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Title Work

Title No: 19694

Title: Game

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film


1969 (Copyright)

1970 (Release)

Original Summary:
"How come some kids can enver play by the rules? Why do they always want special treatment? It sure would be great to leave them out, but tehy always seem to own the ball! Should the rules be changed for certain people? Why have an umpire if nobody is going to listen to him? Mayber there shouldn't be any rules at all. What would happen then? It isn't any fun to play alone all the time either. How can you get any playing done if everyone is arguing? Why can't we just have fun?" - Summary from the Teaching Guide.

Part of the "What Should I Do?" series. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 6 min 

Genres: Educational

Subjects: Baseball; Responsibility; Interpersonal relations

StoryBerg, Bill
MusicBruns, George
DirectorClark, Les
MusicLeven, Mel
EditorLove, Jim
Animator/Head of AnimationNordberg, Cliff
ProducerPeterson, Ken
Distribution CompanyWalt Disney Educational Materials Company
Production CompanyWalt Disney Productions

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