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Audio Tape Carrier

Carrier No: 191-3-1

Component: 191-3 Interview with Casey Hayden

Work: 191  Interview with Casey Hayden

Item Id: 1370

Format: Audio Tape

Rack No: AUD.092

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Contents Description field reads: "Casey Hayden Interview"

Contents Notes field reads: "Reel ID 401-2."

Front of container reads: "Casey Hayden (Subject); Washington, DC (Location); Fitzpatrick (Soundperson); 1347 (SR#); Prog.5-Team B (Program #); May 15, 1986 (Date); 401 + 402 (Goes w/CR#); Sync"

Upper left corner on front of container reads: "E.C."

Back of container reads: "Blackside; 'Eyes'; -8 db ref tone; Interview w/Casey Hayden; SL 4-8; SR 1347 for; CR 401 + 402; May 15, 1986; 7.5 ips; 60 hz x-tail; tails out"