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Title Work

Title No: 19144

Title: Flying machine, The

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film


1979 (Release)

1979 (Copyright)

Original Summary:
"A Fifth Century Chinese Emperor is enjoying the placid peace of his garden when a laughing man soars overhead on wings of brilliant paper and bamboo reed. The inventor lands and is brought to the Emperor, who orders him beheaded by his executioner. Bewildered, the inventor pleads with the Emperor, describing the freedom and beauty of the miraculous flight. But the Emperor speaks only of the potential danger of such a flying machine in the hands of an evil man. The inventor is executed and the kite is burned. The garden is peaceful once again. The Emperor sighs, ". . . I am confused and afraid . . . but what is the life of one man against those of millions of others?" " - Summary from the teacher's guide.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Duration: 16 min 

Genres: Educational

Subjects: Film adaptations

Author/Based onBradbury, Ray
Advisor/Technical AdvisorBradbury, Ray
Production CompanyFli-Ying-Hi Productions
Distribution CompanyRamsgate Films
DirectorSelling, Bernard

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4819St. Louis Public Schools educational film library