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Title No: 14519

Title: America, they loved you madly [stock footage]

Medium: Moving Image

Original Medium: Film

Original Summary:
Stock footage gathered by Blackside for use in America, They Loved You Madly, a precursor to Eyes on the Prize.

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

CompilerBlackside, Inc.

Items x0

Contents x78

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
114528Selma compilation
24627Dick Gregory rally
34502Brown Chapel confrontation
44622Bloody Sunday
614418Selma compilation
714388St. Augustine and Monson Motor Lodge
814516Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy
914468Not for public viewing
1014390St. Augustine compilation
113485Medgar Evers murder scene
1214527Freedom Rides
13143911963 compilation
1414471Elizabeth Eckford at Little Rock High School
154621King speech on Communism
163220Demonstrators march to bridge
1814456Hubert Humphrey on civil rights; Martin Luther King Jr. on John F. Kennedy
1914459Barry Goldwater rally in Seattle, Washington
2014464Beatles footage compilation
2114470Little Rock Nine entering school
2214497Not for public viewing
2314517St. Augustine KKK speaker - excerpt
2414520White men with sticks
2514466March on Washington
2614467St. Augustine compilation
2714382White speaker on radio networks Freedom of Expression
2814388St. Augustine and Monson Motor Lodge
2914389Freedom Riders exit train
3014390St. Augustine compilation
3114396St. Augustine First Assembly edit
3214397Interview on the porch of Mack Parker's house compilation
3314400Robert F. Kennedy on problems of civil rights legislation
3414406George Wallace pickets
3514414Not for public viewing
3614443Not for public viewing
3714454Freedom Rides compilation
3814457Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt
3914458Jacksonville race riots
4014465Dwight D. Eisenhower profile
4114468Not for public viewing
4214476Governor Orval Faubus/Little Rock compilation
4314480Medgar Evers interview
4414481The American Revolution excerpt - Medgar Evers
4514490Not for public viewing
4614514St. Augustine demonstrators
4714515St. Augustine anti-segregation sit-in crowd demonstration
4814518St. Augustine compilation
4914523Sit-ins: sit down strike in Atlanta
5014524Eyes on the Prize I: Sit-ins compilation
5114525Eyes on the Prize I: Freedom Riders and sit-ins compilation
5214527Freedom Rides
5314555Woman wants to abolish public schools
5414556Governor Orval Faubus "impeach me"
5514557Mayor Woodrow Mann
5614558Dwight D. Eisenhower "The orders of the court must be obeyed"
5814537Selma compilation
5914538Montgomery riots
6014543Albany compilation
6114545Charles Sherrod speech
6214547Dr. William G. Anderson interview
6314548Albany compilation
6414550C.B. King stock footage
6514551Birmingham compilation
6614552Martin Luther King, Jr. at March on Washington; Selma compilation
671756Selma compilation
685687Selma assembly edit
695688Selma compilation
705690White resistance compilation
715691America, they loved you madly: edited sequence, reel 5
725693Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma
735694White resistance compilation
745695Not for public viewing
7757031968 Republican convention
785704Not for public viewing
795706America, they loved you madly: stock footage - local miscellaneous #3
801756Selma compilation
813916Martin Luther King, Jr. denounces Sheriff Jim Clark; comments on Washington conference Martin Luther King, Jr. speech

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5771America, they loved you madly [production]