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Safety Film Carrier

Carrier No: 3500-2-2

Component: 3500-2 James Meredith interview on admittance to Ole Miss University

Work: 3500  James Meredith interview on admittance to Ole Miss University

Item Id: 74081

Format: Safety Film

Rack No: EYES.143C, H8

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Contents Description field reads: "James Meridith Admittance to Ole Miss University.; Mag Track; From stock footage story card: "James Meredith. Ole Miss admittance. ****** Says he thought he should get and [sic] education in his own state. 'Ole Miss' is best U in the state - has been aware of "the Place" of the Negro - yes wanted to overcome 'race' barrier - outcome will affect a lot of people but he is acting as individual - people of Miss will derive benefits  - both whites and Negroes look upon Negroes as inferior."

Contents Notes field reads: "Inside box marked 'Show 103: Track Extensions & Loops'"

Side of box reads: "Show 3: Track Extensions + Loops  4"

Conditions x2

2003-06-26Vinegar SyndromeA-D strip reading
2010-02-22Vinegar SyndromeA-D strip reading

Treatments x1