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Safety Film Carrier

Carrier No: 5694-4-1

Component: 5694-4 White resistance compilation

Work: 5694  White resistance compilation

Item Id: 27283

Format: Safety Film

Actual Length: 450

Duration: 12 min 30 sec 

Rack No: PE.650

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Top of can reads: "Eyes 79; White Resistance; #29759; Prints with 29758; 35/32 B-Wind; Unrestored Track Negative; Prints Heads!"

Side of can reads: "Eyes 79: White Resistance #29759 16mm Unrestored Track Negative Triage/Wash. Univ. 11-11-05 B-Wind"

Leader reads: "Tail Reel #29759 Prints with #29758 'Eyes 79: White Resistance' 35/32 Unrestored Track Negative B-Wind"

Treatments x1