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Title No: 13849

Title: Henry Hampton [Blackside photos]

Medium: Documentation

Original Medium: Photograph

Date: 1979  - 1998 (Created)

Original Summary:
Contains photos of Henry Hampton and Blackside staff, film production crew, general activities, staff meetings, gatherings, Blackside's offices,  Blackside's "School" sessions, and other miscellaneous events.  

Early photos of Blackside film production crews, photo of Gordon Parks during an interview with Blackside, photos of Hampton and film production crew with Gwendolyn Books during her interview for Blackside. Photos of Blackside producers, staff, and associates including Judy Richardson, Lynn Farnell, Terry Rockefeller, Lulie Haddard, Robert Hohler, and others. Photos of Henry Hampton with "This Far By Faith" producers. Photo of "Eyes on the Prize I" producers at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, Mass. Photo of Spike Lee, photo of "Eyes on the Prize II" staff and advisors including Henry Hampton, Judy Richardson, Jon Else, and others, group photo of "Eyes on the Prize II" staff on a staircase, photos of Hampton with "Hopes on the Horizon" production team at a meeting, photo of Ernest K. Abbeyquaye, photos of "Hopes on the Horizon" producers Ruth Batson and Thulani Davis, photos of a discussion panel including Sonia Sanchez and Alice Walker, production still from "Eyes on the Prize I" with Andrew Young, Henry Hampton on the set of Young's interview, contact sheets show participants of the Eyes II school sessions with Hampton, Blackside producers, John Lewis, Sonia Sanchez, and may others. 

Contains photos by Lou Jones, Valarie Seabrooke, Don West, Jerry Bauer, Herb Snitzer, and Robert A. Sengstacke. 

Photos of note include a set of images by Lou Jones of Hampton and the "Hopes on the Horizon" production team, and photos of Blackside production team at work interviewing Muhammad Ali for "Eyes on the Prize II," including Judy Richardson and Kenn Rabin. 

Countries of Origin: U.S.A.

Name As Subjects: Lee, Spike; Parks, Gordon; Brooks, Gwendolyn; Pollard, Sam; Richardson, Judy; Young, Andrew; Sanchez, Sonia; Hampton, Henry; Rockefeller, Terry Kay; Rabin, Kenn; Else, Jon; Massiah, Louis; Abbeyquaye, Ernest K.; Ali, Muhammad; Walker, Alice; Hohler, G. Robert

PhotographerBauer, Jerry
Copyright ClaimantBauer, Jerry
PhotographerJones, Lou
Copyright ClaimantJones, Lou
PhotographerRaquib, Hakim
Copyright ClaimantRaquib, Hakim
PhotographerSeabrooke, Valarie
Copyright ClaimantSeabrooke, Valarie
PhotographerSengstacke, Robert A.
Copyright ClaimantSengstacke, Robert A.
PhotographerSnitzer, Herb
Copyright ClaimantSnitzer, Herb
PhotographerWest, Don
Copyright ClaimantWest, Don
PhotographerWulf, Laura
Copyright ClaimantWulf, Laura

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Contents x7

Seq NoTitle NoTitle
15101Henry Hampton with Blackside colleagues
213597Henry Hampton with colleagues
314529Portrait of Robert Hohler
414532Henry Hampton in Blackside office
55096Henry Hampton interviewing William B. Huie
65086Marian Wright Edelman and Henry Hampton
714535Henry Hampton with Blackside production crew

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Title NoTitle
8106Henry Hampton personal papers [photos]