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Safety Film Carrier

Carrier No: 425-5-1

Component: 425-5 Interview with Hattie Kelley

Work: 425  Interview with Hattie Kelley

Item Id: 78620

Format: Safety Film

Actual Length: 766

Duration: 21 min 16 sec 

Rack No: AWOP.036, I11

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Iron Mountain Title field reads: "WOP Film negative; CR # 67, 68"

Side of container reads: "4 (Cans); 355670 (Lab Order); Blackside Inc (Customer); War on Poverty (Subject); 7248 (Type); 401-67-68 (Roll Nos.); 766 (Ftg.)'

[Camera Reports removed from container on 5/2/2014 IET]

Conditions x2

2011-10-11Loose windSlight
2011-10-19Vinegar SyndromeA-D strip reading

Treatments x1