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Disc Carrier

Carrier No: 7073-2-1

Component: 7073-2 Pre-interview with Lenette Sander

Work: 7073  Pre-interview with Lenette Sander

Item Id: 34736

Format: Disc

Duration: 1 hr 3 min 7 sec 

Rack No: DSC.0559

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Track 1, (0:00-2:00) is unidentified person, possibly Alvin Schorr, but it isn't clear. 

Track 1, (2:00-5:00) - Track 9 is "Pre-interview with Nick Kotz" 
(Title: 1495) 

Track 10-13 is "Pre-interview with Lenette Sander

Running time on TechInfo tab reflects the whole disc.