, Stanley
Production Company Learning Corporation of America

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