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Safety Film Carrier

Carrier No: 1006-1-1

Component: 1006-1 Interview with Victoria Gray Adams

Work: 1006  Interview with Victoria Gray Adams

Item Id: 9626

Format: Safety Film

Actual Length: 375

Duration: 10 min 25 sec 

Rack No: EYES.1027, H14

Current Location:

Permanent Location:

Contents Description field reads: "Victoria Gray-Adams Interview."

Contents Notes field reads: "Negative cutter number:   270.   CHECK FOR NEGATIVE DIRT"

Square Circle Triangle=1985 (Assessed by Colorlab)

Conditions x3

2003-06-24Vinegar SyndromeA-D strip reading
2013-04-291-10 SplicesFair

Treatments x6

2013-04-29Full inspectionExternal
2013-04-29Replaced LeaderExternal
2013-04-29Ultrasonic Clean (Perchlor)External
2013-04-29Particle Transfer RollersExternal
2013-04-29Replace/Redo SplicesExternal