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Safety Film Carrier

Carrier No: 3864-1-1

Component: 3864-1 Lena Horne and Dick Gregory speaking in Jackson

Work: 3864  Lena Horne and Dick Gregory speaking in Jackson

Item Id: 22764

Format: Safety Film

Actual Length: 200

Duration: 5 min 33 sec 

Rack No: EYES.173A, H3

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Contents Description field reads: "Medgar Evers Greets Lena Horne and Gregory.; Print"

Contents Notes field reads: "BOX 3:"

Head leader reads: "5062 Can #6 181-811" ; "Movietone (5062) 185-854 Section #1"

Tail leader reads: N/A

Edge Code: N/A

Pic and mag wound together. Separated and placed in separate cans. 4/6/2018 TB. 

Conditions x10

2010-05-03Uneven windSlight
2018-04-06Film & Mag wound togetherHeavy
2018-04-06Emulsion scratchesSlight
2018-04-06Base scratchesSlight
2018-04-06Perforation DamageNone
2018-04-06Edge DamageNone
2018-04-061-10 SplicesModerate

Treatments x4

2018-04-06Full inspectionInternal
2018-04-06Replaced LeaderInternal
2018-04-06Wound to archival 3" coreInternal